Thursday, May 17, 2012

President Obama is NOT Spending Political Capital on Gay Rights

When you live among Actors, musicians, and Below the Line folk, it's easy to see something being "staged,"

Vice President Biden did know what he was saying; President Obama "evolved," (long after most RPLAC and CAGOP people I know) on the issue of Gay Marriage.  And then Andrew Sullivan did a puff piece for Newsweek on President Obama (Heck, when does Andrew Sullivan ever stop praising Democrats? Never).

All right before a $15 Million dollar fundraiser in Studio City (I had to be at a funeral of an American Hero that day in the OC); And wow, the funds, that stopped flowing from Wall Street started flowing from Hollywood.

Let's wind the clocks back a bit:

I voted No on 8 because I believe that every consenting adult has a right "to pursue happiness," 

State Senator, then Senator, then President Obama has been all over the map -- I have always kept that statement above as a guiding force in my Political beliefs.  (As a Goth, there are many intersecting worlds, some of them NSFW on this Blog, but I protect my friends who all go about their business [and pleasure] with other consenting adults/ rant over).

But here's the secret that President Obama won't tell you:

He won't risk his poll numbers for Gay Rights.
He won't risk Democratic seats for Gay Rights; And
President Obama will not spend Political Capital on Gay Rights either.

Listen to this Reggae tune from Ghetto Priest and RiRa (from the movie Johnny Was):

Here are some of the back beat lyrics sung by RiRa:

"Clean up your image,
when the mirror reflects,
now you try to correct,
what the mirror rejects,
to show your face,
When you stick out your neck..."

The day before President Obama "evolved," (to where most of RPLAC and CAGOP and I was), the Social Conservatives of North Carolina voted 61% for Amendment 1, denying Gay Marriage in that state.  

That is the same state as the Democratic National Convention this year.  

In other words, President Obama is not spending political capital to help Gays in the Democratic party,.  

Political capital is what a politician spends when he wants to support an issue.

Since President Obama "evolved," what bills has he given to Congress? What has he done against North Carolina? To quote the Beatles: We'd all love to see the plan.

NO-THING! And President Obama will continue to do NO-THING because Democrats (especially Hollywood Democrats) thrive on words, not deeds. 

Here is a suggestion for Gays if you want to change things:

Follow the Jews. 

What do I mean?

We Jews have a presence in both parties, Democratic and Republican -- when you extend your reach into both parties, your concerns get listened to.  Be a supplicant to one party then anger the other party means your votes can be taken for granted. (there is a sequel to this, keep reading the Valley).

Trust me, Andrew Sullivan and Dan Savage should not represent your political interests.

My question: Why does the Gay and Hollywood Left fall for words and not deeds from their Elected officials?

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