Sunday, October 31, 2010

Post 666 - Happy All Hollow's Eve!

On my Blog post counter, this is the 666th Post I have written, just in time for Halloween. 

What I have in this post is some scary and funny Halloween scenes, enjoy! 


Next is Near Dark, directed by Katheyn Bigalow, starring Lance Henrickson:

Dawn of the Dead (remake intro) with Johnny Cash "Man Comes Around,"

This one scares me! The second half is NSFW:

And from the original Alien movie:

And the last one is from Shaun of the Dead:

My question: What is your favorite horor/comedy or horror movie? 

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Fisking 60 Minutes 10/31/10 Edition

And the score so far:  9 stories that help the Democrats; 1 that doesn't help either side and 0 stories that err on the side of the Republicans. 

It looks like the producers of 60 Minutes are reading these words, so read the next few words carefully:

We on the Right do not trust you -- find a way to earn that trust and your audience grows.  Full Stop.

Now there are two stories tonight worth counting.  Ready, go!

Story 1 -- Anger in the Heartland --  Scott Pelley does a decent jon asking "What happened in 2007?"  But why does Scott Pelley never ask "What has happened to business' and banks since 2009?"  Ask that question around the country and you might understand Tea partiers (i.e. Fiscal Conservatives) and why President Obama has lost the independents.  This one is only a tie.  2 ties so far -- Scott Pelley does not ask the right questions.

Story 2 -- Taxing the Rich -- Fire Lesley Stahl! She starts the story using David Stockman to attack current Republicans.   And then she spends most of the article hanging out with Bill Gates and his father.

In these Technological cutting edge regions (like Silicon Valley or Boston's Route 128), why doesn't 60 Minutes hire someone who understands the micro- and macro-economics and technological engines? If Seattle (Home of the great Lady of the Manners of Gothic Charm School), has succeeded without a State Income tax,  Both Gates' are Democrats, isn't that pulling the ladder up after they succeeded?  

My opinion: If Washington State voters shuts down the State Income tax referendum, the next Republican Congress should turn Seattle into William Gibson's Chiba City.  (Lesley Stahl will not get this reference -- hire someone who can). 

The score 10 -2 - 0 for the Democrats? 

My question:  Who should replace Lesley Stahl? 
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Doctor Who -- Vampires in Venice

Happy Halloween! 

This is Saturday Night/Sunday Morning in October, so of course it's time for the last of the Doctor Who Horror fest!

I spent the night hanging out my friend Lynne, and her very cute dog (You have to see her dog, she is very cute :} )

This week, I will spending Tuesday Night at Henry's Hat at Merlin Froyd's Victory party; For all my Los Angeles candidate friends, I will say prayers and cross fingers. 

On Tuesday, I will track some major Senate races around the country, but I will focus on my hometown of Los Angeles and the state of California. 

Why am I not really celebrating Halloween this year? I'm Gothing it every month, so I feel I celebrate it every month.  

This week's episode is romance, Italy and vampires or Vampires in Venice.  

They filmed the episode in Croatia, but a great story all the same.   

So, get in, cover up in your blanket and watch Vampires in Venice!  

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Endorsement Day: November 2010 House races, County Assesor and etc.

Let's finish Endorsement Day!
In Los Angeles, there are a few major House races,  here are people to vote for
(* = Worked with candidate ** = My home district)
House Seats
CD 22    Congressman Kevin McCarthy
CD 25    Congressman Howard P. McKeon
CD 26    Congressman David Dreier
CD 27    Mark Reed *
CD 28    Merlin Froyd * (This guy is a winner, get to know him NOW)
CD 29    John P. Colbert * (GREAT Tea Party candidate from Pasadena)
CD 30    Charles "Chuck" Wilkerson **
CD 31    Stephen C.Smith
CD 32    Edward Schmerling
CD 33    James L. Andion
CD 34    Wayne Miller
CD 35    Bruce Brown
CD 36    Mattie Fein (With that last name, how can she be anything but a winner?)
CD 37    Star Parker (Another winner)
CD 38    Robert Vaughn (he owes money to Chairwoman Barnett of the LAGOP)
CD 39    Larry S. Andre (Nice guy)
CD 42    Congressman Gary G. Miller
CD 46    Congressman Dana Rohrabacher

LA County Assessor      John Wong

State Senate

SD 20    Kathleen Suzy Evans (Cool lady; She has a future in CA Politics)
SD 26    Nachum Shifren (The Surfing Rabbi!)**
SD 28    John S. Stammreich
SD 30    Warren P. Willis
SD 32     Earl DeVries

State Assembly

AD 36   Steve Knight
AD 37   Jeff Gorrell
AD 38   Assemblyman Cameron M. Smyth
AD 40   Dennis DeYoung (Not the former singer from Styx)
AD 41   Terry Rathbun * (This man has a GREAT future in CA Politics!)
AD 42   Mary Toman-Miller (or write in David Hernandez) **
AD 43   Sunder Ramani
AD 44   Alvaro G. Day
AD 47   Lady Cage Barile
AD 49   Brad Taylor
AD 50   Gladys Miller
AD 53   Nathan Mintz
AD 54   Martha E. Flores-Gibson
AD 55   Christopher Salabaj
AD 56   Henry J. Bestwick
AD 58   Garrett M. May
AD 59   Tim Donnelly
AD 60   Asssembyman Curt Hagman
AD 61   Ray Moors

(Too many to link in this post, so h/t to LAGOP -- find out about the candidates there)
And let's conclude with the full version of:

Arcadia, Election Day

See you at the Voting Booth!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endorsement Day November 2010: Carly Fiorina for US Senate

This is easy. 

