Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Many Mistakes of Mitt Romney in the Southland (#1: Hiring Maya Buki)

Reagan 1980

Governor Romney (R-MA) could be in a 1980 Election as a winner or he can play Dukakis of 1988 -- right now, Romney is making foolish mistakes on an area that helped catapulted Ronald Reagan to Victory in 1980 and 1984:

So, in a bid of goodwill, Governor Romney, here are some mistakes on how you are working the Southland.  Read to the end.

I) Why, oh why did you hire Meg Whitman staff for your campaign?  Election 2010 was a Tidal year and the Whitman staff had no clue how to deal with Los Angeles (or deal with a simple Political mistake by the candidate).  I had a plan to help bring Los Angeles into the Electoral fold called the Southland Fundraiser.  

If you met The Other McCain, he was working with me to help bring new media to Old School Politics and it could have worked.  Maya Buki did not even had the courtesy to call me herself.  She had Ryan Panzerello, the former political Director, to cancel it off (before she fired him).  

No outside the box thinking from that crew.  In fact, the Whitman crew knew less about Los Angeles then some of us "Local Yokels," If you really plan on winning, you need Los Angeles to take California, hire Gary Aminoff, and Maureen Johnson and at $1 Million dollars (minimum) for your campaign because they know the people and the land.You can win with them

If you rely on Meg Whitman people for California and the Southland, you will lose. 

II)  You have Ron Paul activists on your list of delegates.  All because you trusted Whitman staff, your people could not tell the difference.  They are biding in wait for the Convention.  The next post will go into detail about this.   

III) Invest in RPLAC, There is a a long term game plan for winning.  Do NOT come to Los Angeles strictly to use as an ATM -- we local activists will see you disrespecting us and work on those lower level candidates who remember our names.  Look at how well Whitman did by doing the SAME EXACT THING.

And the Long Term plan for winning? It is called the Machine Memo. I will be discussing it on DaTechGuy's radio show in June.  If you want a copy, follow the complaints above and  have your staff contact me.  We can meet in the Magnolia office and I can give you the Hollywood Pitch on winning Los Angeles.  

Or you can be Dukakis.  Your choice.

Governor Romney, can you hear me? 

Reagan 1984

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Valley Endorsements for Los Angeles June 5th Ballot

While the country will be looking at the WI Recall and TX Senate Primary, I shall be following (at Barney's Beanery in Westwood) what is going on here in the Southland.

Now,  these Endorsements are from the Valley.  For the November Election, I shall promote RPLAC and CRP's list.

The list will go from the Props to the Congressional races to State Assembly (with also the 50th GOP AD members too!).

Before we get started, a tune....

Arcadia, Election Day


Prop 28 -- Changes Term Limits for CA State Legislators to 12 years per Chamber -- NO 
Why? I say get rid of Term limits  -- the people always know best.

Prop 29 -- Cigarette Tax for Cancer Research -- NO
Why? This is a poor tax without any checks or balances on how the money will be spent.

LA Measure H - Adding 2% Hotel Tax to Hotels and Tourists -- NO
Why? Great way to make it harder to visit the Southland.

LA Measure L -- 10% Landfill tax for business' -- NO
Why? How many business' are afraid of opening in Los Angeles because of regulation? This is just one more.

Congressional Races

25th CD: Rep. "Buck" McKeon (i)

26th CD:  State Senator Tony Strickland

27th CD: Jack Orswell

28th CD: Jenny Worman

29th CD: David Hernandez

30th CD: Susan Shelley

31st CD: Rep. Gary Miller (i)

32nd CD: David Miller

33rd CD: Christopher David (**Note: The ONLY GOP candidate running)

34th CD: Stephen Smith

35th CD: No Candidate Running

37th CD: No Candidate Running

38th CD: Jorge Robles

40th CD: No Candidate Running

44th CD: No Candidate Running

47th CD: Gary De Long

CA SEN:  Elizabeth Emken

Los Angeles District Attorney: Alan Jackson

State Assembly Races

AD 41       Donna Lowe

AD 43        Greg Krikorian

AD  44      Jeff  Gorell (i)

AD 45        Chris Kolski

AD 46        Jay Stern

AD 48        Joe Gardner

AD 49        Matthew Lin

AD  50      Brad  Torgan

AD 52        Kenny Coble

AD 53        Jose Trinidad-Aguilar

AD 54        Keith McCowen

AD  55      Curt  Hagman (i)

AD 57        Noel Jaimes

AD 58         Patricia Kotze-Ramos

AD 60         Eric Linder

AD 62         Christine Vinquist

AD 63         Jack Guerrero

AD 70         Martha Flores-Gibson

From RPLAC Endorsement site. 

