Friday, December 10, 2010

How the Southland Fundraiser fell This Cycle

Sorry for the belated Blog post, but Life, in all it's glory, got in the way.  Now, let's get started.....

Election 2010 is long over; I have named names in the article (now being edited) so now the time has come to tell the end of the tale here. While I was writing this post, I was also working on my Job Proposal that goes with the article.  JSF Rising.

Now let's wind the clocks back to this past summer in the Valley.  I had written about how my friend, Charly and her band Many of Odd Nature and the Carnival Noir were a basis for how the Southland Fundraiser were going to be successful.  At this point, I was talking with the great Ryan Panzerello, the new Political Director at the Magnolia Office.

During the summer, the Meg Whitman campaign, under the auspices of Maya Buki had taken over the Southland.  From LAGOP to the CAGOP and every campaign in Los Angeles, Maya Buki controlled everything.

As Election 2010 entered late July, Maya Buki wanted stat numbers from local Right Political Bloggers.  Fine, and with help from the great Joy McCann of Little Miss Attila, I gathered the Bloggers and the numbers (Joy is also at work putting the Golden Bear League back together -- stay tuned) and sent them out by the first week of August.

Let me just throw in an asterick here.  In every version of the project, there was a mention (and which was agreed to at every level), that should the Southland Fundraiser not occur this cycle, there would be a position for me at the Magnolia office.  Every meeting I had with every person who had power over it, said it can be done. 

Now after the data was sent, there was no news for about a week.  Then I heard from Ryan Panzerello saying it was shot down this cycle.  The Powers That Be (from Whitman and Maya Buki) did not lift a finger to honor any of the agreements during this time.

To top it off, Chairman Nehring whom I knew from SUNY-Stonybrook, never picked up the phone to lobby for me. Everyone else did, but not the Chairman. 

For every ad that Whitman put on the Television saying she will "create jobs," Many people in my circles (Goths, politicos and Politicians) saw that Whitman (and Maya Buki) would not find me a job after hustling for almost two years putting Los Angeles on the Political Map.  Many people saw with their own eyes that Whitman would not create a job for a loyal (and creative) Conservative. 

How many people re-told my story because of Whitman and Buki, there was one less job filled in California?

And to top it off, Whitman and Buki kicked out Ryan Panzeello from his position as Political Director.  Whisky tango Foxtrot?!  Ryan did his job well, but there was an extra $100,000 in Buki's pocket if they did not hire any more people (Confirmed by multiple sources) at the Southland Office.

Robert Stacy McCain saw California falling because of Whitman's idiocy.

Maya Buki said, in rejecting the Southland Fundraiser, that Whitman "had a plan for Los Angeles,"

What was her plan?

Open up 20 offices under the auspices of the Whitman campaign from one end of town to the other; Hold onto any lists any candidates owned and give zero funds to any Central Committeee or Candidate across the basin. 

What happens to those 20 offices if Whitman lost? They get closed. Forever. 

Thank you Maya Buki and Meg Whitman for making it easier for the Democrats to maintain their hold on the Southland. 

As we are getting closer to my Birthday party, Gary Aminoff and Ryan Panzerello has RSVP'd for 12/18/10 -- and again, I am still waiting for Chairman Nehring I already wrote what would happen if he does not show, is that a risk he is willing to take?

To be continued in 2011.

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