Saturday, December 11, 2010

Doctor Who -- Robots of Death

It's Saturday night! Time for a Doctor Who feature!

Tonight's story is The Robots of Death!

While some people are whinging about the last post (I sourced my material and I lived through it), I was at the RPLAC two year re-structural meeting today.

What was I doing?

Deal making, strategies, networking for future work (State party and two campaigns), and cheering on my friends and mentors. 

I can happily say, that Chairwoman Jane Barnett has now won a new term!  Yay!
The article for the American Spectator is in edit mode and the job proposal will be done by my birthday; The book proposal before Christmas. 

In the article (like the post and the upcoming book), I call out those who helped screw Los Angeles Republicans; One cannot unsee what one lives through. 

It's who I am, I call out those who harm my friends or allies.  You help me, I help you -- the game of Politics is always like that since Pericles.  
Don't hate the players and don't hate the game -- it is what it is.  
Now then, the Robots of Death is based off an Agatha Christie story (Guess which one).  The Robots are very 70's looking (scary too).  Enjoy the show!

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