50th GOP AD Central Committee Members

Vote 28 -- Gary A. Aminoff

Vote 32 -- Leonard M. Lanzi

Vote 34 -- Julia-Anna Kavich

Vote 35 - Scott A. Snapp -- Current member of the Central Committee

Vote 38 - Lillian D. Cavaliari

Vote 39 -- Paul Morgan Fredrix
Vote 40 -- Joseph S. Fein

 Vote on June 5th for all these great candidates!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Christmas in "No Man's Land," WWI 1914
My late father was a Veteran and many of my friends (inside the Goth, Blogger, and Political scenes) spent time giving their life for their country.

The Christmas Peace of 1914 was the last of its kind, but we can get there again.  How? My vision of a Utopian World will be an upcoming post.  As someone who studied the world since the Roman Republic and studied World War One and its aftereffects, military and human nature interact.  To be continued...

Here is the history of Memorial Day, as told by the Department of Veterans Affairs:



And to conclude, here is a scene from the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Watch and understand.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Memorial Day Movies

You will see me at Malediction tomorrow night, dancing in the dark.

Tomorrow, maybe a serious post (or not).

However, there are two posts still in the queue:

1) "Upping Your game!" An Intermediate lesson on Debating Politics Online; and

2) How Liberal Hatred Brought About the Rise of Breitbart.

And as this is Memorial Day weekend (that post is on Monday) -- time to celebrate with some Music, Speeches and Movies:

 First, George C. Scott's Patton Speech

Next, USMC "The President's Own," Performs "The Star Spangled Banner,"

First, A Bridge Too Far (WWII European Operations)

 And finally, Sands Of Iwo Jima (WWII Pacific Operations)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Hart Williams Endorses #BrettKimberlin Methods When it Comes to Political Disagreement

Today is "Blog about Brett Kimberlin day," 

One of my friends, RS McCain, is in hiding with his family for their safety.

And one of the revelations that came today, came from Patterico's Blog. read it and weep:

So, Hart Williams, the Blogger at the Moderate Voice does not care about any of these people because they do not support the same policies he does. 

Hart Williams (the Two on the Right) -- Hart Williams Lost Humanity (Two Pics on Left)
 In one post, he cries about the lack of Bi-partisanship:

There is no rational reason for our society to be tearing itself apart, and yet every indication says that it is. And that leads inevitably to extremely ugly and brutal stuff. BAD IDEA. Do not go there.

While in that self-same post, he mocks Governor Palin (Liberal Misogyny, as mentioned here) and President Reagan.

Hart Williams, you want bi-partisanship with dogs and cats living together? Prove you can do it first.  

And he can't, look at his comment as The Moderate Voice:

So, Hart Williams is fine with the tactics of SWATing a Blogger with differing opinions and also threatening a family member of a Blogger at her job.  

It is safe to say that Mr. Williams has become what he despised, a True Hater.  

Remember this next time someone cries for Bi-partisanship and point to Hart Williams as proof that Democrats and Liberals don't care if Conservatives (and their friends and families) live or die.  

My question: Why does Hart Williams endorse Brett Kimberlin's tactics against those he disagrees? 

Update 11:04 PST: It seems Hart Williams does not deny he Endorses Brett Kimberlin's methods.  In his Post update, Hart Williams is only upset that people are sympathizing with my friend and Patterico.   Shame on you Hart Williams.   

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Presidential Enemies Lists, Misogyny and Drone Attacks -- IOKIYAD

Once upon a time....

...Democrats in Congress went after a President who had an Enemies list because it was wrong....

