Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy, RIP

I will live by my own rules.

I will not act like the Daily Kos or Huffington Post and say nasty things about the dead (such as Senator Helms (and here too) or Robert Novak (and here again) at both of those sites).

For this former Old School Democrat who is now a Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak), I will link to this Obit by the New York Times. I will quote from the same article:

"Although he was a leading spokesman for liberal issues and a favorite target of
conservative fund-raising appeals, the hallmark of his legislative success was
his ability to find Republican allies to get bills passed. Perhaps the last
notable example was his work with President
W. Bush
to pass No Child Left Behind, the education law pushed by Mr. Bush in 2001. He also co-sponsored immigration legislation with Senator John
, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee. One of his greatest
friends and collaborators in the Senate was
Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican.,"

The Liberal Lion is gone, the myth making begins. If the hagiographies by the media go too far, I will write here what I would have written today. I will say G-dspeed Senator Kennedy. I didn't think you were an honorable person, but millions did and re-elected you.

Americans do not need royalty, unfortunately Senator Kennedy's Anti-Semitic father allowed the myth to start.

Do you have any personal recollections of Senator Edward Kennedy?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In San Diego

So here I am in San Diego writing on my Laptop.

This is not just a vacation, but a semi working one.

Some projects I am working on:

1) Test out Laptop (check, but always with the Runtime Error -- any hints on how to stop it?)

2) Test out Digital Camera. Taking it out today and tonight. Then I will upload pictures to laptop. First, lets get rid of the Runtime errors....

3) Network with the local GOP.

4) If Laptop works, do a couple of Blog Posts. (check...)

5) Start and finish the book Gallipoli by Alan Moorhead.

6) Relax by the pool and work on my tan.

7) Find a good place for Lobster Bisque and Oysters.

Having fun in San Diego. If you're here, email me for a meet up!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is President Obama's Plan for Afghanistan?

Yesterday, President Obama spoke at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention.

Here is the transcript. And here is the video:

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

It seems President Obama has planned to increase the troops into Afghanistan. But what is his long term goal?

When he was Senator Obama, he opposed nation and Democracy building overseas. So did all the Liberals and Democrats. Following that logic, the increase in troops is not to build a stable, democratic nation into Central Asia.

Is he using the troops to prop up Karzai and stop elections there? As President, President Obama has not supported any Democracy movement overseas. For instance, look at how Obama treated the Iranian protesters.

If he is fighting the Taliban and Al-Queda, what are his benchmarks? And has President Obama read Peter Hopkirk's Great Game series? Does President Obama know the history of the Khyber pass?

And finally, since President Obama is increasing the troops in Afghanistan with no endgame in mind, where are the anti-war protesters?

What do you think President Obama's endgame is for Afganistan?

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Road to San Diego

After the next post, I'm pulling out for the next two days. I'm bringing my laptop with me to give it a test run along with my digital camera to put together future posts.

I am on the road to San Diego. In the spirit of Bob Hope (and Bing Crosby), here is the song from Road to Morocco:

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Anderson Cooper, Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow: Scooby snacks and Clues: Part two

This is Part One.

Now these Town hall Protests, there were other factors other not wanting Government Run health care. I mean it takes a real reporter to understand it. Take Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy McCain -- they are reporting that the Alaska Bloggers who harassed with false ethics charges against Governor Palin might have been funded by the White House. Where is the CNN and MSNBC investigations? Shouldn't Washington Monthly say "No," to these Nixonian tactics.

Nope. Crickets instead. Even though is putting together an enemies list (just like Nixon!), it's fine because of the D next to President Obama's name.

When I heard the Left up in arms about Rush Limbaugh equating the Left to the National Socialists of Germany, it seems those same people forgot that they opened the door with "BusHitler," and many of these signs. But because, like my friend Doug, the Left think their cause is just and we Conservatives and Republicans are barbarians. Instead of taking the view of this Right wing nut, Speaker Tip O'Neill, that we are Americans whose opinions differ and we have to convince the other side, they call their opposition "Evil or Stupid," And Ann Coulter brought up that fact.

The Right will not un-remember how Bush (and Palin) were treated by the Left. They were made into Emmanuel Goldsteins. History did not begin on 1/20/09 or 1/20/00. But we have had enough.

