Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going (Re-boot - ii)

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Everything is on pause for a minute.

My Uncle is back in the hospital, please say a prayer for him. He's a tough SOB and I looked up to him when I was growing up. I only want the best for him. He can ride me through the job hunt when he gets better, and I want him better.

Death seems to be everywhere, Tim Russert, my CA mentor (she will be mentioned in the next California Encyclical), and George Carlin. Enough with the death and dying.

I'm going to get back to the Valley, but first I'm going to the water, by the Santa Monica Pier today.

The other Encyclicals will be pushed back a week. I just need to clear my head. By the way, I ended up in the local edition of the Los Angeles Times, here is the article. And yes, as of Tuesday, SAG will kill any movie and TV business in Los Angeles in honor of the strike. And yes, the reporter spelt my last name wrong:

"Officials are also concerned that another media-related strike could cripple the region, just as Burbank and Glendale are beginning to recover from the three-month Writers Guild of America strike that cost the state $2.1 billion in lost wages and production.The Screen Actors Guild is currently negotiating with studios to hammer out a new contract before it expires on Monday.

The county’s job picture is being destabilized by the June 30 expiration of the Screen Actors Guild contract,” said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.

While employment in motion picture and sound recording was up by 2,100 jobs from April to May, it was down over the year by 5,700 jobs. The major studios have been hesitant to start work on a film. Many in the industry are saying that a de facto strike is underway.”

The writers strike was still fresh on the mind for some job seekers at the Verdugo center on Tuesday. Joseph Fine, 37, of Burbank, was laid off two weeks ago from an advertising agency still suffering under the weight of the writers strike.

“It hurt us,” said Fine, who, in addition to setting up interviews at the job center, has also turned to the Internet to help raise money and look for employment.He is hoping to raise more than $7,000 through , a blog he created to also write about his true passion, politics, which he hopes will catapult him into a political job.

But Fine’s success may depend on how much he is willing to veer from his desired political path, a conflict many job seekers are also experiencing, Sernas said.“Some have certain wage expectations that no longer exist, and some want their old job back,” she said. “People might have to compromise.”

This is me -- I compromised looking for work the last two times. Not this time.

Let's end with some laughs from the late George Carlin. While I am away, smile and pray:

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Welcome. Music. Davros.

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It's been a while since I introduced some New Bloggers (and re-introduced some favorites) to the Valley. There are a lot of California Bloggers here, so thanks to Jonathan Winquist, Music Director of the Valley and Guitarist for the Trophy Wive$, he recommended some Beach Boys.

Enjoy the tunes? Let's meet some Bloggers!

A) Professor Donald Douglas is a Southern California Blogger, who, like me, is a convert to Conservatism; Also, like me, is a believer in Wilsonianism. His Blog is called American Power. I knew Professor Douglas from his earlier Blog, and in his new Blog, was attacked by the Village Voice. Professor Douglas also plays the role of a William Buckley by going after the (few) racists in the Conservative Blogger camp. DD, I need to speak to you offline. Please email me.

B) Debbie Schlussel is a Detroit Blogger whose focus is on American racism (no matter what color or party), movies and Conservative Politics. She is also a Campaign Consultant and Columnist. She speaks on Fox News, writes for the Jerusalem Post and New York Post. She has worked in the realms of Politics and Policy. Whatever she Blogs about, you can take to the bank.

C) Michael John's Freedom and Prosperity Blog is another of the greats. He worked as a speechwriter for a President and also met President Nixon (as you can see on his Blog). He has his own radio show and is based in Arizona. Whereas, I would like to work for a future Republican White House Chief of Staff's office, Mr. Johns has already been within the world of the 66 acres. Read and stay updated.

D) The Adventures of Aaron Proctor is the first of two Pasadena Bloggers. In his Wikipedia entry, Mr. Proctor is a former Wrestler who ran for Mayor of Pasadena. He is young, so his Political future is still open. Also, he knows of Goth clubs in L.A., so I am not the only Conservative Republican Goth clubber. Mr. Proctor, check out the California Encyclicals in the Valley, they are valid on taking back the state.

E) Pasadena Closet Conservative is a myserious Pasadena Blogger. Read his Blog and figure out who he is.

And of course, let us not forget my friends Blogs (which DD is a part of):

1) Aurora of the Midnight Sun is an Australian version of Pamela Atlas. She is a teacher and a Galilean in thought and deed. For the US Conservatives, her Blog is leading the way against a Liberal Government; Something that can be cited as an example of what to do here. Read and learn.

2) Chessnovice has a smart and Erudite Blog. Again, read and enjoy.

