Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Endorsement Day: Election 2010 State Offices

This post is going to be quick, the next post will be more detailed. 

At this point, the CAGOP, LAGOP, and the SFVRC all match. Except for the top race, these are my votes too. 

We are going down the list (quickly):

The Valley endorses NO ONE for the Governor's race.  Why? More information after the election, but remember these two words: Southland Fundraiser. That is all.  That is all.

Lt. Governor: Abel Maldonado

Attorney General: Steve Cooley.  I like this guy.  He will do good representing the Southland in Sacramento.  If you live in the Southland, vote for him.   

State Controller: Tony Strickland  -- Met him, liked him.  Vote for him.

Secretary of State - Damon Dunn

State Treasurer: Mimi Walters

Insurance Commissioner: Mike Villines

State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Diane Lenning (write-in)

Next post, the Senate race!

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