Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Governor Palin will Win the 2012 Primary

Election 2010 is over (and all the bodies are buried for now), so let's start planning out for Election 2012. 

Why do I support Governor Palin? Read this piece

As long as the Left suffers the White Hot Hate that they had for Bush (and Cheney, and Nixon, and etc. et. al. ad infinitum) against Former Governor Palin, their eyes will not see how she will win. 

First, let's deal with the Republican primary.

Governor Mitt Romney is the current establishment candidate; Governor Huckabee is the social Conservatives former favorite.  

For now, why will both men fail?  They are BORING WHITE GUYS (and as a boring white guy, I can recognise the brand)  

What does Palin have that Romney doesn't?  She has felt the full on wrath (and her kids too) of the hatred of the left.  The Left has run out of attacks other then "She's stupid/evil/crazy"  

Know who else got the stupid/evil/crazy connotation before running for the Presidency?  President Reagan, also known in leftist circles as an "Amiable dunce,"  

But he won the Presidency and changed the world with a simple vision.  What vision does President Obama have?  What ideas and ideals will he fight for that he believes?  (Hint: there is none.  He mouths the words, but does not do the deeds to back them up).

That's why whomever wins the GOP Primary in 2012, wins the General.   

With Mayor Bloomberg (I-NYC) getting ready to enter the 2012 race (his No Labels movement is a covering mechanism and just as worthless as the Coffee party -- movements grow from the ground up, i.e. Tea Party), President Obama will lose his flanks, left and right that were available in 2008. 

Romney and the establishment GOP do not see what is happening in the local levels.  To paraphrase Rorschach of Watchman, when one of is attacked, we all are attacked.  Romney only intervened when it one of his own people (not Michael Steele in 2010 or Governor Palin in 2009). Romney failed Reagan's 11th Commandment, and JSF's 12th Commandment.  

What is JSF's 12th Commandment for Republicans?
 When not in a Primary, every Conservative, Republican or Tea Partier must have each other backs.  
The Democrats are the "cool kids," on the block - they own the news media (see my Fisking 60 minutes series and the New York Times), Hollywood and the Westsiders (NYC and LA).  We who are on the Right will never be invited to those parties. 

Romney would, but not Palin.

Palin has gotten involved before the Primaries were over, this giving a stake in a State (and sometimes smaller) elections. Romney is not a gambler or someone who can hit below the belt; he is Senator McCain all over again.  A "moderate," who will be loved by the hip and cool, but will not count as votes against President Obama. 

Every Conservative learned the lie that the media and Left spew about "Send out your moderates!" in 2008, even with a moderate on top of the ticket (and many examples of being a moderate), all those who screamed loudest, did not vote for the Moderate republican. 

JSF's 13th Commandment for Republicans:

Palin has support among the new media and that will be her ticket through the States.  Once her crew gets activated for 2012 (around say March 2011), all the GOP Bloggers that have supported her should get some help. 
When has Romney ever made facetime with any of the new media except for Hugh Hewitt? 

I have some ideas to help Governor Palin in the Southland.  Would Governor Palin and the First Dude be willing to meet on the terrace at MODE:M to discuss?  They have some great songs to dance to.

My question: Who do you think will win the GOP Primary in 2012 and why? 
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