Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In San Diego

So here I am in San Diego writing on my Laptop.

This is not just a vacation, but a semi working one.

Some projects I am working on:

1) Test out Laptop (check, but always with the Runtime Error -- any hints on how to stop it?)

2) Test out Digital Camera. Taking it out today and tonight. Then I will upload pictures to laptop. First, lets get rid of the Runtime errors....

3) Network with the local GOP.

4) If Laptop works, do a couple of Blog Posts. (check...)

5) Start and finish the book Gallipoli by Alan Moorhead.

6) Relax by the pool and work on my tan.

7) Find a good place for Lobster Bisque and Oysters.

Having fun in San Diego. If you're here, email me for a meet up!

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