Tuesday, May 01, 2012

If you get hurt in a Los Angeles May Day Protest, go ask Alan Minsky for Help with your Medical Bills

May Day means two things:

1) An international radio telephone signal word used by aircraft and ships in distress; and

2) International Workers day -- a time for protests and melee's.

And if there is anyone hurt, wounded or worse, the populace of Los Angeles can blame their City Council and Alan Minsky for promoting it.

Here is the map for May Day in LA:

View M1GS Master Map in a larger map

What comes next?  Fire and brimstone.

What "The Four Winds," want to Achieve
So, this message is to my Blogger friends on the Right, and all Republican candidates running in the basin and of course, RPLAC members:

If there is anyone hurt or worse, blame this on Alan Minsky at KPFK, Mayor Villaraigosa and the Los Angeles Democratic party for allowing chaos to reign in the streets  

The Roman Republic shuddered when Mobs ran through the streets -- the Empire followed after the Mobs were quelled.  This is what Progressives want.

My question: Why don't Liberal, Progressives and KPFK want to work within the system rather then try to destroy it? 

Stay safe tomorrow. 

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