Saturday, October 09, 2010

Doctor Who -- The Weeping Angels

When my disease hits, I have a habit of hiding in plain sight. 

However, as part of that, my hair has grown out like the Dude in The Big Lebowski Not. Good. 

If you want to help me look like a normal human being again, hit my Tip jar for $50 so I can get a descent haircut. 

Unfortunately, many people have asked for help in  the last month of campaigning.  I have never been so popular or so broke at the same time.  My wariness of volunteering right now lies in the fact that long before the races got busy I was hustling trying to put Los Angeles on the Political map.

(The full story will be told online after Election day)

There are many places I would love to volunteer; Merlin Froyd's campaign, Mattie Fein's (no relation), and many, many more.  I don't have enough gas. Oy! If you want to help, hit the Tip jar! 

As this is Saturday (and I just got over my change of season cold, not my depression), it is Doctor Who night. 

In honor of the autumn month where things come out of the Shadows, I give you the scariest creatures on the new Who: The Weeping Angels otherwise known as "The Lonely Assassins,"

Here is what you do when you find them (from Blink):

And here is the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond (and a special guest star Alex Kingston as River Song) dealing with The weeping Angels in the 51st Century. 

First up, the Time of Angels

Enjoy Part One, the Time of Angels!

And now the conclusion: Flesh and Stone!

Enjoy Flesh and Stone!

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