Why do I endorse Carly Fiorina for the Senate?

I'm going to do what every Liberal does, show the flaws of the opponent as the reason of my vote for the other.  This is going to be fun!

Senator Boxer has been in the Senate since 1992, unlike Senator Feinstein (see I can praise a living Democrat, I await the time a Liberal can do the same **crickets**), Boxer does not play well with others.  

To work in the Senate, you can use the rhetoric against the other Party, but, even Senator Ted Kennedy knew that, to get things done, you had to cut deals.  

In the past two Congress', as Chair of the Environmental committee, Boxer only passed 5 (yes FIVE!) Bills where she sponsored.  Any Senator can co-sponsor any Bill floating through, but to sponsor a bill and put it through, that means getting along with your colleagues, and as proven: She can't.  

Want to see the Bills? 

Here is the 111th Congress:

Here is the 110th Congress:

That's it. 

You don't need a Democratic Senator to do those Bills; Any Senator of any party can do those bills.
Mind you, in the 111th Congress, there was a Supermajority, so my question for Boxer is this:

She is not in the Senate leadership, she chairs an important Committee to California (water issues?), her Office is not known for Constituent services (that's Feinstein) she only passed 5 Bills in 4 years, so what does she do with her time?  Do her Colleagues like her?

This commercial by Fiorina won me over:

I may be a Partisan on the Political side, but I understand to do policy, you need to argue for your State in the closed rooms. 

There is a Water Crisis in the Central Valley, where is the chair of the Senate Enviorment Committee? 

Every single one of Boxer's commercials is all about how "Fiorina is bad," not on any work that has actually been done  by Boxer for California.  I guess Boxer has not driven down Ventura or Wilshire Boulavard recently....

If Boxer cannot even care about California's water, why should any Californian vote for Senator Boxer?

The Valley approves this message. 

(h/t to Dan at Gay Patriot who has been working this beat)

Tomorrow, I conclude Endorsement day!
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Endorsement Day: Election 2010 State Offices

This post is going to be quick, the next post will be more detailed. 

At this point, the CAGOP, LAGOP, and the SFVRC all match. Except for the top race, these are my votes too. 

We are going down the list (quickly):

The Valley endorses NO ONE for the Governor's race.  Why? More information after the election, but remember these two words: Southland Fundraiser. That is all.  That is all.

Lt. Governor: Abel Maldonado

Attorney General: Steve Cooley.  I like this guy.  He will do good representing the Southland in Sacramento.  If you live in the Southland, vote for him.   

State Controller: Tony Strickland  -- Met him, liked him.  Vote for him.

Secretary of State - Damon Dunn

State Treasurer: Mimi Walters

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Villines

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Diane Lenning (write-in)

Next post, the Senate race!

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Endorsement Day: Election 2010 The Propositions

And here we go!

For Election 2010 in California, there are 9 Propositions (two Propositions cancel each other out).

Prop 19 - Pot Legalization --  CAGOP and LAGOP both say "No,"  The SFVRC says "No," with a stipulation, written by my mentor Gary "Mr. Republican" Aminoff:

My idealism say vote "YES;" My pragmatism says "NO," 
I'll follow my idealism on this one.

Props 20 and 27 --Re-districting  Prop 20 says citizens can re-district Congress, Prop. 27 brings that process to the State assembly.  The people already voted for the citizens commission in 2008 with Prop. 11; Prop 20 contuinues that course, Prop 27 shuts it down.
My vote:  20  YES  27 NO

Prop 21 -- Tax your car for State parks -- I love parkland, and I love driving.  This car tax was what caused Gov. Grey davis (and a bit of karma too) to get recalled.  Yes, adding $18 seems nice, but does anyone know if the funds will go where it should? 
Think of Social Security. 
My Vote:  21 NO

Prop 22 - State takes City Funds -- If the State has no extra funds, they can take from local communities. 
If california cannot fnd money beecause of there is notr enough taxpayers (business or people), they shouldn't grab the funds from anywhere else.  Make the State Tax friendy to get those funds.  Texas is beating California economically where they don't affect their localities..
My vote:     NO

What is wrong with waiting on a theory until people are working again?
My vote:    23   YES

Prop 24 - Change Business Tax laws to make them Higher - In a place where Unemployment is over 10%, where business are few, go and add taxes.  I don't think so.
My Vote:  24 NO

Prop 25 and 26 - Changing the California State Budget process - 25 allows the California to be passed with a simple majority (It needs a 2/3 to pass) and 26 means the State cannot pass any tax or fees without a 2/3 majority.
My vote:   25  YES  26  YES

My vote is simple, like in 08, when the Democrats won everything and given the Keys to the Kingdom, the public saw how bad they did; Let the majority pass the budget come what may. 

