Thursday, May 24, 2012

Presidential Enemies Lists, Misogyny and Drone Attacks -- IOKIYAD

Once upon a time....

...Democrats in Congress went after a President who had an Enemies list because it was wrong....

...Liberals protested air wars and anonymous deaths from above because it was once important to change countries to democracies....

And NOW would stand up against misogyny wherever and whomever was attacked...

Like any story of how the Past is Another Country, so too are Liberals on these three issues. 

Let's take them one at a time:

I. Leftist Misogyny

Yesterday, SE Cupp was put in some faked photos in Hustler because she was a Conservative. 

Less then two years ago, Playboy had an article on "Hate F*cking Conservative Women,"

And Bill Maher continues to attack Conservative Women with no step up by anyone.(Does anyone in HBO care that Republican women are attacked? I guess not!)

Where is NOW?

Sending 7 protesters to go against Rush Limbaugh!

If you don't believe Liberal Misogyny exists, ask Former Governor Palin.  Heck, ask any Liberal to say something nice about Governor Palin and misogyny comes out.

And they call themselves the "tolerant," ones.

II. Drones or Anonymous death from Above 

There is a question that has been on many partisan lips since 1/21/09 -- where did the Anti-war movement go?

Simple, they were not anti-war, they were Anti-Republican.  

Even though President Bush rid the Middle East of a dictator and tried to establish Democracy (as FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ and Carter all supported), the Democrats in the streets took the side of  the Dictator during the last Administration.  

Drones are being used because Democrats only want to use Special Forces, not the regular military.

If I remember correctly, Al Queda made fun of the fact we bombed anonymously from above.  And during the 60's, the anti-war protests were about stopping anonymous bombs from landing on innocents.

As the saying above goes, IOKIYAD or It's OK if you're a Democrat.

No anti-war protests and no follow up on whatever happens on the ground.  

Expect blow back from this real soon.

III. Enemies Lists

This is simple:

Either the Democrats were lying how bad Enemies lists were in 1973-74 or they are lying today how its OK or, shall I say it again, IOKIYAD.

I expect no answer on this.  But as long as Democrats need Emmanuel Goldstein's, Democrats will always have enemies lists.

Soon, I'm sure my name will be made into an Emmanuel Goldstein.  Just wait and watch.

My question:  Do Democrats stand for anything? Or as long as it hurts Republicans, IOKIYAD? 

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