Also, for the past 8 years, we have been told (in defence of Code Pink), that "Dissent is patriotic," Now, the leaders of Government (and their friends in the media,Mr. Benan, Mr. Cooper and Ms. Maddow) are calling opposition by ad homs (and calling us "Nazi's" -- I'm a Jew, I'm offended)

And for Government Run health care itself? Look at how well Cash for Clunkers is working. The car dealers cannot get any money from the Government for them The Government offered monies till September and it ran out in two weeks.

If President Obama and his "Best and Brightest," cannot run this, why should we trust them with our health?

And here in California, with the budget under strain, people under Government run health care are losing out because of the mismanagement of the State. I am one of those people. And you want it national?

Because Palin was martyred, her voice was heard when she brought up the Death panels. Agree or disagree, she would not have been part of the debate had she (and her family) been left unmolested in Alaska in early 2009.

But Steve Benen and his commenter's Hate other voices. They disallow any other voices other then the Left at the Washington Monthly Blog. Benan does not interview Republicans and Conservatives and ask for their input. Then they act confused why we act the way they do.

Rachel Maddow follows Steve Benan's lead, so she shows no originality about excluding one party from the debate.

And Anderson Cooper? He has no understanding of the two party system. No Conservative or Republican should go on his show. However, if he gives a speech on CSPAN at the National Press Club talking about the benefits of the Two Party system in America and understanding our philosophy and our differences within the party.

Liberals opened the door on how to dissent. When the shoe is on the other foot,
how you treat our people will determine whether America goes to civil war. Hint: read Tip and respect Americans whose opinions differ and we will debate you. And can the Emmanuel Goldstein act, we are all Americans.

If they cannot do that, I suggest Rush compare Liberals and Democrats to INGSOC.

But Benen, Cooper and Maddow don't care about the two party System. No more Scooby Snacks for them until they do.

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Anderson Cooper, Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow: Here's a Scooby Snack and a Clue

My friend Doug is a smart guy, but as Liberal as they come. He sometimes tells me that, "African Americans shouldn't support Republicans," (he said that as we were visiting a Comedy Club on the Sunset strip last year) (and that would wipe away most of my political friends) or "It doesn't matter how Liberals treated Bush for the last 8 years, he was evil"

His views are the same as Steve Benen's and Rachel Maddow's. Anderson Cooper is supposed to be a reporter, but neither of them understand how Karma destroyed President Obama's bid for Government Run Health Care.

Remember Scooby Doo? It was a cute show they had on Saturday Mornings, it jumped the shark when they put on Scrappy Doo. However, the formula was always the same. Some mysterious haunting is scaring people and the kids try to find out why. Now, if Anderson Cooper was a real reporter, he would have questioned the protesters. Instead, he stereotyped them.

Hint: It ain't racism. Most of us (and I know Conservatives across the Blogosphere and in real life) do not care that he is Black. I sure as hell don't. When has that been reported? I am not a birther. (I might believe that he is an evil Time Lord though), nor is anyone else who I know. When Conservatives talk amongst each other, we say "It is a good thing that President Obama is elected, now the race card won't be used to stifle debate anymore,"

Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow here is your history so you understand:

Remember Code Pink? On this Blog I said it was wrong for them to interrupt Congressional Committee hearings. Then comes the beginning of September 2008, the Republican National Convention.

Protocol defines human civilization so that we don't tear each other apart during arguments. The protocol of National Conventions is that protesters from within the party hosting can cause scenes, but not protesters from the other party. During Governor Palin's and Senator McCain's speeches, Code Pink interrupted.

Because of Code Pink's breaking of protocol, and their support the structure of the Democrats and the media, Conservative and Republican activists took it upon themselves to learn what they did and copy it.

In fact, during Code Pink's protests (where are they now considering there is a troop increase in Afghanistan?), neither Steve Benan, Hilzoy (co-blogger at the Washington Monthly site), Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow decried their tactics. Heck, Speaker Pelosi endorsed what they did. And Thom Hartmann of Air America always supported Code Pink's tactics.

That's your first clue. This is Part One. Keep reading.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome. Music. Woodstock (1969)

This is the first Post-Plague year introduction to new Blogs in the Valley. Here is an example of what came before.

