Monday, October 11, 2010

Fisking 60 Minutes 10/10/10 Episode (And Andy Rooney's Scary Eyebrows)

If it's the beginning of the week, it's time to see if 60 Minutes spent time playing for the Democrats again.

So far, the score is  6 - 0 of articles in favor of the Left. 

Ready for Round 3?  And tonight, in honor of upcoming Halloween, let's also talk about the scary eyebrows of Andy Rooney and who can replace them.

Let's go!

1)   Speed Traders and Wall Street -- Steve Kroft went into this article with a good premise, people should do trading, not algorithmic computers.  Then he wonders up to Capitol Hill to ask only one Senator: Kaufman (D-DE).  Kaufman is a low ranking member on the Judiciary.  But Steve Kroft forgot America is in an election season where it looks like the Republicans might control the next Congress.  Did he ask any Senate Republican members? No.  Steve Kroft, promoter of Democrats.  Again.

2)  Nelson Mandela -- An International well-known, well-loved figure.  The story was done in soft lighting.  But would Bob Simon do the same for Governor Sarah Palin?  I doubt it. Prove me wrong, Bob Simon. This article is not part of the count. 

3)  Eminem -- Notice how Anderson Cooper does kids, animals and Hollywood stars for 60 Minutes?  Even CBS knows he is a lightweight.  Another Anderson Cooper story doing "White Man's Burden," Again.  No politics here. 

The score so far: 7 - 0 for the Democrats by 60 Minutes. 

Now, let's talk about Andy Rooney.

Did you ever notice he doesn't seem to understand people who are under 120 years old?  Did you ever notice he goes places where the hoi polloi cannot imagine (How many Super Bowls, Mr Rooney?) Did you ever notice his eyebrows are like Cybermats? Ready to jump off and attack?

If I were a producer on 60 Minutes, here are three people (whose eyebrows are not scary) who should replace Andy Rooney:

1)  Alfonzo Rachel knows how to be interesting.  Watch here:

 2)  Andrew Klavan is a little more low key, and also very funny.  Watch!

3)  And finally, the great Dana Loesch (pronounced Lash).  Again, enjoy!

My question: Out of these three great people, who should replace Andy Rooney?

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