The voters will have the final decision.

That's the props, peeps!

State Offices next! 
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Endorsement Day for CA and LA Elections 2010

The next few posts will be Endorsements for California and Los Angeles elections for 2010.

I will compare my votes to the  CAGOPLAGOP and SFVRC guides. 
Here is the guide:
1) Propositions
2) State Officers
3) Senate Race
4)  House Races, County Assessor, State Senate and State Assembly seats
While I get these posts set up, enjoy this song:
Arcadia, Election Day (Short Version -- Top of the Pops)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

120 Hours to Go -- Zombie Voters and False Flags (in KY) are Rising

Los Angeles and California Endorsements begin in the next post.

Part I - Zombie and Ghost Voters

With a week to go, news is coming from all over the 'Net about Zombie Voters. 

Let's get in the mood with this video:

Jimmy Buffet, Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost

First, what are Zombie Voters? 

As election day is always near Halloween (and as I am Goth), Zombie Voters are votes from people who are dead and voting; Ghosts are people who claim to live at an address within the district, but don't (Elwood and Jake Blues said it best) and Vampires are the Left's lies, spreading

Glenn Reynolds and Jim Hoft are documenting the Zombie and Ghost Voters.  (Wanna bet the Liberals will still whing about Election 2000 Overtime). Read those posts first and then come back here.

My solution for stopping Zombie and Ghost Voters?

1)  Photo ID with current address - It's called a Drivers license.  Try getting some business done without one.  If you don't live in an area that is car dependent (Hello New York City!), you still need a photo ID to use your Credit card.  If no credit card, try doing business with the Government without correct ID.  It can be done, but the Democrats always stop these bills.

Wonder why?

2)  No same-day Voter registration -- Voting is about knowing who is good for your community; Provincialism should reign here.  If people Register and Vote the same day, how can their address and Identity's be confirmed?  Too much IF'S  here. 

Again, Democrats support this, why?

and 3) Any candidate who wins by Cheating should be thrown out. Governor Gregoire  and Senator Franken would be out of office if that was the case.  (Those elections occured in 04 and 08, and yet the Left will still Whing about Election 2000 Overtime)

Part Two-- Kentucky False Flags

Here is another song to get in the mood:

Soggy Bottom Boys, Man of Constant Sorrow

Today, all over the 'Net was this story, as reported by local news:

First, the best Blogger on the scene is, of course, Robert McCain [1, 2]

Now here is why you should subscribe to the Valley.  I warned every campaign that the False Flags were coming.  And by G-d, Kentucky is the first sign!

Here is what I noticed in False Flag video [Video #2]:

A)   Lauren Valle is a professional agitator.  In this era of security, what was she trying to do? Hint: She wasn't being friendly.  The Left destroyed Civility during the last administration; Their hatred of Bush fils and Palin always excuses the Left from ever saying "We're sorry,"  Senator Byrd (D-KKK) can vote against Condi Rice (twice) and Justice Thomas, but no Leftie will ever call out racism from within their own ranks (or Anti-semites either, as noted during earlier iterations of the Valley).  Hatred of Conservatives is fine and anything is allowed  I await the day the Left stops needing American Emmanuel Goldstein's. 

I will talk about True Political Civility after my endorsements are done. 

2)  The people around Lauren Valle were calling for the Police.  Full Stop.  The crowd of Paulites wanted the Police to be there.  For the Left,  like using the "RAAAAACISM,"(but not one word about the attacks on Condi Rice or Justice Thomas) so that it becomes a way of shutting people up, blaming one Paulite is to blame all the Conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers.  We read Alinsky too.  The tactics have thrown the general public into the Republican's camp.  Try not using arguments from 1964. 

When will anyone from the Left say the attack on Kenneth Gladney was wrong?

 3)   Tim Proffitt got served by the Police and the Rand Paul campaign followed up with an apology. Proffitt was the guy who put his foot on her head.  (Valle was still able to speak to the press afterword).  If you are a Political agitator, expect to get hurt.  Proffitt was wrong and I'm unashamed to say that.    Don't hit women, but if you agitate, don't expect kid gloves. 

Between the False Flags and the Zombie and Ghost voters, the Democrats are (again) hitting below the belt to win.  If you want to win, play fair.  Unless you're still whinging about Election 2000 Overtime, that that is a pathetic reason to keep up this crap. 

