Saturday, December 04, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Face of Evil

Tonight's Doctor Who feature: The Face of Evil!

Consider it timed well with all the Wikileaks this week.  Face it, Julian Assange is the face of Bush hatred brought to life; He is willing to destroy diplomatic niceties so the Democrats can blame Bush for something, anything.  Assange is a creature of the Left, I wonder why they don't embrace him?

Given the Lefts hatred of anything Bush or Palin (or any Republican who rises in 2012), the Face of Evil has a lesson: Beware that you don't become the thing you hateHowever, too late! thank you Wikileaks!

In other news, my Birthday invites are out and last week I spent Saturday celebrating my friend Ron's birthday.  However, I have fallen in unrequited crush on a beautiful girl named Janeen.  I hope to spend some time with her at my Birthday Party,. 

Also, does anyone know how to get sponsored flights to LAX for my friends on the East Coast?  Thanks!

And now, The Face of Evil! 

Back to serious Blogging tomorrow night!

My question: What is the endgame of the Left by stewing in their hatred of every Republican, Conservative and Tea Partier?  

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