There is also a new music director of the Valley. His name is Mark Hernandez, a Chicago kid and and music lover. He is still in the process of moving North to Sacramento (by taking advice I gave him on my worst day), so today's music is my choice.

Even though I'm a Conservative Republican activist (with a Libertarian streak), I also go to Goth clubs. This tune, by Chameleons UK, is a perfect Goth song. It is called "Swamp Thing," How can you not groove to it in the dark?

If you see your Blog on the Blogroll and never had the Welcome, contact me. If you want to be on the Blog Roll, send me your an email and your link and I'll see if it fits. Now, let's say hello to these Blogs in the Valley. Visit and comment on them. We bloggers live on compliments and readers (Tip jar hits too!)

The first Blog up is Another Black Conservative by Clifton B. based in new Jersey, he tackles Political and Social issues. And Clifton B. is the first on the case of Obama Administration when they do wrong. He is also on the front line against the corruption of the New Jersey Democrats. If the New Jersey Republicans do not promote him (or his Blog), feel free to call them idiots. Clifton B. found me on the Blogger follower section, great promoting tool for us Blogspot Bloggers. He just started Blogging this year, read and link him.

Our second Blogger is The Crack Emcee who Blogs at the Macho Response. I first discovered him by reading his comments at the Valley's Godmother's Blog, Althouse. (If you click on Create Blog, like I did on Althouse, you get a Blog too). The Crack Emcee writes about Art, Individuality and Liberal hypocrisy. He is iconoclastic and in your face. Heck, he would get the free link because of his smackdown against the Althouse troll (the troll still has not responded). But his writing is interesting and worth following, so the Valley is happy to link to The Macho Response. Read and link.

Stogie at Saberpoint is another Conservative Blogger from the Bay Area. He comments everywhere. A solid Conservative, his writing is crisp and also fun to read. Read him and link him.

The last Individual Blogger to be mentioned is Octobia. She has a non-political, cute Blog. She has commented under the rules I've laid out, and she also was very patient while her comments were in the queue for a month (Nor did I Blog last month, so it wasn't personal). If Octobia wants to know how I treat Blogger opponents, all she has to do is contact Jason. She gets the link because she does not disrespect her opponents. Others on the Left can learn from her. If you are non-political, her Blog is worth reading and linking to.

Now for some group Blogs:

Conservatives 4 Palin -- they are on the cutting edge of Former Governor Palin news and views. Keep on eye on this Blog, the future is now (and it comes from the North). Read, link and support. The Palin train is rolling and you do not want to be under it.

Two magazine Blogs; The Weekly Standard and The American Spectator. Two magazines that are written by and for Conservatives. You can't understand us unless you read them Does anyone know how I can write for either of these magazines or Blogs?

And the Valley recommends visiting Chessnovice and Malcot's Blogs. They were two early supporters of the valley. Don't forget Jason and Donald. These are all early commenters who have Blogs. Read and enjoy.

And finally, the video portion of the program. If my late father had not visited Woodstock to see the Who, he would never have gone back to work with mud up to his ankles and gotten a date with my Mom. So this video is in honor of Woodstock (and free concerts!). Enjoy and visit these Blogs.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9 -- Sci-fi Done Right, without the Hollywood Hype

I just came back from the 11:30PM showing of District 9 at the Grauman's Chinese theatre.

It's the first time I've been in this historic movie palace. Near the entrance is the famous hand prints and footprints of the stars, and a few steps to the Right of the entrance is Michael Jackson's star on the Boulevard (with people still keeping his memory alive). If you ever saw the ending of Blazing Saddles, that is where I was.

On to District 9. It was filmed as a documentary. There is a little background of how the "prawns," came to Johannesburg and an introduction to the main character, Wikus van der Merwe (Sharlto Copley). The introduction to Wikus was quaint. He was geeky, he was moving up thanks to his father in law, but he wasn't a bad guy, just naive.

Hollywood has not made any movie about "regular guys (or gals)," unless they are in a remade horror flick (Don't worry, more on the way to your theatre soon) about to get killed. The early Hollywood knew their audience. Peter Jackson, director of the Lord of the Rings film trilogy is a science fiction fan and produced D-9. He believed in the story and the characters. Not every character is a hero and not everyone wins.

In other words, Peter Jackson treated his audience (of sci fi fans) like adults. Wow.

