Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy, RIP

I will live by my own rules.

I will not act like the Daily Kos or Huffington Post and say nasty things about the dead (such as Senator Helms (and here too) or Robert Novak (and here again) at both of those sites).

For this former Old School Democrat who is now a Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak), I will link to this Obit by the New York Times. I will quote from the same article:

"Although he was a leading spokesman for liberal issues and a favorite target of
conservative fund-raising appeals, the hallmark of his legislative success was
his ability to find Republican allies to get bills passed. Perhaps the last
notable example was his work with President
W. Bush
to pass No Child Left Behind, the education law pushed by Mr. Bush in 2001. He also co-sponsored immigration legislation with Senator John
, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee. One of his greatest
friends and collaborators in the Senate was
Orrin Hatch, the Utah Republican.,"

The Liberal Lion is gone, the myth making begins. If the hagiographies by the media go too far, I will write here what I would have written today. I will say G-dspeed Senator Kennedy. I didn't think you were an honorable person, but millions did and re-elected you.

Americans do not need royalty, unfortunately Senator Kennedy's Anti-Semitic father allowed the myth to start.

Do you have any personal recollections of Senator Edward Kennedy?

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  1. Excellent post, Joseph!

  2. I think that the thing that is most impressive is that two of the 2 most ideologically diametrically opposed Senators, Robert Byrd and Orrin Hatch considered Senator Kennedy a friend.

    Liberal...yes...but more importantly a pragmatic legislature who was, as you said, able to reach across the aisle.

  3. I think that you remind me a lot of Sen. Kennedy. I know that sounds ridiculous, but you have some very Kennedy like personality traits when it comes to politics.

  4. I am not by nature a hagiographer of Senator Kennedy or of the extended Kennedy clan. That being said, I would argue that Senator Kennedy's life served as an execellent exemplar of sin and redemption.

    Senator Kennedy reminds me of the Fisher King from the Arthurian Romances in four respects.

    First, both Senator Kennedy and the Fisher Kennedy received a blow that rendered them impotent. In the case of the Fisher King, the wound was the one he received in the thigh from the Dolorous Lance. Conversely Senator Kennedy, the wound he suffered was a figurative one, inflicted by the death of Mary Jo Kopechne.

    Second, the wounds received by both were exacerbated by their dissolute lifestyles, which, further impaired their recovery because, the grievous nature of the sins they committed were enhanced by their dissolute lifestyles.

    Third, it was only through the intervention of an external force that they were able to begin the process of attonement. In the case of Fisher king this began with the coming of Galahad. Senator Kennedy's atonement process was initiated ny the coming of Victoria Reggie,

    Last, their attainment of a meadsure of redemption was achieved the Fisher King when his request for healing was granted healing both humself and his land. Senator Kennedy's attainment of a measure of redemption can be seen in sucessful second marriagr and the high esteem in which he was held by Seantors Byrd Hatch, McCain, and McConnell.


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