My question: Why do the Democrats need Ghost and Zombie Voters and False Flags to win? Can't they just say "Do you support what we did on Capitol Hill?"  I have not heard ONE Federal Democratic Incumbent ask that question.  Hmmmmm.......

Endorsements next!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 10/24/10 Edition (and People who should be reporting for 60 Minutes)

I see that my work here is creating some, but very little, progress at 60 Minutes

So far, for 60 Minutes 43rd season, the score is still 9 stories for the Democrats and 0 for the Republicans.

And now everyone (see memeorandum thread) is shocked about 1! ONE! story

However, it still does not pass the Valley's smell test.

And here is where I appeal to my readers and Blog friends to contact Dana Loesch to publish this series on Big Journalism.  

Now let's fisk this weeks stories on 60 Minutes.

Story 1) The 99'ers  -- Scott Pelley did a great service with this article, but he what? Not why?  If he asked why businesses are not hiring? Why are banks not lending? What is the cause? He (and the 60 Minutes Producers) would not like where that story would go.  That is why the election 2010 is occurring in the Republicans favor. 

This is only a tie, they don't ask why is this happening as News magazines should. 

The other two stories are nice ones, but non-political before election day.   Wonder why? 

Final score so far: 9 -1 - 0.

Now here is my list of people who should be earning six figure salaries at CBS who know how to ask the 5 W's  on every story they write.

1. Pamela Geller (If you don't know in the Valley, don't ask)
2. Robert Stacy McCain (He is a reporter)
3. Dan Riehl  (he reported on the false ethics charges filed by AK Bloggers against Gov. Palin)
4. Dana Loesch (She has a built in audience growing larger)
5. Glenn Reynolds (He knows news)
6. Ann Althouse (She calls BS on every politico)
7. John Guardino (he's kick-ass on military issues)
8. Smitty (so's Smitty)
9. DaTechGuy  (A great Blogger, reporter and Who fan)
10. Aaron "the Proc" Proctor (He can do anything and another Who fan)
11. Andrew Breitbart (Knows where to find the news)
12. Lenora Claire (A beautiful Los Angeles Redhead who can do a better job then Anderson Cooper) 

My question: Who (and why) do you think should replace the 60 Minutes repoters?
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Paradise Towers

A late October Saturday night which means another scary Doctor Who

Right now, I am still looking for the Day Job before my Birthday (The Dream Job I cannot move on until after Election Day) -- and my Birthday is coming soon.  (Check your in-box to see if you are invited)

And this week, I am planning out my Non-fiction book as well.   More news post-election. 
I am thinking of a Three Act Night for my 40th Birthday (G-d I'm old!) .  More on that later as we get closer. (Hit my Tip Jar or Amazon Wishlist if you want to help) 

While I am filled with ideas, whether Policy (I am available to work as Congressional staff after the Election), fundraising or writing/research, I enjoy getting paid for doing them.   Just shoot me an email on any of those three, and I will respond within 24 hours. 

And this week: Los Angeles and California State Endorsements, including Propositions!

Now the Paradise Towers.

Why did I choose this one?

The Seventh Doctor and Mel (a beautuiful Redhead!) are lost in an apartment complex that has fallen apart, what has risen is what makes it good for a late October night!

Enjoy Paradise Towers

My question for tonight:  What is your version of Dystopia? 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barlow's Vampires and the Rumble in the Jungle: How to Counter-punch the Liberal Political Media Machine

In the last 12 days before the end of Election 2010, two things are afoot:  Halloween is close, so the worry of Zombie voters and Vampiric attacks along with the last punches of Obama's Empire is occurring.  These attacks are going after people I know as well as playing loose with the facts. 

First, let's listen to The Greatest tell how he practiced for the "Rumble in the Jungle,"

If you notice the Obama Empire (and their media friends), they always advertise their attacks and their targetThe Left always needs an Emmanuel Goldstein, and because of their NEED for one, it always helps to see who to defend. (If the Left did not NEED an Emmanuel Goldstein, they would lose half of their campaign rhetoric.)

Rumble in the Jungle -- 2010

In July, in Bloomberg Businessweek magazine, there was already talk of "When would the White House and Big Business start to rumble?"   Read the article with the gripes of business' during this administration. 

Cue lights on October:  There were multiple attacks starting from Think Progress (Soros funded), the New York Times (which has not endorsed a Republican for President since before I breathed my first), and the White House on the funding of the Chamber of Commerce

To quote Robert Plant:  Do you remember laughter?  Because many political professionals were laughing (and still are today). 

The US Chamber of Commerce is a representation of the local Chambers of Commerce.  They know about how jobs are created then the Obama Empire.  If you know anything about how DC works, the lobbyists reprsent the locals, from Unions to Industries.

But this is another of the Democrats "If we don't win, you cheat,"  meme that they have been using since 2000.  Compare the Democrats reaction to losing to the Republicans, who spent 40 years in the wilderness in the House of Representatives....they didn't whine about the public.  Or Vice President Nixon on the corruption from Chicago?  He didn't whine, he ran again in 1968. 

