Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Valley Endorsements for Los Angeles June 5th Ballot

While the country will be looking at the WI Recall and TX Senate Primary, I shall be following (at Barney's Beanery in Westwood) what is going on here in the Southland.

Now,  these Endorsements are from the Valley.  For the November Election, I shall promote RPLAC and CRP's list.

The list will go from the Props to the Congressional races to State Assembly (with also the 50th GOP AD members too!).

Before we get started, a tune....

Arcadia, Election Day


Prop 28 -- Changes Term Limits for CA State Legislators to 12 years per Chamber -- NO 
Why? I say get rid of Term limits  -- the people always know best.

Prop 29 -- Cigarette Tax for Cancer Research -- NO
Why? This is a poor tax without any checks or balances on how the money will be spent.

LA Measure H - Adding 2% Hotel Tax to Hotels and Tourists -- NO
Why? Great way to make it harder to visit the Southland.

LA Measure L -- 10% Landfill tax for business' -- NO
Why? How many business' are afraid of opening in Los Angeles because of regulation? This is just one more.

Congressional Races

25th CD: Rep. "Buck" McKeon (i)

26th CD:  State Senator Tony Strickland

27th CD: Jack Orswell

28th CD: Jenny Worman

29th CD: David Hernandez

30th CD: Susan Shelley

31st CD: Rep. Gary Miller (i)

32nd CD: David Miller

33rd CD: Christopher David (**Note: The ONLY GOP candidate running)

34th CD: Stephen Smith

35th CD: No Candidate Running

37th CD: No Candidate Running

38th CD: Jorge Robles

40th CD: No Candidate Running

44th CD: No Candidate Running

47th CD: Gary De Long

CA SEN:  Elizabeth Emken

Los Angeles District Attorney: Alan Jackson

State Assembly Races

AD 41       Donna Lowe

AD 43        Greg Krikorian

AD  44      Jeff  Gorell (i)

AD 45        Chris Kolski

AD 46        Jay Stern

AD 48        Joe Gardner

AD 49        Matthew Lin

AD  50      Brad  Torgan

AD 52        Kenny Coble

AD 53        Jose Trinidad-Aguilar

AD 54        Keith McCowen

AD  55      Curt  Hagman (i)

AD 57        Noel Jaimes

AD 58         Patricia Kotze-Ramos

AD 60         Eric Linder

AD 62         Christine Vinquist

AD 63         Jack Guerrero

AD 70         Martha Flores-Gibson

From RPLAC Endorsement site. 

50th GOP AD Central Committee Members

Vote 28 -- Gary A. Aminoff

Vote 32 -- Leonard M. Lanzi

Vote 34 -- Julia-Anna Kavich

Vote 35 - Scott A. Snapp -- Current member of the Central Committee

Vote 38 - Lillian D. Cavaliari

Vote 39 -- Paul Morgan Fredrix
Vote 40 -- Joseph S. Fein

 Vote on June 5th for all these great candidates!


  1. Anonymous1:48 PM PDT

    Thank you for your endorsement. Jorge Robles, Candidate 38th Congressional District

  2. Anonymous8:29 PM PDT

    I am surprised, Mr. Fein, that you would endorse Susan Shelley. She was a Democrat not so long ago, and has not proven herself to be a conservative in any way. She says what people want to hear. She is what is known as "a spoiler." Her job? Take votes from the only viable and true conservative candidate in the race for the 30th Congressional seat - Mark Reed. Mark Reed knows the Valley and what it needs. As a businessman in the area for many years, he is aware of the economic problems facing the Valley. He isn't trying to sell a book; he's trying to save the 30th District from the continued failed policies of men like Sherman and Berman. Maybe you should think again about who is the best conservative in the race for the 30th District - that would be Mark Reed.

  3. Anon @ 8:29PM,

    This is still the primary (Under Prop 14 no less).

    We can still like or endorse anyone WITHIN the party at this time. There have been many converts who understand what we on the Right do.

    If Mark Reed wins the Primary, I will endorse for November.

    I have dealt with Susan Shelley directly and in a very Jewish district (Sherman/Berman two Jews as Jewish Journal of LA promotes), I can see a Social Liberterian can win the against the Establishment Jewish Democratic candidates.

    Again, if Reed wins, the Valley will endorse. But on 6/5/12, the voters will decide.

    I wish them both well, but, again, this is a Primary.

  4. Anonymous2:57 AM PDT

    So, Joseph, you vote your race, not your principles? This is a Liberal methodology. I glean from your logic that it doesn't matter how good a candidate is, in terms of knowing the issues, ability to get things done, and most likely to win, no... to you, it only matters that the person is Jewish.

    You give our community a bad name... I am ashamed of you.


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