Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hate Speech in North Hollywood: KPFK and their Fund Drive

When I was younger, after the Great New York City Black Out, I learned from my late father to be a radio listener.  Now whenever I drive (or during the day), I listen to my favorite talk radio (Limbaugh, Hannitty, Mark Levin), and then I jump around and listen to the Liberal versions (Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Mike Malloy, the latter two are Nazguls), some occasional NPR (Right, Left and Center and their business show and show business show), but the true prize is listening to KPFK, Pacifica radio in Los Angeles.  Based in North Hollywood.  

Last time I wrote about KPFK, I highlighted Sonali Kolhatker's Anti-Israel and Anti-Jew attitude.  She still hates the Tribe. 

If  there are any readers with friends in ICE, have them look into that.  

The fun thing about KPFK is how they are always begging for funds.  Every three weeks, they ask people around Los Angels to give them funds.      

In there last local radio board election, they only sent out 8,000 ballots.  So, in a city of 9 million, they only have 8,000 supporters. 
The whole basis of Pacifica Radio is hatred of Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers.  Not love of fellow Americans who differ, but absolute HATRED. 

Let's break some more numbers why 8,000 supporters in Los Angeles is all they will get:

1) Los Angeles is home to the third biggest population of Jews within these 50 States.  Between Democracy Now! (Does Amy Goodman ever smile?), Uprising Radio, Connect the Dots (Lila Garrett hates ANYONE in politics who does not think like her -- she is a true Stalinist), and Radio Intifada, hatred of Jews and Israel reigns supreme on this station.  In the THIRD biggest Jewish population in the nation.  Good job!  Keep it up, that means more votes for us Conservatives!

2)  Considering KPFK needs funds, the hatred of Companies and business' means, in this economy (especially with the unemployment numbers in Los Angeles) no one is hiring KPFK's listeners.  Well done!  It's hard to get funds when no one is hiring.  And hating business? That's another selling point for us on the Right every election.  Heh. 

3)  America has a two party system.  Politics is about coalitions (so is policy).  Hatred of Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers does not get you any more funds.  When Margaret Prescod of Sojourner Truth praises Chavez' Venezuela more then an American Republican President, again do not expect any support other then those who already support you. . 

4)  Being Conspircy Theory central angers the rest of us Americans.  No 9/11 conspiracies; No Kennedy conspiracies involving everyone who is Right of Rep. Chisholm.  Conspiracy theorists don't make a lot of monies and friends.  Feeding these ideas makes KPFK look like crazy people.  then again, maybe you are -- again, hence, no funds beyond 8,000 people in a 9 million person town

Let me help KPFK make more funds, here's how:

A)  Stop hating on Jews, Israel, Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Governor Palin, President Bush and everyone else.  If you actually listened to Rush Limbaugh or Sean hannitty, they just hold the Liberals to their own standards.  Don't like it?  Stop making the personal, political. 

B)  If you want to have political shows, have your local hosts stay on for 3 hours, five days a week.  If Rush and Hannitty can do it, so can your people. Try not to do A though. 

C)  How about interviewing people whose views differ on different shows?  Otherwise, KPFK is just a circle jerk and don't expect more then 8,000 people to donate. 

D) Stop leaning on the past.  If you want to be leaders, lead.  Don't rely on memories of older fights.  Wait! That's a Tea Party idea and we all know how KPFK loves the tea Partiers. 

My question: Why does KPFK traffic in Hate Speech and expect monies for it?
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