...Liberals protested air wars and anonymous deaths from above because it was once important to change countries to democracies....

And NOW would stand up against misogyny wherever and whomever was attacked...

Like any story of how the Past is Another Country, so too are Liberals on these three issues. 

Let's take them one at a time:

I. Leftist Misogyny

Yesterday, SE Cupp was put in some faked photos in Hustler because she was a Conservative. 

Less then two years ago, Playboy had an article on "Hate F*cking Conservative Women,"

And Bill Maher continues to attack Conservative Women with no step up by anyone.(Does anyone in HBO care that Republican women are attacked? I guess not!)

Where is NOW?

Sending 7 protesters to go against Rush Limbaugh!

If you don't believe Liberal Misogyny exists, ask Former Governor Palin.  Heck, ask any Liberal to say something nice about Governor Palin and misogyny comes out.

And they call themselves the "tolerant," ones.

II. Drones or Anonymous death from Above 

There is a question that has been on many partisan lips since 1/21/09 -- where did the Anti-war movement go?

Simple, they were not anti-war, they were Anti-Republican.  

Even though President Bush rid the Middle East of a dictator and tried to establish Democracy (as FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and Carter all supported), the Democrats in the streets took the side of  the Dictator during the last Administration.  

Drones are being used because Democrats only want to use Special Forces, not the regular military.

If I remember correctly, Al Queda made fun of the fact we bombed anonymously from above.  And during the 60's, the anti-war protests were about stopping anonymous bombs from landing on innocents.

As the saying above goes, IOKIYAD or It's OK if you're a Democrat.

No anti-war protests and no follow up on whatever happens on the ground.  

Expect blow back from this real soon.

III. Enemies Lists

This is simple:

Either the Democrats were lying how bad Enemies lists were in 1973-74 or they are lying today how its OK or, shall I say it again, IOKIYAD.

I expect no answer on this.  But as long as Democrats need Emmanuel Goldstein's, Democrats will always have enemies lists.

Soon, I'm sure my name will be made into an Emmanuel Goldstein.  Just wait and watch.

My question:  Do Democrats stand for anything? Or as long as it hurts Republicans, IOKIYAD? 

Why is KPFK a 501c3 Non-Profit when it supports Progressive candidates and Domestic Terrorists Like #BrettKimberlin?

This is a tale that has many angles, but follow me.

First, it starts with my friend, Robert McCain being forced to leave his home because a Domestic terrorist of the Left, Brett Kimberlin, threatened his wife's work.

Then the story moves to Los Angeles where there is a tie between Brett Kimberlin and a radio host named Brad Friedman and KPFK's so-called 501c3 status;

And it also ties into a tale with another Right leaning Blogger, Aaron Worthing.

Ready? Let's go!

It starts with an Andrew Breitbart tweet, not long before he died.

Two weeks ago, Aaron Worthing did a post exposing Brett Kimberlin's past as a domestic bomber who was sentenced, then paroled.  After a few years working with Brad Friedman, he also engaged with harassing different Right leaning blogger.

This led to the investigations that would make 60 Minutes proud (If 60 Minutes, Newsweek or HBO still talked truth to power when the Left is involved).

After the post by Worthing, Kimberlin went to Worthing's bank and tried to do something illegal in his name (even though Kimberlin was not Worthing) -- read that story here.

This got picked up by many Bloggers on the Right (especially those who were harassed by Kimberlin and his partner in crime, Neil Rauhauser).  It also turned out that George Soros (that name again!) and Barbra Streisand gave funds to Kimberlin's 501c3.  That worked on Progressive causes.

Now, what, I'm sure you're asking is a 501c3?

And finally, look at this:

KPFK, using Brad Friedman's work (to discourage voting),and Ian Masters (to support President Obama) and Sonali Kolhatkher (ditto) and many other radio hosts promote and support Progressive candidates and causes is going against the rules of the IRS' 501c3. Brad Friedman has Blogged with serial harasser and former domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin. 

It is time for Rep. Issa (R-CA) of the Governmental Affairs Committee to ask why does KPFK and Pacifica Radio deserve tax-exempt status when they outright campaign for President Obama and Occupy Wall Street?