When True Conservatives and Republicans lose, they take their lumps, learn their lessons, and try to convince the public in the next election.  (Those who lose the primaries and running this cycle are known as RINO's) 

As the Left needs Emmanuel Goldstein, they started with the New Yorker story on the Koch brothers.  This reminds me of a funny joke about marketers and dog food:

"Once upon a time a pet food company created a new variety of dog food and rolled out a massive marketing campaign to introduce the product. Despite hiring a first-rate advertising agency, initial sales were very disappointing. The agency was fired and a new agency and a new campaign was launched. Sales continued to disappoint. If anything, they fell even further. In desperation, the CEO called in all of the top executives for a brainstorming session to analyze what had gone wrong with the two campaigns and how a new campaign might revive sales,

"The meeting went on for hours. Sophisticated statistical analysis was brought to bear on the problem. One VP argued that the mix of TV and print ads had been messed up. Another argued that the previous campaigns had been too subtle and had failed to feature the product with sufficient prominence. Another argued that the TV ad campaign had focused too much on spots during sporting events and not enough on regular programming with a broader demographic. Another argued the opposite–not enough sports programming had been targeted. After the debate had raged for hours, the CEO felt they had accomplished very little. He asked if anyone else had any theories that might explain the failure of the new product. Finally, one newly hired employee raised his hand and was recognized. Maybe the dogs don’t like it, she said.,"

(h/t Cafe Hayek for the Anecdote)

The Democrats have run Congress since 2007; And they have owned the whole Government lock and stock since 2009.  You cannot blame the minority Republicans in Congress if people don't like your proposals. 

Also, do the Democrats want us to ask questions of the foreign money from George Soros? He has donated to the Democrats in 04, and 08Soros is not an American citizen! And don't make me bring up "No controlling Legal Authority," i.e. Manbearpig i.e Vice President Al Gore. 

And during 08, when the funds came through to Senator Obama, not ONE word about campaign finance (passed in 2002 by Senator Mc Cain)

The word, ladies and gentleman is Hypocrites.  If you complain about funding when you're losing, you are Whinging And yes, the Left is truly whinging it in 2010

And yet, like George Foreman in Zaire, President Obama and the Liberals telegraph their punches.

Even though the public voted for President Obama in 08, his losing Congress in 10 is because the public is "RAAAAACIST!" 

Oppose Obamacare? RAAAACIST!
Fiscal Conservative or Tea Partier? RAAAAAACIST!
Oppose Senator Reid or Speaker Pelosi? RAAAAACIST!

I can go on, but my voice is getting dry. 

Exactly 13 days before the election, the NAACP released an attack on the Tea Partiers and my friend, Pamela Geller.  I will always have Pamela Geller's back because I belive in the same fight she is waging.  To attack Pamela Geller, is to attack all of us Conservatives.  I will always stand by her. 

This yelling of "RAAAAACISM!" by the NAACP is a political attack, not a moral one. 

It's why the Elected Republicans don't listen to NOW anymore -- if a Democrat President like President Bill Clinton sexually harasses his underlings, he gets a pass; If Senator Packwood gets accused of the same exact thing, they send him to the wall.  So, is sexual harassment wrong or isn't it? For feminists, it depends on the political letter after your name. 

When all else fails, don't believe the voters don't like what you're selling, call them RAAAACISTS!

How does that help?

Vampire attacks and Zombie Voters

And now, if you remember the book (or 1979 TV movie) of 'Salems Lot, the tactics of Democrats and their media friends follows Kurt Barlow's takeover of The Lot.. 

In 06, Senator Lieberman was kicked out of the Democratic party for playing the role of Senator Vandenberg.  Today, Juan Williams was thrown off of NPR for stating an opinion on Fox.  Same tactics by the same people. 

If you want to know why Republicans are running on not playing nice with Democrats or President Obama, look to how the Connecticut Senate race in 06.  Reap what you sow, liberals.

'Salems Lot was a dying town in the early 70's and Kurt Barlow entered and took over.  The Democrats won in 08 because of the financial meltdown -- did they fix it? With a super majority in the House and Senate, they chose to scare the public with cap and trade and Obamacare. 

The empty storefronts around every city opens the door to a vampire menace, but the tea Partyiers shine the light the Obama Empire does not want the public to see.  The RAAAACISM charge is fading like a vampire in sunlight -- it doesn't work anymore. 

The NAACP, NOW and the Media are Straker to the Democrat's Barlow.  It is time to call them out.

And the Zombie Voters?  Every candidate should have pollwatchers to make sure the dead don't vote.  Obama is from Chicago and he was not known for cleaning up any corruption over there

Winning the Fight  -- 2010

The Obama Empire has only one punch -- blame others, never back up any staff in trouble.  When the House and Senate Oversight committees fall in GOP hands, investigate, subpoena and televise those connections. 

