Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Eve 2011

Being on PST means we are the last (or near last) to celebrate 1/1/11....
So have a great New Years Eve!  Get home safe and sound, and enjoy the tunes:

Happy new year! See you next year!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Final Fisking 60 Minutes for 2010 (and who should replace Lesly Stahl)

Between my 40th Birthday and the Holidays, I have been lax (nor at LAX) here in the valley.

Let's go over the score so far.....

My hypothesis is being proved by the numbers.

Now let's finish this year up with 60 Minutes'  final numbers.

From 12/19/10:

Story 1) State Budgets: Day of Reckoning  Steve Kroft compared NJ with Illinois; NJ Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), fiscal hawk with IL State Comptroller Dan Hynes (D-IL).  And the surprising thing, Kroft played fair and saw Governor Christie as doing the right thing.  Wow.  A full point for the Right. 

No other story rates in the count.  But, what would it take for the producers of 60 Minutes go into how Environmentalists stop the job creation process around the country? And then ask the Sierra Club President, if they are willing to sacrifice jobs for a Luddite Utopia?  (More on this idea on this post) Or why is Senator Boxer blocking the water from the Central Valley farmers in California? 

Now, why do I always say, Fire Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes? 

For all the attacks on Governor Palin, how shallow she is, rtc. etc. et. al., Lesley Stahl actually exhibits those concepts for real.  She would rather interview rich Establishment types rather then up and comers or modern Horatio Algers.

I will help the producers of 60 Minutes find better interviewers and people who can research and speak to anybody.  Lesley Stahl's time has come and gone, here is the new and improved:

1)   Lenora Claire (She's a redhead, a Goth and hip.  And the Valley will do its best to promote her in 2011);

2)  Pamela Geller (She is my friend with a large audience and she is very passionate about her work);

3)  Dana Loesch ( A very good reporter and a very loyal audience);

4) Sonja Schmidt (a well loved commentator on PJTV);

5) Jennifer "Cubachi," Caballero (An up and comer within the Blogogpshere);

6) Megyn Kelly (Check out her Nielson ratings); and

7)  Dr. Helen Reynolds (Forsenic psychologist with a strong Liberterian streak).

And the final score for 60 minutes, season 43 in 2010:

16 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 2 1/2 Stories that err on the Right.

My question: What stories should 60 Minutes focus on next year? And who should replace Lesley Stahl?

See you next year!

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The Reign of Rain in the Southland

In honor of the Rain in the Southland (or the Pineapple Express it's known), here are some tunes. 

Call these the Valley's "rain dance," :

Moby, It's Raining Again

 Eurythmics, Here Comes the Rain Again (live, Acoustic);

Phil Collins, I Wish It Would Rain Down;

Depeche Mode, The Sun and the Rainfall (Dominatrix Remix);

The Who, Love Reign O'er Me (live in Toronto 12/17/82);

What is your storm story from this week?

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas 2010

I've spent some time since my 40th Birthday (after escaping the Pineapple Express), thinking and planning for the New Year.

There might (or might not) be two Policy posts (Fisking 60 Minutes and something else) here in the valley.

If you have the ways or means, please donate to my Tip Jar or visit my Amazon Wish list.

Otherwise, have a Merry Christmas.  The Valley will be very busy in the New Year!

Merry Christmas from the Valley!

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Post 700 -- Portrait of a Politico and Artist as a not-so Young man

On Thursday, I turned 40. 

Let's start with a tune:

Peter Gabriel, Growing Up (Live in Milan, 2003)

And I also share the birthdate as Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit fame. 

And of course, here are a few important things that happened on December 16. -- interesting that the Boston Tea Party, the Declaration of Right in the English Bill of Rights is enacted and President Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet began the journey around the world, all occurred on the same day.

Freedom and discovery on the same day. 

At this point in my life, I thought I would be in a non-roommate situation and either married or with a steady girlfriend by now (and of course, working full time at a good paying job, say about $50,000 a year).  But some dreams occur slowly.