It is time for KPFK to stop hiding behind its 501c3 and become what it truly is: a 503c4.

It is also time for Tina Brown of Newsweek to highlight this dangerous element within the Left known as Brett Kimberlin;

And it is time for all Right leaning (and hopefully Left Leaning too) to stand up against harassment of Bloggers.  (I doubt the Left Bloggers will, but one can hope.)

My question: Why has the Major Media ignored this domestic Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin and the damage he has done to people? And why is KPFK still a 501c3 when they campaign for Progressives throughout most of the day?

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Saturday Night Movie Night -- Fistful of Dollars and Last Man Standing

I am in the midst of writing a few things (here in the Valley and in Real Time) -- so, since I'm in a Akira Kurosawa mood, allow me to introduce two remakes of Yojimbo.

The first movie is Clint Eastwood in a Fistful of Dollars; This is the beginning of the famous trilogy that leads to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The second movie stars Bruce Willis in a 1920's Border town following the same route as Eastwood in the above movie. It is called Last Man Standing.

And this week, I will look at a few things:

1)  Democrats and Presidential Enemies lists -- IOKIYAD;

2)  Drone Warfare -- again, IOKIYAD;

3) The Psychological change of the Right and how Brietbart became Our North Star (Hint: Look at how Bush fils and Palin were/are treated);

4) Modern media, not "Speaking Truth to Power," when a Democrat sits in the Oval Office; and

5) "Up your game!" in Political Arguments -- a "How to" for those who claim Righteousness before ever conceding anything. (A very Liberal trait -- not even Social Conservatives do this to me.)

Now enjoy the double feature.  See you tomorrow.

First, a tune:

Styx, Mr. Roboto

A Fistful of Dollars (1964)

Last Man Standing (1996)

And if you're really curious, read this!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

President Obama is NOT Spending Political Capital on Gay Rights

When you live among Actors, musicians, and Below the Line folk, it's easy to see something being "staged,"

Vice President Biden did know what he was saying; President Obama "evolved," (long after most RPLAC and CAGOP people I know) on the issue of Gay Marriage.  And then Andrew Sullivan did a puff piece for Newsweek on President Obama (Heck, when does Andrew Sullivan ever stop praising Democrats? Never).

All right before a $15 Million dollar fundraiser in Studio City (I had to be at a funeral of an American Hero that day in the OC); And wow, the funds, that stopped flowing from Wall Street started flowing from Hollywood.

Let's wind the clocks back a bit:

I voted No on 8 because I believe that every consenting adult has a right "to pursue happiness," 

State Senator, then Senator, then President Obama has been all over the map -- I have always kept that statement above as a guiding force in my Political beliefs.  (As a Goth, there are many intersecting worlds, some of them NSFW on this Blog, but I protect my friends who all go about their business [and pleasure] with other consenting adults/ rant over).

But here's the secret that President Obama won't tell you:

He won't risk his poll numbers for Gay Rights.
He won't risk Democratic seats for Gay Rights; And
President Obama will not spend Political Capital on Gay Rights either.

Listen to this Reggae tune from Ghetto Priest and RiRa (from the movie Johnny Was):

Here are some of the back beat lyrics sung by RiRa:

"Clean up your image,
when the mirror reflects,
now you try to correct,
what the mirror rejects,
to show your face,
When you stick out your neck..."

The day before President Obama "evolved," (to where most of RPLAC and CAGOP and I was), the Social Conservatives of North Carolina voted 61% for Amendment 1, denying Gay Marriage in that state.  

That is the same state as the Democratic National Convention this year.  

In other words, President Obama is not spending political capital to help Gays in the Democratic party,.  

Political capital is what a politician spends when he wants to support an issue.

Since President Obama "evolved," what bills has he given to Congress? What has he done against North Carolina? To quote the Beatles: We'd all love to see the plan.

NO-THING! And President Obama will continue to do NO-THING because Democrats (especially Hollywood Democrats) thrive on words, not deeds. 

Here is a suggestion for Gays if you want to change things:

Follow the Jews. 

