Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Moderation Did Not End with Senator Luger; It Ended in 2006

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Tonight, the same old, same old concern trolls are saying with Senator Luger losing the Indiana Primary means the end of Moderation.

What I see are the same folks who spent 8 years attacking President Bush (R) for getting rid of a dictator, and then not endorsing Moderate Republican Senator John McCain and attacking Establishment reformer Governor Sarah Palin, now whining about the lack of Moderation from the Right (Note: Hart Williams will never click those links).

Allow me to have an ironic laugh.

When did bi-partisanship die?

In 2006, when the Left kicked out Senator Lieberman for working across the aisle with President Bush, bi-partisanship died in the Democratic Primary.

And for those who whinged about how the GOP started opposing President Obama on the first day?

Let me remind you how "classy" the Left treated President Bush on his exit from the Political stage:

I bet the call from the Minority leader of the House and to the Minority Leader of the Senate went off immediately, after learning, even though the Democrats won, they had no class about it.

Think of Winston Churchill's post World War II quote (learned from the lessons of WWI):

“In war, Resolution; 

In defeat, Defiance; 

In victory, Magnanimity;

In Peace, Goodwill,”

Elections are wars, Governing (Odd number) years are times when the victors are supposed to be able to trash their opponents in public, but work with them in private Pelosi is well known on the Hill for doing the former but not the latter (and that's why she lost the House).

You want bi-partisanship and things to move in politics again?

Here are a quick couple of rules you on the Left should follow:

1) Stop turning our Electeds and Others into Emmanuel Goldstein (the Vorpal Sword Blog thrives on needing an Emmanuel Goldstein) -- they are human, just like your candidates.  When you forget that, you prove Orwell's INGSOC is the Democratic Party. 

2) Prove to the Right that you will not renege on deals (that happened in Reagan's era and we have been wary ever since) and allow us to save face in public -- we might actually believe you next time; and

3) During the Bush II era, Democrats cheered Ahamadinijad and Chavez at the UN over their own President.  Karma has a way working against you if you forget.  What Democrats believed in the Bush I era (Democracy Overseas is a good thing) switched in the Bush II era (Negotiate with Dictators will stop wars from happening - to hell with the dictator's population, right?) -- and in the Obama era, all War and military excursions are forgiven.  That's why no Republican should ever cross the aisle, Democrats care about Power first, America second.

When the Democrats look in the mirror and acknowledge they are fallible too, then bi-partisanship will rise again.  All I can say is, bring back the Tip O'Neill Democrats. 

My question: Did the Democrats think that throwing out Senator Liberman for working across party lines occurred in a vacuum?  And why is a Paranoid Blogger like Hart Williams on the Moderate Voice?

(Here's a hint Hart: Opposition does not mean Treason, we learned that during the Bush Administration -- you don't like it? Step up and show the GOP should act in opposition (when you deal with any Republican). I know you can't do it. 

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