Thanks to the Valley, I have written an article (with Robert McCain and my friend Lynne's help) to be published in the American Spectator by next February.  That article becomes a book before the end of next year.  As a writer and ideas guy, I thrive in this atmosphere. 

Since I have spent most of my life in politics (since I was 15), I recognize the fly-by-nighters like Meg Whitman and Maya Buki compared to those who understand the game such as Gary "Mr. Republican,"Aminoff, and Ryan Panzerello.

[Break from Thursday December 16, 2010 1 AM until Tuesday Morning December 21, 2010, 9 AM]

To get to the Policy game (which I enjoy and understand), I have to get my people elected first. Since I am not a fly-by-nighter, and I have friends in the ground forces, it would be helpful if any candidate who wants to win, statewide, Los Angeles County or Countrywide, courts those who have the memories and the experience.  So, if you are a candidate, show up and deal with the hard questions early.

My role is bringing the new media in play with the Old School.  Robert McCain is the journalist equivalent to what I do.  He works within media, I am trying to work within the realm of Politics and policy.  Can it happen?

Remember the statement, age and guile beat youth and inexperience.  At 40, I resemble the first part of that remark.  And even though I hang out among the Goths (and others who are NSFW on a political Blog but who are part of the scene), I still retain my Old School beliefs.

What do I mean by Old School?

1)    Favors returned by favors (within your power);

2)   Always back your friends, supporters and workers;

3)   Always stand up for your allies (Governor Romney hasn't, that is why he will fail);

4)  Respect the beliefs of others, convinve them if they want to be convinced; and

5)  Treat women with respect, and only go further when invited.

In the past few days, I've had a lot to think about.  One girl (whom I liked, cue Tears for Fears) I invited did not show at all, and in the Thousand Year Flood hitting Los Angeles, many people could not make it because of weather or other circumstances.  A few people gave me warning, a few others contacted me after the fact.

My Birthday shows up at the end of the year so I try to make it interesting before many people leave town.  I've had birthdays when no one showed up.  I've had birthdays when it was too cold, too wet (this weekend) and just too something or another

I celebrate anyway.

So, in all this meandering, what am I trying to say?

Right now I am friends rich, but money poor, hopefully, I will also be money rich as well as friends rich.  I am proud of who stands with me, in all my different communities I venture into.

The guy who goes where Angels fear to tread? That's me.
The guy whose genius creates ideas for companies and campaigns? Again, that's me.
The guy who sees conections to help everyone out?  Ditto.
And finally, the guy who stands by his beliefs, his friends, and is shooting for the moon in this lifetime? Yours truly, again.

It's been an interesting journey so far -- let's see what the next Movement will bring.


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Governor Palin will Win the 2012 Primary

Election 2010 is over (and all the bodies are buried for now), so let's start planning out for Election 2012. 

Why do I support Governor Palin? Read this piece

As long as the Left suffers the White Hot Hate that they had for Bush (and Cheney, and Nixon, and etc. et. al. ad infinitum) against Former Governor Palin, their eyes will not see how she will win. 

First, let's deal with the Republican primary.

Governor Mitt Romney is the current establishment candidate; Governor Huckabee is the social Conservatives former favorite.  

For now, why will both men fail?  They are BORING WHITE GUYS (and as a boring white guy, I can recognise the brand)  

What does Palin have that Romney doesn't?  She has felt the full on wrath (and her kids too) of the hatred of the left.  The Left has run out of attacks other then "She's stupid/evil/crazy"  

Know who else got the stupid/evil/crazy connotation before running for the Presidency?  President Reagan, also known in leftist circles as an "Amiable dunce,"  

But he won the Presidency and changed the world with a simple vision.  What vision does President Obama have?  What ideas and ideals will he fight for that he believes?  (Hint: there is none.  He mouths the words, but does not do the deeds to back them up).

That's why whomever wins the GOP Primary in 2012, wins the General.   

With Mayor Bloomberg (I-NYC) getting ready to enter the 2012 race (his No Labels movement is a covering mechanism and just as worthless as the Coffee party -- movements grow from the ground up, i.e. Tea Party), President Obama will lose his flanks, left and right that were available in 2008. 