What do I mean?

We Jews have a presence in both parties, Democratic and Republican -- when you extend your reach into both parties, your concerns get listened to.  Be a supplicant to one party then anger the other party means your votes can be taken for granted. (there is a sequel to this, keep reading the Valley).

Trust me, Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage should not represent your political interests.

My question: Why does the Gay and Hollywood Left fall for words and not deeds from their Elected officials?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Walk back to the Blog Slowly...

First off, thanks to The Other McCain, Smitty, Wombat, and DaTechGuy for helping with the Emergency Spring Bleg (there will be a non-emergency Fall Bleg later on in the Valley).  Now, I'm working on one of the debts tomorrow (car related) -- so, I guess its time to stop being a layabout and write again.

And whilst I write, here is music and a movie.

AC/DC -- It's a Long way to the Top (if you want to Rock and Roll)

And now, the movie:

 The Royal Tennebaums (2001)

See you at the next post!

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Valley Needs to Raise $800 (Or the Spring Bleg)

Sorry to interrupt Charity week (Freedom House/ Fisher House) -- but the Valley is in need of help.

As Los Angeles looks to raise funds through car tickets, and not business' and as I am in the midst of a campaign, the Valley needs funds or I will be caught short this month.

Please donate here.

The Parking ticket is $225 
(which will help me get my Parking registration: $428)
The Political mailings is $250 
And I need some funds left over to help with any outstanding bills this month.

Again, please donate any amount here.

The best possible scenario is to raise $1,000 for this month (and this month only) --
the second best is to raise $700 - $800. 

And I need to raise these funds before Monday 5/14. 

Finally, please donate any amount here.

Thanks in advance for all your help.
5:10PM PST Thanks Richard M. for your donation!
5:14 PM PST: RS has stepped up to the plate. Thanks!
5:33PM PST Thank you Mike A. for your help!

==So far I have raised $50, only $750 more to go.  Thanks for your help===

7:26 PM: And a biiiig Thanks to Smitty! ==$700 to go!===
7:40 PM PST: Thank you Robert B.  for your donation!

5/13/12 10:19PM PST: The Bleg is only $600 dollars away from finishing.  Thanks in advance for all your help.

If you have a problem with the links within the post,
go to the sidebar ====> and hit  [DONATE]


Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Moderation Did Not End with Senator Luger; It Ended in 2006

First, this is Charity week in the Valley:

Please donate to Freedom House and/or Fisher House. 

Tonight, the same old, same old concern trolls are saying with Senator Luger losing the Indiana Primary means the end of Moderation.

What I see are the same folks who spent 8 years attacking President Bush (R) for getting rid of a dictator, and then not endorsing Moderate Republican Senator John McCain and attacking Establishment reformer Governor Sarah Palin, now whining about the lack of Moderation from the Right (Note: Hart Williams will never click those links).

Allow me to have an ironic laugh.

When did bi-partisanship die?

In 2006, when the Left kicked out Senator Lieberman for working across the aisle with President Bush, bi-partisanship died in the Democratic Primary.

And for those who whinged about how the GOP started opposing President Obama on the first day?

Let me remind you how "classy" the Left treated President Bush on his exit from the Political stage:

I bet the call from the Minority leader of the House and to the Minority Leader of the Senate went off immediately, after learning, even though the Democrats won, they had no class about it.

Think of Winston Churchill's post World War II quote (learned from the lessons of WWI):

“In war, Resolution; 

In defeat, Defiance; 

In victory, Magnanimity;

In Peace, Goodwill,”

Elections are wars, Governing (Odd number) years are times when the victors are supposed to be able to trash their opponents in public, but work with them in private Pelosi is well known on the Hill for doing the former but not the latter (and that's why she lost the House).

You want bi-partisanship and things to move in politics again?

Here are a quick couple of rules you on the Left should follow:

1) Stop turning our Electeds and Others into Emmanuel Goldstein (the Vorpal Sword Blog thrives on needing an Emmanuel Goldstein) -- they are human, just like your candidates.  When you forget that, you prove Orwell's INGSOC is the Democratic Party. 

