Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why is KPFK a 501c3 Non-Profit when it supports Progressive candidates and Domestic Terrorists Like #BrettKimberlin?

This is a tale that has many angles, but follow me.

First, it starts with my friend, Robert McCain being forced to leave his home because a Domestic terrorist of the Left, Brett Kimberlin, threatened his wife's work.

Then the story moves to Los Angeles where there is a tie between Brett Kimberlin and a radio host named Brad Friedman and KPFK's so-called 501c3 status;

And it also ties into a tale with another Right leaning Blogger, Aaron Worthing.

Ready? Let's go!

It starts with an Andrew Breitbart tweet, not long before he died.

Two weeks ago, Aaron Worthing did a post exposing Brett Kimberlin's past as a domestic bomber who was sentenced, then paroled.  After a few years working with Brad Friedman, he also engaged with harassing different Right leaning blogger.

This led to the investigations that would make 60 Minutes proud (If 60 Minutes, Newsweek or HBO still talked truth to power when the Left is involved).

After the post by Worthing, Kimberlin went to Worthing's bank and tried to do something illegal in his name (even though Kimberlin was not Worthing) -- read that story here.

This got picked up by many Bloggers on the Right (especially those who were harassed by Kimberlin and his partner in crime, Neil Rauhauser).  It also turned out that George Soros (that name again!) and Barbra Streisand gave funds to Kimberlin's 501c3.  That worked on Progressive causes.

Now, what, I'm sure you're asking is a 501c3?

And finally, look at this:

KPFK, using Brad Friedman's work (to discourage voting),and Ian Masters (to support President Obama) and Sonali Kolhatkher (ditto) and many other radio hosts promote and support Progressive candidates and causes is going against the rules of the IRS' 501c3. Brad Friedman has Blogged with serial harasser and former domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin. 

It is time for Rep. Issa (R-CA) of the Governmental Affairs Committee to ask why does KPFK and Pacifica Radio deserve tax-exempt status when they outright campaign for President Obama and Occupy Wall Street?

It is time for KPFK to stop hiding behind its 501c3 and become what it truly is: a 503c4.

It is also time for Tina Brown of Newsweek to highlight this dangerous element within the Left known as Brett Kimberlin;

And it is time for all Right leaning (and hopefully Left Leaning too) to stand up against harassment of Bloggers.  (I doubt the Left Bloggers will, but one can hope.)

My question: Why has the Major Media ignored this domestic Terrorist, Brett Kimberlin and the damage he has done to people? And why is KPFK still a 501c3 when they campaign for Progressives throughout most of the day?

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