Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 10/24/10 Edition (and People who should be reporting for 60 Minutes)

I see that my work here is creating some, but very little, progress at 60 Minutes

So far, for 60 Minutes 43rd season, the score is still 9 stories for the Democrats and 0 for the Republicans.

And now everyone (see memeorandum thread) is shocked about 1! ONE! story

However, it still does not pass the Valley's smell test.

And here is where I appeal to my readers and Blog friends to contact Dana Loesch to publish this series on Big Journalism.  

Now let's fisk this weeks stories on 60 Minutes.

Story 1) The 99'ers  -- Scott Pelley did a great service with this article, but he what? Not why?  If he asked why businesses are not hiring? Why are banks not lending? What is the cause? He (and the 60 Minutes Producers) would not like where that story would go.  That is why the election 2010 is occurring in the Republicans favor. 

This is only a tie, they don't ask why is this happening as News magazines should. 

The other two stories are nice ones, but non-political before election day.   Wonder why? 

Final score so far: 9 -1 - 0.

Now here is my list of people who should be earning six figure salaries at CBS who know how to ask the 5 W's  on every story they write.

1. Pamela Geller (If you don't know in the Valley, don't ask)
2. Robert Stacy McCain (He is a reporter)
3. Dan Riehl  (he reported on the false ethics charges filed by AK Bloggers against Gov. Palin)
4. Dana Loesch (She has a built in audience growing larger)
5. Glenn Reynolds (He knows news)
6. Ann Althouse (She calls BS on every politico)
7. John Guardino (he's kick-ass on military issues)
8. Smitty (so's Smitty)
9. DaTechGuy  (A great Blogger, reporter and Who fan)
10. Aaron "the Proc" Proctor (He can do anything and another Who fan)
11. Andrew Breitbart (Knows where to find the news)
12. Lenora Claire (A beautiful Los Angeles Redhead who can do a better job then Anderson Cooper) 

My question: Who (and why) do you think should replace the 60 Minutes repoters?
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