Saturday, October 09, 2010

Belated Fisking of 60 Minutes 10/3/10 Episode

Getting back into the groove, let's catch up with the Experiment:

Does 60 Minutes work to help the Democrats? 

So far the score is 3 - 0  for that theory. 

Let's check out 8/3/10's episode:

1)  Unfinished Business -- Leslie Stahl takes the Code Pink view that going into Iraq was a waste, and no matter what the people on the ground say, nothing in Iraq will turn out well.  I suggest you speak to  Malcot Israel's husband on the good work he did over there.  Leslie Stahl's attitude is because a GOP President made that decision, by default, it is horrible.  Another article for the Democrats.  

2)  Ken Feinberg and BP --   Morley Safer reports on getting the funds being given by the mensch Kenneth Feinberg to those hurt by the BP Oil Spill.  A lot of heat on BP, but is there any questions about how many vacations President Obama took during the crisis that exaggerated it? Nope.  Morley Safer is safely within the pockets of the Democrats. 

3)  The Gates Foundatuion -- Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft,  interviewed by Scott Pelley.  There is a "White Man's Burden," vibe to this article.  "Isn't is wonderful how Bill Gates is giving money to poor  countries with alot of non-white people?"  How about more Democracies and less corruption in those countries?  Oh, and Bill Gates is a major donor to the Democratic Party.  Scott Pelley remains a tool in this article too. 

The score for those keeping track: 6 - 0 articles by 60 Minutes that help Democrats.

 Rep. Issa, I hope you will call the producers of these articles when you take over. 
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