Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Many Mistakes of Mitt Romney in the Southland (#1: Hiring Maya Buki)

Reagan 1980

Governor Romney (R-MA) could be in a 1980 Election as a winner or he can play Dukakis of 1988 -- right now, Romney is making foolish mistakes on an area that helped catapulted Ronald Reagan to Victory in 1980 and 1984:

So, in a bid of goodwill, Governor Romney, here are some mistakes on how you are working the Southland.  Read to the end.

I) Why, oh why did you hire Meg Whitman staff for your campaign?  Election 2010 was a Tidal year and the Whitman staff had no clue how to deal with Los Angeles (or deal with a simple Political mistake by the candidate).  I had a plan to help bring Los Angeles into the Electoral fold called the Southland Fundraiser.  

If you met The Other McCain, he was working with me to help bring new media to Old School Politics and it could have worked.  Maya Buki did not even had the courtesy to call me herself.  She had Ryan Panzerello, the former political Director, to cancel it off (before she fired him).  

No outside the box thinking from that crew.  In fact, the Whitman crew knew less about Los Angeles then some of us "Local Yokels," If you really plan on winning, you need Los Angeles to take California, hire Gary Aminoff, and Maureen Johnson and at $1 Million dollars (minimum) for your campaign because they know the people and the land.You can win with them

If you rely on Meg Whitman people for California and the Southland, you will lose. 

II)  You have Ron Paul activists on your list of delegates.  All because you trusted Whitman staff, your people could not tell the difference.  They are biding in wait for the Convention.  The next post will go into detail about this.   

III) Invest in RPLAC, There is a a long term game plan for winning.  Do NOT come to Los Angeles strictly to use as an ATM -- we local activists will see you disrespecting us and work on those lower level candidates who remember our names.  Look at how well Whitman did by doing the SAME EXACT THING.

And the Long Term plan for winning? It is called the Machine Memo. I will be discussing it on DaTechGuy's radio show in June.  If you want a copy, follow the complaints above and  have your staff contact me.  We can meet in the Magnolia office and I can give you the Hollywood Pitch on winning Los Angeles.  

Or you can be Dukakis.  Your choice.

Governor Romney, can you hear me? 

Reagan 1984

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