Romney and the establishment GOP do not see what is happening in the local levels.  To paraphrase Rorschach of Watchman, when one of is attacked, we all are attacked.  Romney only intervened when it one of his own people (not Michael Steele in 2010 or Governor Palin in 2009). Romney failed Reagan's 11th Commandment, and JSF's 12th Commandment.  

What is JSF's 12th Commandment for Republicans?
 When not in a Primary, every Conservative, Republican or Tea Partier must have each other backs.  
The Democrats are the "cool kids," on the block - they own the news media (see my Fisking 60 minutes series and the New York Times), Hollywood and the Westsiders (NYC and LA).  We who are on the Right will never be invited to those parties. 

Romney would, but not Palin.

Palin has gotten involved before the Primaries were over, this giving a stake in a State (and sometimes smaller) elections. Romney is not a gambler or someone who can hit below the belt; he is Senator McCain all over again.  A "moderate," who will be loved by the hip and cool, but will not count as votes against President Obama. 

Every Conservative learned the lie that the media and Left spew about "Send out your moderates!" in 2008, even with a moderate on top of the ticket (and many examples of being a moderate), all those who screamed loudest, did not vote for the Moderate republican. 

JSF's 13th Commandment for Republicans:

Palin has support among the new media and that will be her ticket through the States.  Once her crew gets activated for 2012 (around say March 2011), all the GOP Bloggers that have supported her should get some help. 
When has Romney ever made facetime with any of the new media except for Hugh Hewitt? 

I have some ideas to help Governor Palin in the Southland.  Would Governor Palin and the First Dude be willing to meet on the terrace at MODE:M to discuss?  They have some great songs to dance to.

My question: Who do you think will win the GOP Primary in 2012 and why? 
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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 12/12/10 Edition

What's the score so far?

And now, Sunday's stories:

Story 1) Soon-to-be Speaker Boehner is interviewed by Leslie Stahl -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  She saw no problems with President Obama's rhetoric and had no understanding of the Tea Party movement.  What kind of reporter does not understand the subject of their piece?  Lesley Stahl, again.  Here's an idea: Don't send any 60 Minutes reporter to interview any Republican without a clear understanding of their positions.  We live in a two party system, so it's not that hard.  Except for Lesley Stahl.  Please, please, please retire Leslie Stahl!  
Next week, I will mention good people to replace her.

For now, another story with a Democratic angle.  Or in the words of the Blogosphere: EPIC FAIL.

Story 2) Brazil Rises by Steve Kroft.  Great story but the tinge of it is about Lula and how a Union guy becomes leader of his country and gets business' to invest in spite of his background.  This story just screams "President Obama, learn from Lula,"

Another point for the D's by the 60 Minutes Produces.

The score:

16 Stories for the Demorats/ 4 Ties / 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP.

See you next week!

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doctor Who -- Robots of Death

It's Saturday night! Time for a Doctor Who feature!

Tonight's story is The Robots of Death!

While some people are whinging about the last post (I sourced my material and I lived through it), I was at the RPLAC two year re-structural meeting today.

What was I doing?

Deal making, strategies, networking for future work (State party and two campaigns), and cheering on my friends and mentors. 

I can happily say, that Chairwoman Jane Barnett has now won a new term!  Yay!
The article for the American Spectator is in edit mode and the job proposal will be done by my birthday; The book proposal before Christmas. 

In the article (like the post and the upcoming book), I call out those who helped screw Los Angeles Republicans; One cannot unsee what one lives through. 

It's who I am, I call out those who harm my friends or allies.  You help me, I help you -- the game of Politics is always like that since Pericles.  
Don't hate the players and don't hate the game -- it is what it is.  
Now then, the Robots of Death is based off an Agatha Christie story (Guess which one).  The Robots are very 70's looking (scary too).  Enjoy the show!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

How the Southland Fundraiser fell This Cycle

Sorry for the belated Blog post, but Life, in all it's glory, got in the way.  Now, let's get started.....