In these last two weeks, every Blogger, candidate and staff should highlight that Democrats always whine "If we don't win, you cheat," all the time.  It's all they know. 

In these last two weeks, back up our candidates and fight for the light.  How many jobs did the Obama Empire create vs. the Chamber of Commerce? Hint: A lot less.

Stand firm and fight the demons of the Left.  We stand in sunlight while the Obama Empire tries to crush us all.

We are the Muhammad Ali in 1965; The media and their compatriots always "Boo" our people, but we have more then one type of punch.  Watch and learn:

My question: How do you plan to fight back? And why have the Democrats used the same rhetoric since 1964?

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winning in Los Angeles (FInal Election 2010 Edition)

We are coming into the final two weeks in the campaign; As the rain falls on the freeways, the media is focused on other states and cities. 

As everyone in Los Angeles knows, every promise made by one person and their staff at the top of the ticket have not come to pass -- not keeping promises (when circumstances DO allow) is one of the biggest loser of activist votes the anything else.   And that has hurt us all in Los Angeles.

I will discuss more about the above paragraph after the Election.  Now let's get psyched!

After election night, I hope to play the sequel to this tune. 

Here are some more ways to win:

1)  Think like an Artist:  The game might be politics, but we are in one of the creative Capitols of the Nation.  There are actors, directors, fashionistas, fanboys, musicians and Goths here.  Most of the  voters within Los Angeles County are tied some way into the Industry (Movie, TV or music or all three); Appeal to there artistic ideals and that is one more vote (or group of votes).  And our County and State party should be venturing into SAG, DGA, etc. to make friends and contacts.  Why?  They are our voters

2)  Find and focus on your local issues: Whether you campaign in North Hollywood, Northridge, Watts, West Adams, San Pedro or East Hollywood, local issues rule.  Find out when the future constituents in your district last saw their Congressman.  In the 30th CD, no one has ever seen Henry Waxman walk down Wilshire or eat in the Farmer's market in the last five years.  More stories like this are around LA. Also, what is the issue that motivates your voters? Water issues?  High crime rates?  Lack of Business?  Ask (as I'm sure you all are doing) and when you are in office, make two promises (that you keep):

A) Constituent Service that is available to ALL in the Congressional District.  The House budgets for offices in the District, use it. 

B)  Walk around the District when you are home -- see and be seen; And always have a good word for your Constituents on or off the Hill. 

3)   Always Cross-promote! (with a smile) I know two of the best candidates in the region: Mattie Fein and Merlin Froyd (Donate to both of them) .  Merlin is always campaigning and he always has a smile.  Mattie Fein is fighting hard in a difficult district, and again, she wins over her future constituents with a smile too. If you are able to talk to groups with people from many districts, always say a good word about other candidates this cycle.  Karma pays off well in the game of Politics.  Don't believe me? Ask Grey Davis about Karma in politics. 

4) Watch out for Zombie voting:  The Democrats run Los Angeles from top to bottom.  Be sure to have your partisans as Pollwatchers in throughout your Congressional district.  LA knows what Chicago does, be careful.  The only way to stop a Zombie Voter is to confirm they are alive and living at a current address.  Have your pollwatchers know your district! 

Finally, I will Blog Election Night at a party, please have Wi-fi available

After the election, I will write some more California Encyclicals; The Why's and How's of LA Election Night, Heroes and villains within LA and CA GOP circles, and how to prep for Election 2012. 

Also, I am putting together a book on Winning in Los Angeles and why the rest of the country should follow OUR lead. (with help from Robert Stacy McCain)   I will give many props to my friends. 

My question: What numbers do you see for Election Night in LA?   Who wins? Who loses? 

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fisking 10/17/10 60 Minutes Edition

If it's Monday (or Sunday), it's time to see if the 60 Minutes team is still playing ball with Democrats. 
And as we get close to Congressional control, it should be time to determine how much CBS and the 60 Minutes staff should be fined for in-kind contributions.  And hey, this fisking can be put on Big Journalism if Dana Loesch agrees. 
The score so far: 7 - 0 articles for the Democrats
Round 4 begins........NOW!
Article 1) The City of David -- Lesley Stahl should be fired for ONLY taking the Palestinian side of the debate.  Heck, Liberals always take the side of terrorists (Code Pink going to help Hamas with help from Senator Boxer? Where is that 60 Minutes story?).  I am disgusted by Lesley Stahl and 60 Minutes not once taking the side of Israel in this debate.  Peace will come to Israel and the Palis when the Pali's put their weapons away and build schools and roads.  If you stop attacking your neighbors, you can actually do business with them.  But Lesley Stahl will never say that. 8 - 0.
Article 2) Homeless Veterans -- Scott Pelley puts this article out to attack Bush's policy of Wilsonianism.  The veterans are being used cover President Obama's failure with the unemployment figures. Did Pelley do any correlation between Obama's policies and the Unemployment figures? NOPE.  Scott Pelley, tool. 9 - 0.
Article 3)  1906 Film of Market Street -- Morley Safer remembers.  Not part of the count. 
The score: 9 - 0 for the Democrats
See you next week!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Carnival of Monsters

It's Autumn, Halloween season and it's also Saturday which means it's Doctor Who night! 