2) Prove to the Right that you will not renege on deals (that happened in Reagan's era and we have been wary ever since) and allow us to save face in public -- we might actually believe you next time; and

3) During the Bush II era, Democrats cheered Ahamadinijad and Chavez at the UN over their own President.  Karma has a way working against you if you forget.  What Democrats believed in the Bush I era (Democracy Overseas is a good thing) switched in the Bush II era (Negotiate with Dictators will stop wars from happening - to hell with the dictator's population, right?) -- and in the Obama era, all War and military excursions are forgiven.  That's why no Republican should ever cross the aisle, Democrats care about Power first, America second.

When the Democrats look in the mirror and acknowledge they are fallible too, then bi-partisanship will rise again.  All I can say is, bring back the Tip O'Neill Democrats. 

My question: Did the Democrats think that throwing out Senator Liberman for working across party lines occurred in a vacuum?  And why is a Paranoid Blogger like Hart Williams on the Moderate Voice?

(Here's a hint Hart: Opposition does not mean Treason, we learned that during the Bush Administration -- you don't like it? Step up and show the GOP should act in opposition (when you deal with any Republican). I know you can't do it. 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Charity Week Begins with Many of Odd Nature!

Charity week normally occurs during Easter/Passover but because there was some family issues going on at that time, I forgot. 

So, this week, attached to every Blog post will be an ask for two of my favorite charities:

Freedom House: Founded by Eleanor Roosevelt to support the creation of Democracy Overseas (as opposed to Dictatorships and Failed States); and

Fisher House: A place for families of Wounded Soldiers can stay near their son or daughter who was hurt in the field.

The Valley is pleased to support both groups. 

Please donate (Freedom House and Fisher House)!

And finally, to kick off this week with a bang!

Here is where I will be next week:

If you haven't heard of Many of Odd Nature, trust me, you will.

Please donate to Freedom House and Fisher House.

And now, listen to the next BIG thing, Many of Odd Nature:

Many of Odd Nature, Wolf vs. Moon

Saturday Night Movie Night -- 'Salems Lot

In honor of the Moon tonight, a classic horror movie that scared me when I was young.

It is Stephen King's 'Salem's Lot directed by Tobe Hooper (Of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame).  It showed that if Hollywood basically follows the book, the story is much better on screen. 

Tomorrow night, I will be headed to Malediction and next week (which I will promote in the Valley), I will be seeing my friend Charly's band, Many of Odd Nature. If you are a reader of the Valley, find me there. 

One of the posts I will do this week will be about Musicians and Politicians; The rest, I will see where the tide takes me (I still owe a post about Super Tuesday to Newt's exit -- it's coming)

Now, before the show, enjoy some music:

Concrete Blonde, Bloodletting (Or the Vampire Song)

And now, 'Salems Lot....

'Salems Lot (1979), Part 1

'Salems Lot, Part 2

Friday, May 04, 2012

For a Party that wants the "Youth," Vote, why do Democrats Have Older then Dirt Candidates?

Every election year, the media and the Democrats sing the same tune:

We are the party for the Young!

But, looking at California Democrats (and Democratic Party incumbents in the House and Senate), they do not let the younger candidates move up (Presidential Candidates are an Outlier, Congress is my measuring stick).

Let's look at the old faces of the Democratic House Leadership:

(R-L) Democratic Whip Hoyer, 72; Assistant Whip Lewis, 72; Minority leader Pelosi, 71; Assistant Leader Clyburn, 71

Now let's see the Republican Leadership of the House:

(R-L) Republican Whip McCarthy, 47; Majority Leader Cantor, 48; Speaker Boehner, 62

And here are Democratic Candidates in the basin:

Rep. Berman, 71, running in the San Fernando valley
Rep. Maxine Waters, 73, running in South Los Angeles
Rep. Waxman, 72, running for the Westside
As we move closer to June 5th, I will give you the Republicans to compare them to.  Here is a hint: each one of them is young enough to understand the current technological world we live in and know how to help Los Angeles become the City of the Future again. 

Ask yourself this: Why don't Democrats allow their younger members to run things, yet Republicans do? Who is really the youth party? 