Election 2010 is long over; I have named names in the article (now being edited) so now the time has come to tell the end of the tale here. While I was writing this post, I was also working on my Job Proposal that goes with the article.  JSF Rising.

Now let's wind the clocks back to this past summer in the Valley.  I had written about how my friend, Charly and her band Many of Odd Nature and the Carnival Noir were a basis for how the Southland Fundraiser were going to be successful.  At this point, I was talking with the great Ryan Panzerello, the new Political Director at the Magnolia Office.

During the summer, the Meg Whitman campaign, under the auspices of Maya Buki had taken over the Southland.  From LAGOP to the CAGOP and every campaign in Los Angeles, Maya Buki controlled everything.

As Election 2010 entered late July, Maya Buki wanted stat numbers from local Right Political Bloggers.  Fine, and with help from the great Joy McCann of Little Miss Attila, I gathered the Bloggers and the numbers (Joy is also at work putting the Golden Bear League back together -- stay tuned) and sent them out by the first week of August.

Let me just throw in an asterick here.  In every version of the project, there was a mention (and which was agreed to at every level), that should the Southland Fundraiser not occur this cycle, there would be a position for me at the Magnolia office.  Every meeting I had with every person who had power over it, said it can be done. 

Now after the data was sent, there was no news for about a week.  Then I heard from Ryan Panzerello saying it was shot down this cycle.  The Powers That Be (from Whitman and Maya Buki) did not lift a finger to honor any of the agreements during this time.

To top it off, Chairman Nehring whom I knew from SUNY-Stonybrook, never picked up the phone to lobby for me. Everyone else did, but not the Chairman. 

For every ad that Whitman put on the Television saying she will "create jobs," Many people in my circles (Goths, politicos and Politicians) saw that Whitman (and Maya Buki) would not find me a job after hustling for almost two years putting Los Angeles on the Political Map.  Many people saw with their own eyes that Whitman would not create a job for a loyal (and creative) Conservative. 

How many people re-told my story because of Whitman and Buki, there was one less job filled in California?

And to top it off, Whitman and Buki kicked out Ryan Panzeello from his position as Political Director.  Whisky tango Foxtrot?!  Ryan did his job well, but there was an extra $100,000 in Buki's pocket if they did not hire any more people (Confirmed by multiple sources) at the Southland Office.

Robert Stacy McCain saw California falling because of Whitman's idiocy.

Maya Buki said, in rejecting the Southland Fundraiser, that Whitman "had a plan for Los Angeles,"

What was her plan?

Open up 20 offices under the auspices of the Whitman campaign from one end of town to the other; Hold onto any lists any candidates owned and give zero funds to any Central Committeee or Candidate across the basin. 

What happens to those 20 offices if Whitman lost? They get closed. Forever. 

Thank you Maya Buki and Meg Whitman for making it easier for the Democrats to maintain their hold on the Southland. 

As we are getting closer to my Birthday party, Gary Aminoff and Ryan Panzerello has RSVP'd for 12/18/10 -- and again, I am still waiting for Chairman Nehring I already wrote what would happen if he does not show, is that a risk he is willing to take?

To be continued in 2011.

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 11/28/10 and 12/5/10 Editions

It's baaack! 
The score so far:
12 stories for the Democrats/ 3 Ties/ 1 1/2 Stories for the GOP

Now let's wind the clock back to last week:

November 28, 2010:

Story 1) Anderson Cooper on Afghanistan Police:  Again, Anderson Cooper plays "White man's Burden," with the police of Afghanistan.  Rather then focus on solutions, Cooper zeroes in on problems.  This article gives President Obama an excuse to "Bug out," of Afghanistan, irregardless of history (i.e. Charlie Wilson's War).  Cooper shows an ignorance of history. There is a multitude of tribes, like India, competing for rock.  If America leaves, as American Liberals are wont to do, has anyone asked, what happens to the Afghans? 


Thus a story whose purpose is to help President Obama.  Another point for the Democrats.

Story 2)  Spider-Man -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  How could you do a story about Spider-man without interviewing Stan "the Man" Lee?  Not political, but it proves my theory she is a Star****er.  See this week's episode for more detail.

