Friday, May 25, 2012

Hart Williams Endorses #BrettKimberlin Methods When it Comes to Political Disagreement

Today is "Blog about Brett Kimberlin day," 

One of my friends, RS McCain, is in hiding with his family for their safety.

And one of the revelations that came today, came from Patterico's Blog. read it and weep:

So, Hart Williams, the Blogger at the Moderate Voice does not care about any of these people because they do not support the same policies he does. 

Hart Williams (the Two on the Right) -- Hart Williams Lost Humanity (Two Pics on Left)
 In one post, he cries about the lack of Bi-partisanship:

There is no rational reason for our society to be tearing itself apart, and yet every indication says that it is. And that leads inevitably to extremely ugly and brutal stuff. BAD IDEA. Do not go there.

While in that self-same post, he mocks Governor Palin (Liberal Misogyny, as mentioned here) and President Reagan.

Hart Williams, you want bi-partisanship with dogs and cats living together? Prove you can do it first.  

And he can't, look at his comment as The Moderate Voice:

So, Hart Williams is fine with the tactics of SWATing a Blogger with differing opinions and also threatening a family member of a Blogger at her job.  

It is safe to say that Mr. Williams has become what he despised, a True Hater.  

Remember this next time someone cries for Bi-partisanship and point to Hart Williams as proof that Democrats and Liberals don't care if Conservatives (and their friends and families) live or die.  

My question: Why does Hart Williams endorse Brett Kimberlin's tactics against those he disagrees? 

Update 11:04 PST: It seems Hart Williams does not deny he Endorses Brett Kimberlin's methods.  In his Post update, Hart Williams is only upset that people are sympathizing with my friend and Patterico.   Shame on you Hart Williams.   

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    - Hart Wms.


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