And a final question: Could you imagine any Democrat walking into Ruin to campaign?  I THINK NOT.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

You're Doing it Wrong 2: Social Conservatives

I just returned from a great SFVRC meeting, found a parking spot (yes, this is LA -- important thing) and just cooked some damn good pasta, then I read the Memorandum feed. 

The only thing I have to say is this:

Frisky Dingo, Xander Crews saying "G-d Dammit!

 Richard Grenell worked under John Bolton and with President George W. Bush and unlike David Frum, still maintained his Conservative credentials.

Social Conservatives, let me tell you a little secret about Republicans in Los Angeles:

The GOP 50th Assembly District Committee, which include a position I am running for, includes some Gay Republicans on the ballot.  You know why?  Because the 50th includes Beverly Hills (where Governor, then President Ronald Reagan lived) and West Hollywood. 

View 50th Assembly District in a larger map

Now, if you want a longer term majority in the House and the Senate (and win 270 Electoral Votes via California which is what I was working on tonight at the meeting!), we in Los Angeles have to campaign in places like West Hollywood and Venice Beach.

That's the secret.  I just felt all the work I did earlier was upended by you Social Conservatives (I haven't endorsed Romney yet, I am putting that post together -- but time to stand as one).

Now, one of my friends and favorite Bloggers is Dan Blatt of GayPatriot -- he saw how sometimes the National Log Cabin would work against the GOP, thus they formed GOProudLoyalty to Party counts first and foremost and what you Social Conservatives did was put Loyalty second.

If you Social Conservatives wish to attack, attack Andrew Sullivan for his misogyny against Palin and his anti-Israel stances, attack Dan Savage for being an asshole, but if someone is Gay and in the GOP -- the Rule of Loyalty applies -- support any Gay Republican if they support us. 

Here is how I feel right now:

Planet of the Apes (1968) Ending

Social Conservatives -- stop playing Dr. Zaius and remember to win in November, we have to act like Taylor, fighting to the last.

My question: Will Social Conservatives stop attacking Gay Republicans? Please? 

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

May 2012 Tip Jar (Yes, another Gothy Muse!)

It's May 1st, so thank you for all your donations to the Valley.  Please keep them coming. 

As always,I need to raise $300 from the Tip jar.  However, later on this month will be Charity, then a Bleg for the summer.  Thanks for all your help. 

Again, please hit the Tip Jar.

As this is also the first of the month, I also bring you a Gothic Muse -- way cooler then any other Rule 5 girl you will see.  I speak from experience; meet me at almost any Goth club in LA (Ruin, Malediction, Warlock, Bar Sin) and you will see Muses walking all over the place.  Some of them even dance with me.  

And now we go to an Original Gothy Muse: the Great Bettie Page.  Many Goth girls imitate her style. 

Before you enjoy the pictures, hit the Tip Jar! Thanks!

Magazine Cover
Playboy picture (WOW!)

With a Whip!

Bettie on the Beach
Playing with her hair

Drawing by Olivia
Classic photo.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. 

Please hit the Tip Jar!


If you get hurt in a Los Angeles May Day Protest, go ask Alan Minsky for Help with your Medical Bills

May Day means two things:

1) An international radio telephone signal word used by aircraft and ships in distress; and

2) International Workers day -- a time for protests and melee's.

And if there is anyone hurt, wounded or worse, the populace of Los Angeles can blame their City Council and Alan Minsky for promoting it.

Here is the map for May Day in LA:

View M1GS Master Map in a larger map

What comes next?  Fire and brimstone.

What "The Four Winds," want to Achieve
So, this message is to my Blogger friends on the Right, and all Republican candidates running in the basin and of course, RPLAC members:

If there is anyone hurt or worse, blame this on Alan Minsky at KPFK, Mayor Villaraigosa and the Los Angeles Democratic party for allowing chaos to reign in the streets  

The Roman Republic shuddered when Mobs ran through the streets -- the Empire followed after the Mobs were quelled.  This is what Progressives want.

My question: Why don't Liberal, Progressives and KPFK want to work within the system rather then try to destroy it? 

Stay safe tomorrow. 


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