Story 3) Justice Stevens interviewed by Scott Pelley --  Knocking Bush v Gore? Check.  Attacking Citizens United? Check.  Another point for the Democrats? Check.

Now we move to this weeks (12/5) exciting episode!

1)  Ben Bernanke interviewed by Scott Pelley -- A good, fair interview.  Bernanke said what needed to be said; Pelley played it staight (what every reporter should do).  A pure tie.

2) Facebook -- Fire Leslie Stahl!  This story is not political, but it proves that Stahl is onlycomfortable interviewing rich people, not up and comers, not folks who are coming back, just rich and popular.  There is a term in Hollywood for a woman like Leslie Stahl: Star****er.  I doubt she could do a story about small business' without finding the richest person in a Congressional district.  Heck, we Bloggers are poor and cheap, why not interview Robert McCain, Gonzo Journalist?

The score so far:

14 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 1/1/2 stories that help the GOP.
And speaking of poor and struggling, if you want to help the Valley this time of year, please hit the Tip jar so I can raise $400 for some bills.   I will always keep on eye on 60 Minutes for you; please see if you can help me get a leg up.  Thanks.
And the count will continute next week!
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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Support your Local Gonzo Journalist!

Here is Bill Murray as Hunter Thompson, showing what a Gonzo Journalist does:

Let's keep Robert McCain going on the long strange Davos and of course, to California. 

So hit his tip jar here to send him to Davos Switzerland for the January meeting of World Economic Forum

That trip costs, $10,000, hit his Tip jar here.

And to send the Gonzo Journalist to the of Gonzo, Los Angeles, it costs $2,000.  Hit his tip jar here. 

Of course, we end with a Jimmy Buffett song:

Please contribute to this great Journalist! 

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Late Night Words of Wisdom said at a Goth Club at 2 AM

If you ever want to meet me, I can usually be found at the Monte Carlo where Ruin/malediction and other Goth clubs are held.  (It's free to get in early, and the people, music and women are great).

Among three conversations I had with friends, I said these things.  These are not hard and fast beliefs I have, but written in stone. 

Philosophy, Social Libertarianism and passion, all at one place. 

I'm Blogging tonight.  Enjoy the tune.

My question: What are your words of wisdom that come to you at 2 in the Morning? 

Depeche Mode, Policy of Truth (Live at the Palms in Las Vegas)

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Face of Evil

Tonight's Doctor Who feature: The Face of Evil!

Consider it timed well with all the Wikileaks this week.  Face it, Julian Assange is the face of Bush hatred brought to life; He is willing to destroy diplomatic niceties so the Democrats can blame Bush for something, anything.  Assange is a creature of the Left, I wonder why they don't embrace him?

Given the Lefts hatred of anything Bush or Palin (or any Republican who rises in 2012), the Face of Evil has a lesson: Beware that you don't become the thing you hateHowever, too late! thank you Wikileaks!

In other news, my Birthday invites are out and last week I spent Saturday celebrating my friend Ron's birthday.  However, I have fallen in unrequited crush on a beautiful girl named Janeen.  I hope to spend some time with her at my Birthday Party,. 

Also, does anyone know how to get sponsored flights to LAX for my friends on the East Coast?  Thanks!

And now, The Face of Evil! 

Back to serious Blogging tomorrow night!

My question: What is the endgame of the Left by stewing in their hatred of every Republican, Conservative and Tea Partier?  

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Blogger Burnout Week

After some delay, I have finished the first draft of the future American Spectator article.  It is now out for editing .  (Yay!)

Unfortunately, after last week, I suffered from a disease known as Blogger Burnout (not to be confused with a "Burn Notice,").  I will do double duty on Sunday night Fisking 60 Minutes and talk about WikiLeaks as best as I can tonight and tomorrow.

For now, some tunes::

Tears for Fears, Shout

The Beatles, Twist and Shout

Sam Cooke, Twisting the Night Away

And finally, 

Siouxsie and the Banshees, Night Shift

I'm back! 

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