After the Election, I will go back on schedule with the Fourth Doctor, season 14 and after.  But for now, we will do some scary Who stories for this week and next week. 

I have a job waiting for me in Washington, DC if one of my candidate friends wins in Los Angeles (Which one? Vote for all the Los Angeles GOP candidates in your area and you'll find out!). On the Hill, I will work as an Legislative Assistant on Appropriations. Also, should the tide not hit Los Angeles, I will be planning to help the California Republican Party Magnolia Office in the next cycle (If you are running (1, 2) for Chair of the CRP 2011, contact me).  Also, I am prepping to write a non-fiction book about Politics, policy and Los Angeles after this election cycle is over.

Whether I work in DC or LA, I will be happy to be working again.  

And now, from the Third Doctor era, Carnival of Monsters!  

Enjoy Carnival of Monsters!  See it in daylight if you must.......

My question for the evening: Do you party on Halloween night and Election night?
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Blogging from the Ouside -- Bruce Willis Clips

This is the second (or third?) time I'm taking the laptop out, so this a silly test Post. 
Enjoy it at your leisure.
First youtube is to Hudson Hawk:

Second YouTube is from Die Hard with a Vengence (My favorite Die Hard)

Hope you enjoyed the videos; I will do a lot more Blogging on my laptop if this works.....

Why Bruce Willis?  He is one of my favorite actors.

OK, more stuff later.

Laidies and Gentlemen, now I am truly a dangerous Blogger (cue evil laugh)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hate Speech in North Hollywood: KPFK and their Fund Drive

When I was younger, after the Great New York City Black Out, I learned from my late father to be a radio listener.  Now whenever I drive (or during the day), I listen to my favorite talk radio (Limbaugh, Hannitty, Mark Levin), and then I jump around and listen to the Liberal versions (Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, the latter two are Nazguls), some occasional NPR (Right, Left and Center and their business show and show business show), but the true prize is listening to KPFK, Pacifica radio in Los Angeles.  Based in North Hollywood.  

Last time I wrote about KPFK, I highlighted Sonali Kolhatker's Anti-Israel and Anti-Jew attitude.  She still hates the Tribe. 

If  there are any readers with friends in ICE, have them look into that.  

The fun thing about KPFK is how they are always begging for funds.  Every three weeks, they ask people around Los Angels to give them funds.      

In there last local radio board election, they only sent out 8,000 ballots.  So, in a city of 9 million, they only have 8,000 supporters. 
The whole basis of Pacifica Radio is hatred of Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers.  Not love of fellow Americans who differ, but absolute HATRED. 

Let's break some more numbers why 8,000 supporters in Los Angeles is all they will get:

1) Los Angeles is home to the third biggest population of Jews within these 50 States.  Between Democracy Now! (Does Amy Goodman ever smile?), Uprising Radio, Connect the Dots (Lila Garrett hates ANYONE in politics who does not think like her -- she is a true Stalinist), and Radio Intifada, hatred of Jews and Israel reigns supreme on this station.  In the THIRD biggest Jewish population in the nation.  Good job!  Keep it up, that means more votes for us Conservatives!

2)  Considering KPFK needs funds, the hatred of Companies and business' means, in this economy (especially with the unemployment numbers in Los Angeles) no one is hiring KPFK's listeners.  Well done!  It's hard to get funds when no one is hiring.  And hating business? That's another selling point for us on the Right every election.  Heh. 

3)  America has a two party system.  Politics is about coalitions (so is policy).  Hatred of Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers does not get you any more funds.  When Margaret Prescod of Sojourner Truth praises Chavez' Venezuela more then an American Republican President, again do not expect any support other then those who already support you. . 

4)  Being Conspircy Theory central angers the rest of us Americans.  No 9/11 conspiracies; No Kennedy conspiracies involving everyone who is Right of Rep. Chisholm.  Conspiracy theorists don't make a lot of monies and friends.  Feeding these ideas makes KPFK look like crazy people.  then again, maybe you are -- again, hence, no funds beyond 8,000 people in a 9 million person town

Let me help KPFK make more funds, here's how:

A)  Stop hating on Jews, Israel, Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Governor Palin, President Bush and everyone else.  If you actually listened to Rush Limbaugh or Sean hannitty, they just hold the Liberals to their own standards.  Don't like it?  Stop making the personal, political. 

B)  If you want to have political shows, have your local hosts stay on for 3 hours, five days a week.  If Rush and Hannitty can do it, so can your people. Try not to do A though. 

C)  How about interviewing people whose views differ on different shows?  Otherwise, KPFK is just a circle jerk and don't expect more then 8,000 people to donate. 

