Friday, August 14, 2009

Octobia's Third Question

Here is the third question that Octobia asked:

JSF, I may be stirring up a hornet's nest in a big way, but I have to ask anyway: Why, in your retelling of your experiences the past few years, do you equate one group of kind people's behavior to their political viewpoint and another group folks' unkind behavior to their different political views?

Would it not be just as likely that other factors played in? (east coast vs west coast? old money vs. new money? wisdom vs. callowness? -- there are many possibilities)?

Yet you seem determined to equate it all to left vs. right. Can you clarify this a little?

First, thank you Octobia for waiting for me to write this. Now, why was it important to mention the politics of the people I worked for in regards to my disease?

The first answer is since I was introduced to the political realm when I was 15, I have always looked through life through a political lens. making the personal "political," is a lesson from the 60's, and I have used it.

My second answer is because I have learned the rhetoric (and the reality) of what both sides say and how they are portrayed in media, real life experience trumps any public relations. For instance, for the past 8 years every Republican has been told that Democrats in Congress and the White House could do better the any Republican or Conservative. Looking at the current unemployment rates and job hiring this summer disproves that theory.

The third answer is because I have seen through my lifetime learned that Democrats believe, like a combination of Steve Austin and Stuart Smalley, that because they are Democrats and Liberals, they must be nicer, smarter, tolerant, etc. A very circular belief.

My story proved that it was not the case. Heck, the President of the company made no bones that he believes Liberals are better people then Conservatives. Again, my tale proved otherwise. If you folks on the Left take down the hype, I would never have felt the need to write about the "Plague Year,"

Until I read in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post how brave Conservatives and Republicans are for sticking to their principles, then I will continue to tell my story. And has any of those media outlets mentioned any good deeds that a Republican does?

Nope. Not until they are dead.

And my final answer to why I felt the need to politicize my own life history? It is not about changing people's votes. It is getting people (especially when I had the multiple hits) to think twice. If the President of the Company, who has donated to Democrats since 1992 calls himself tolerant and nice, my story proves that is wrong. The Industry in Hollywood leans so far Port, they do not see their own hypocrisy. Here is one case.

When I hear Liberals argue for MY First Amendment rights;
When I hear Liberals from MSNBC talk of what good deeds Republicans and Conservatives do;
When I hear Liberals show tolerance to other ideas rather then screaming "Racist" ....

Then I won't need to tell my tale.

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  1. That's a very well thought out and coherent argument. Liberalism has morphed from a desire to help those less fortunate (a laudable goal) into the need to force everyone into a mold that eliminates fortune all together. This, I believe is the problem with modern liberalism (read progressive). The same thing happened in Europe around the turn of the last century and the end result is socialism and communism.

  2. I think much of the world can be equated with the left and the right, too few people actually look into how these definitions permeate our lives.


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