Every movie in Hollywood has the same villains and the same bias' (as always, to Port). D-9 broke the mold. And the theme fits what is going on with health care today: The same Government that claims benevolence can also be malevolent.

If you are a science fiction fan, go see it. In this Alternate History Universe, apartheid does not come between the Human race, but between the Humans and Aliens. And surprisingly enough, it shines the light on the duality of human nature then it does on the Alien one.

It is also worth watching to get a sense about human nature. Has any movie recently plumbed those depths?

Two questions:

1) Have you seen D-9? What did you think?

2) Is there any science fiction film that carried a strong message to you or related your concerns about human nature?

The Valley recommends District 9.

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Octobia's Third Question

Here is the third question that Octobia asked:

JSF, I may be stirring up a hornet's nest in a big way, but I have to ask anyway: Why, in your retelling of your experiences the past few years, do you equate one group of kind people's behavior to their political viewpoint and another group folks' unkind behavior to their different political views?

Would it not be just as likely that other factors played in? (east coast vs west coast? old money vs. new money? wisdom vs. callowness? -- there are many possibilities)?

Yet you seem determined to equate it all to left vs. right. Can you clarify this a little?

First, thank you Octobia for waiting for me to write this. Now, why was it important to mention the politics of the people I worked for in regards to my disease?

The first answer is since I was introduced to the political realm when I was 15, I have always looked through life through a political lens. making the personal "political," is a lesson from the 60's, and I have used it.

My second answer is because I have learned the rhetoric (and the reality) of what both sides say and how they are portrayed in media, real life experience trumps any public relations. For instance, for the past 8 years every Republican has been told that Democrats in Congress and the White House could do better the any Republican or Conservative. Looking at the current unemployment rates and job hiring this summer disproves that theory.

The third answer is because I have seen through my lifetime learned that Democrats believe, like a combination of Steve Austin and Stuart Smalley, that because they are Democrats and Liberals, they must be nicer, smarter, tolerant, etc. A very circular belief.

My story proved that it was not the case. Heck, the President of the company made no bones that he believes Liberals are better people then Conservatives. Again, my tale proved otherwise. If you folks on the Left take down the hype, I would never have felt the need to write about the "Plague Year,"

Until I read in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post how brave Conservatives and Republicans are for sticking to their principles, then I will continue to tell my story. And has any of those media outlets mentioned any good deeds that a Republican does?

Nope. Not until they are dead.

And my final answer to why I felt the need to politicize my own life history? It is not about changing people's votes. It is getting people (especially when I had the multiple hits) to think twice. If the President of the Company, who has donated to Democrats since 1992 calls himself tolerant and nice, my story proves that is wrong. The Industry in Hollywood leans so far Port, they do not see their own hypocrisy. Here is one case.

When I hear Liberals argue for MY First Amendment rights;
When I hear Liberals from MSNBC talk of what good deeds Republicans and Conservatives do;
When I hear Liberals show tolerance to other ideas rather then screaming "Racist" ....

Then I won't need to tell my tale.

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Writing through the Pain

After a successful post that affected the Zeitgeist on the Blogosphere, I pulled away.


The "Plague Year" medical health issues came to the fore, and (thank you State Run Government health Care/sarc off), I had to step back from writing. Can I say I was not happy with it? The simple things needed to keep the disease away failed because of State Run Government health care. In short, everything that is being proposed by the Democrats and the Left I am living through.

Advice to the Left: Government Run health care does not work. I will tell the full story to anyone who has a, or Republican organization in their email address.

The issue is still unresolved, but as the title says, even with the pain, I must write.

What's can you expect with the valley through the end of Summer?

1) The Encyclicals are pushed towards the fall. Most people who need to read them are on vacation, plus it's the summer.

2) Octobia asked three good questions. Two will be answered within the Andrew Sullivan's America post. The third will have a post of it's own. Her Blog is nice (visit it and compliment it), but her views when it comes to American opponents are wrong.

3) Some silly posts. As I said, it's summer. By the way, if you look at the History of the valley, I have a lousy summer Blog posting record anyway.

4) Next week I'm headed to San Diego, let's see if any adventures come forth.

Sorry if I left, it was not by choice. But I will try to keep it going till my favorite season, the fall.

For now, a video:

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