Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Final Fisking 60 Minutes for 2010 (and who should replace Lesly Stahl)

Between my 40th Birthday and the Holidays, I have been lax (nor at LAX) here in the valley.

Let's go over the score so far.....

My hypothesis is being proved by the numbers.

Now let's finish this year up with 60 Minutes'  final numbers.

From 12/19/10:

Story 1) State Budgets: Day of Reckoning  Steve Kroft compared NJ with Illinois; NJ Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ), fiscal hawk with IL State Comptroller Dan Hynes (D-IL).  And the surprising thing, Kroft played fair and saw Governor Christie as doing the right thing.  Wow.  A full point for the Right. 

No other story rates in the count.  But, what would it take for the producers of 60 Minutes go into how Environmentalists stop the job creation process around the country? And then ask the Sierra Club President, if they are willing to sacrifice jobs for a Luddite Utopia?  (More on this idea on this post) Or why is Senator Boxer blocking the water from the Central Valley farmers in California? 

Now, why do I always say, Fire Lesley Stahl from 60 Minutes? 

For all the attacks on Governor Palin, how shallow she is, rtc. etc. et. al., Lesley Stahl actually exhibits those concepts for real.  She would rather interview rich Establishment types rather then up and comers or modern Horatio Algers.

I will help the producers of 60 Minutes find better interviewers and people who can research and speak to anybody.  Lesley Stahl's time has come and gone, here is the new and improved:

1)   Lenora Claire (She's a redhead, a Goth and hip.  And the Valley will do its best to promote her in 2011);

2)  Pamela Geller (She is my friend with a large audience and she is very passionate about her work);

3)  Dana Loesch ( A very good reporter and a very loyal audience);

4) Sonja Schmidt (a well loved commentator on PJTV);

5) Jennifer "Cubachi," Caballero (An up and comer within the Blogogpshere);

6) Megyn Kelly (Check out her Nielson ratings); and

7)  Dr. Helen Reynolds (Forsenic psychologist with a strong Liberterian streak).

And the final score for 60 minutes, season 43 in 2010:

16 Stories for the Democrats/ 4 Ties/ 2 1/2 Stories that err on the Right.

My question: What stories should 60 Minutes focus on next year? And who should replace Lesley Stahl?

See you next year!

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  1. Replace Lesley Stahl? How about "Buster" the crash test dummy from "Mythbusters?"

  2. Quartermaster4:41 PM PST

    Why not Jodie Miller of Newsbusted?

  3. I love Megan Kelly and want her to stay on Fox, so I choose Dana Loesh!

    As for stories, I'd love to see more emphasis on illegal aliens and the new conservative politicians.


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