D) Stop leaning on the past.  If you want to be leaders, lead.  Don't rely on memories of older fights.  Wait! That's a Tea Party idea and we all know how KPFK loves the tea Partiers. 

My question: Why does KPFK traffic in Hate Speech and expect monies for it?
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Some GOOD News -- The Chile Miner Rescue

When I first heard the story of the trapped miners, I heard they were stuck "until Christmas," 

Instead, with perseverance and faith, the trapped miners and those above worked together to get everyone  home.

Just watch the video and say "Amen," and wish the rescued miners some prayers for health and happiness. 

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 10/10/10 Episode (And Andy Rooney's Scary Eyebrows)

If it's the beginning of the week, it's time to see if 60 Minutes spent time playing for the Democrats again.

So far, the score is  6 - 0 of articles in favor of the Left. 

Ready for Round 3?  And tonight, in honor of upcoming Halloween, let's also talk about the scary eyebrows of Andy Rooney and who can replace them.

Let's go!

1)   Speed Traders and Wall Street -- Steve Kroft went into this article with a good premise, people should do trading, not algorithmic computers.  Then he wonders up to Capitol Hill to ask only one Senator: Kaufman (D-DE).  Kaufman is a low ranking member on the Judiciary.  But Steve Kroft forgot America is in an election season where it looks like the Republicans might control the next Congress.  Did he ask any Senate Republican members? No.  Steve Kroft, promoter of Democrats.  Again.

2)  Nelson Mandela -- An International well-known, well-loved figure.  The story was done in soft lighting.  But would Bob Simon do the same for Governor Sarah Palin?  I doubt it. Prove me wrong, Bob Simon. This article is not part of the count. 

3)  Eminem -- Notice how Anderson Cooper does kids, animals and Hollywood stars for 60 Minutes?  Even CBS knows he is a lightweight.  Another Anderson Cooper story doing "White Man's Burden," Again.  No politics here. 

The score so far: 7 - 0 for the Democrats by 60 Minutes. 

Now, let's talk about Andy Rooney.

Did you ever notice he doesn't seem to understand people who are under 120 years old?  Did you ever notice he goes places where the hoi polloi cannot imagine (How many Super Bowls, Mr Rooney?) Did you ever notice his eyebrows are like Cybermats? Ready to jump off and attack?

If I were a producer on 60 Minutes, here are three people (whose eyebrows are not scary) who should replace Andy Rooney:

1)  Alfonzo Rachel knows how to be interesting.  Watch here:

 2)  Andrew Klavan is a little more low key, and also very funny.  Watch!

3)  And finally, the great Dana Loesch (pronounced Lash).  Again, enjoy!

My question: Out of these three great people, who should replace Andy Rooney?

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


On this October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), a few things have happened so far:

1) My sister and her boyfriend celebrate their second anniversary! Yay!  Please send the happy couple some good wishes!

2) My friend Pamela Geller is highlighted in the New York Times today.  Here is her Blog answer to the article.  (also highlighted on Memeorandum). Congrats on being known worldwide!  Now if only the NYT could tell the truth about us folks on the Right, that would be something.....

3) In binary code, 10-10-10 = 42.  And how better to celebrate the number 42 then by finding Douglas Adams (former Doctor Who writer) and writer of the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy who proposed 42 as "The Ultimate Answer?"  By watching a BBC video of H2G2 showing how it hit the cultural zeitrgeist.  

Enjoy the video! More posts tonight! 

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Belated Fisking of 60 Minutes 10/3/10 Episode

Getting back into the groove, let's catch up with the Experiment:

Does 60 Minutes work to help the Democrats? 

So far the score is 3 - 0  for that theory. 

Let's check out 8/3/10's episode:

1)  Unfinished Business -- Leslie Stahl takes the Code Pink view that going into Iraq was a waste, and no matter what the people on the ground say, nothing in Iraq will turn out well.  I suggest you speak to  Malcot Israel's husband on the good work he did over there.  Leslie Stahl's attitude is because a GOP President made that decision, by default, it is horrible.  Another article for the Democrats.  

2)  Ken Feinberg and BP --   Morley Safer reports on getting the funds being given by the mensch Kenneth Feinberg to those hurt by the BP Oil Spill.  A lot of heat on BP, but is there any questions about how many vacations President Obama took during the crisis that exaggerated it? Nope.  Morley Safer is safely within the pockets of the Democrats. 

3)  The Gates Foundatuion -- Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft,  interviewed by Scott Pelley.  There is a "White Man's Burden," vibe to this article.  "Isn't is wonderful how Bill Gates is giving money to poor  countries with alot of non-white people?"  How about more Democracies and less corruption in those countries?  Oh, and Bill Gates is a major donor to the Democratic Party.  Scott Pelley remains a tool in this article too. 

The score for those keeping track: 6 - 0 articles by 60 Minutes that help Democrats.

 Rep. Issa, I hope you will call the producers of these articles when you take over. 
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