Friday, May 04, 2012

For a Party that wants the "Youth," Vote, why do Democrats Have Older then Dirt Candidates?

Every election year, the media and the Democrats sing the same tune:

We are the party for the Young!

But, looking at California Democrats (and Democratic Party incumbents in the House and Senate), they do not let the younger candidates move up (Presidential Candidates are an Outlier, Congress is my measuring stick).

Let's look at the old faces of the Democratic House Leadership:

(R-L) Democratic Whip Hoyer, 72; Assistant Whip Lewis, 72; Minority leader Pelosi, 71; Assistant Leader Clyburn, 71

Now let's see the Republican Leadership of the House:

(R-L) Republican Whip McCarthy, 47; Majority Leader Cantor, 48; Speaker Boehner, 62

And here are Democratic Candidates in the basin:

Rep. Berman, 71, running in the San Fernando valley
Rep. Maxine Waters, 73, running in South Los Angeles
Rep. Waxman, 72, running for the Westside
As we move closer to June 5th, I will give you the Republicans to compare them to.  Here is a hint: each one of them is young enough to understand the current technological world we live in and know how to help Los Angeles become the City of the Future again. 

Ask yourself this: Why don't Democrats allow their younger members to run things, yet Republicans do? Who is really the youth party? 

And a final question: Could you imagine any Democrat walking into Ruin to campaign?  I THINK NOT.

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  1. Back in 2006, I noticed the geriatric face that Democrats put on their party of youth, too. I posted a partial roll call back then, and again in 2010.


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