Tuesday, October 26, 2010

120 Hours to Go -- Zombie Voters and False Flags (in KY) are Rising

Los Angeles and California Endorsements begin in the next post.

Part I - Zombie and Ghost Voters

With a week to go, news is coming from all over the 'Net about Zombie Voters. 

Let's get in the mood with this video:

Jimmy Buffet, Vampires, Mummies and the Holy Ghost

First, what are Zombie Voters? 

As election day is always near Halloween (and as I am Goth), Zombie Voters are votes from people who are dead and voting; Ghosts are people who claim to live at an address within the district, but don't (Elwood and Jake Blues said it best) and Vampires are the Left's lies, spreading

Glenn Reynolds and Jim Hoft are documenting the Zombie and Ghost Voters.  (Wanna bet the Liberals will still whing about Election 2000 Overtime). Read those posts first and then come back here.

My solution for stopping Zombie and Ghost Voters?

1)  Photo ID with current address - It's called a Drivers license.  Try getting some business done without one.  If you don't live in an area that is car dependent (Hello New York City!), you still need a photo ID to use your Credit card.  If no credit card, try doing business with the Government without correct ID.  It can be done, but the Democrats always stop these bills.

Wonder why?

2)  No same-day Voter registration -- Voting is about knowing who is good for your community; Provincialism should reign here.  If people Register and Vote the same day, how can their address and Identity's be confirmed?  Too much IF'S  here. 

Again, Democrats support this, why?

and 3) Any candidate who wins by Cheating should be thrown out. Governor Gregoire  and Senator Franken would be out of office if that was the case.  (Those elections occured in 04 and 08, and yet the Left will still Whing about Election 2000 Overtime)

Part Two-- Kentucky False Flags

Here is another song to get in the mood:

Soggy Bottom Boys, Man of Constant Sorrow

Today, all over the 'Net was this story, as reported by local news:

First, the best Blogger on the scene is, of course, Robert McCain [1, 2]

Now here is why you should subscribe to the Valley.  I warned every campaign that the False Flags were coming.  And by G-d, Kentucky is the first sign!

Here is what I noticed in False Flag video [Video #2]:

A)   Lauren Valle is a professional agitator.  In this era of security, what was she trying to do? Hint: She wasn't being friendly.  The Left destroyed Civility during the last administration; Their hatred of Bush fils and Palin always excuses the Left from ever saying "We're sorry,"  Senator Byrd (D-KKK) can vote against Condi Rice (twice) and Justice Thomas, but no Leftie will ever call out racism from within their own ranks (or Anti-semites either, as noted during earlier iterations of the Valley).  Hatred of Conservatives is fine and anything is allowed  I await the day the Left stops needing American Emmanuel Goldstein's. 

I will talk about True Political Civility after my endorsements are done. 

2)  The people around Lauren Valle were calling for the Police.  Full Stop.  The crowd of Paulites wanted the Police to be there.  For the Left,  like using the "RAAAAACISM,"(but not one word about the attacks on Condi Rice or Justice Thomas) so that it becomes a way of shutting people up, blaming one Paulite is to blame all the Conservatives, Republicans and tea partiers.  We read Alinsky too.  The tactics have thrown the general public into the Republican's camp.  Try not using arguments from 1964. 

When will anyone from the Left say the attack on Kenneth Gladney was wrong?

 3)   Tim Proffitt got served by the Police and the Rand Paul campaign followed up with an apology. Proffitt was the guy who put his foot on her head.  (Valle was still able to speak to the press afterword).  If you are a Political agitator, expect to get hurt.  Proffitt was wrong and I'm unashamed to say that.    Don't hit women, but if you agitate, don't expect kid gloves. 

Between the False Flags and the Zombie and Ghost voters, the Democrats are (again) hitting below the belt to win.  If you want to win, play fair.  Unless you're still whinging about Election 2000 Overtime, that that is a pathetic reason to keep up this crap. 

My question: Why do the Democrats need Ghost and Zombie Voters and False Flags to win? Can't they just say "Do you support what we did on Capitol Hill?"  I have not heard ONE Federal Democratic Incumbent ask that question.  Hmmmmm.......

Endorsements next!

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