Monday, August 17, 2009

Anderson Cooper, Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow: Here's a Scooby Snack and a Clue

My friend Doug is a smart guy, but as Liberal as they come. He sometimes tells me that, "African Americans shouldn't support Republicans," (he said that as we were visiting a Comedy Club on the Sunset strip last year) (and that would wipe away most of my political friends) or "It doesn't matter how Liberals treated Bush for the last 8 years, he was evil"

His views are the same as Steve Benen's and Rachel Maddow's. Anderson Cooper is supposed to be a reporter, but neither of them understand how Karma destroyed President Obama's bid for Government Run Health Care.

Remember Scooby Doo? It was a cute show they had on Saturday Mornings, it jumped the shark when they put on Scrappy Doo. However, the formula was always the same. Some mysterious haunting is scaring people and the kids try to find out why. Now, if Anderson Cooper was a real reporter, he would have questioned the protesters. Instead, he stereotyped them.

Hint: It ain't racism. Most of us (and I know Conservatives across the Blogosphere and in real life) do not care that he is Black. I sure as hell don't. When has that been reported? I am not a birther. (I might believe that he is an evil Time Lord though), nor is anyone else who I know. When Conservatives talk amongst each other, we say "It is a good thing that President Obama is elected, now the race card won't be used to stifle debate anymore,"

Steve Benen and Rachel Maddow here is your history so you understand:

Remember Code Pink? On this Blog I said it was wrong for them to interrupt Congressional Committee hearings. Then comes the beginning of September 2008, the Republican National Convention.

Protocol defines human civilization so that we don't tear each other apart during arguments. The protocol of National Conventions is that protesters from within the party hosting can cause scenes, but not protesters from the other party. During Governor Palin's and Senator McCain's speeches, Code Pink interrupted.

Because of Code Pink's breaking of protocol, and their support the structure of the Democrats and the media, Conservative and Republican activists took it upon themselves to learn what they did and copy it.

In fact, during Code Pink's protests (where are they now considering there is a troop increase in Afghanistan?), neither Steve Benan, Hilzoy (co-blogger at the Washington Monthly site), Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow decried their tactics. Heck, Speaker Pelosi endorsed what they did. And Thom Hartmann of Air America always supported Code Pink's tactics.

That's your first clue. This is Part One. Keep reading.

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