3) Jason, friend, musician and filmmaker and resident of the Liberal snarkiness side of the Blogosphere, has a Blog called Washington Interns Gone Bad. The title is based on a movie he wrote and filmed. Jason challenges my views, and makes my arguments stronger. Occasionally, in our debates, he proves my points. A former upstate new Yorker (like Jonathan Winquist) who lives in Northern California by way of DC.

4) Malcot is an old friend from Washington, DC, living temporarily in Michigan. Her Blog is personal, spiritual and politcal. Read and enjoy.

And for all the British readers (and knowledgeable American ones): Meet Doctor Who's famous enemy, Davros. I will compare a living politician to him soon (as I did Harold Saxon to Senator Clinton), you can guess, but I suggest keep reading the Valley. By the way, start watching at 5:12:

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going (Re-boot - i)

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Sorry I absconded there, but here is what will show up in the Valley in the next 72 hours:

A) Welcome. Music. Etc. post -- There are a few more linkers (some local, some not) and I need to highlight their Blogs.

B) The Last California Encyclical -- which will mention a former mentor who had her funeral this past week that the LA Times did not cover. This post will lead to the Prep of the Republican Encyclicals beginning after the 4th.

C) How Democrats are not planning a "new style of Politics" if they win this November. Instead, they allow their hate of the past 8 years to seep through.

And after these posts -- What my becoming radicalized means for the future of the Valley and Bi-partisanship.

Now, what happened to me?

After being in mourning for Brother Tim, I found out there was a funeral for a Republican activist this week. More on that later -- but add to the fact that I never finished mourning for my dad, and it became somewhat overwhelming.

After my Dad died, I have been in survival mode. Now that my family is in a good position, I can now focus on getting myself into a better job that relates to my interests. For the past two jobs, I've grabbed the first thing with detriment to my soul.

I am looking for a job in Los Angeles that deals in Politics or Policy (of course, with a Conservative or Republican bent) that pays over $40,000/year.

There are three clocks I am working against:

I) The Republican Encyclicals start after July 4th;
2) The Blog World Convention is on September 20; and
3) I am going to be in Washington DC the week of October 12 to promote the Republican and California Encyclicals.

And while I was away, the Valley was Google Bombed. What statement? The Wet Quintet. Why? I'd like to know.

If you can help with either the job hunt or the answer to the Google Bomb, email me. Thanks.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Godspeed Brother Tim and the Future of Meet the Press

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Whether I lived in the same city, or 3000 miles away in Washington, DC, one thing my dad and I always agreed on, Tim Russert was the best reporter on Sunday. I always nicknamed him, "Brother Tim," because of his monk like knowledge of the Political and Policy worlds.

On Friday, when the news came across the Nets that Mr. Russert died, I was very sad. Here was a man who moved up from his Blue Collar roots to work with the best the Democrats of the 70's have to offer: Governor Mario Cuomo and Senator Moynihan.

Eventually, Russert moved to Meet the Press where he became the longest serving Moderator. What made Russert a great reporter on Sunday mornings (and why the Nielson ratings for Washington, DC always put Meet the Press on top) was because, unlike modern reporters, he never became a supplicant to any politician. In 2002, Russert challenged Cheney on Iraq; In 2008, he challenged Senator Clinton on New York Drivers licenses.

He always made politicians of all stripes match their rhetoric. No one was immune. He was so successful at challenging Democrats, Arianna Huffington started a Russert Watch. Huffington did not understand that Russert was "Old School," and he did not care what letter was after a politicians name. And he never made it personal.

Godspeed, Brother Tim, Godspeed.

The Future of Meet the Press

Since I met the producer of Meet the Press at an Alumni function years ago back in DC, I want to mail this to her. I want NBC to know who should fll Russert's large shoes. (and what made them large? He was a humble guy who liked everybody). Now, who should follow?

One of the factors is that Meet the Press is an NBC made and produced show, it goes in-house. The next factor is someone who had experience in Politics and Policy, now whom?

1) Pete Williams - He has the background of Hill experience and a longtime reporter for NBC.

2) Jim Miklaszewski -- He is one of the most thorough reporters in the Pentagon. Though a press background, no one of any political stripe would deny his professionalism.

3) Lester Holt -- Again, news background but someone who is professional and every Political stripe can talk to.

4) Chuck Todd -- No one in DC goes anywhere without talking to Mr. Todd; Political and Policy experience and an NBC person.

5) Andrea Mitchell -- Understands Foreign and Domestic policy. Definitely worth a chance.

6) Joe Scarborough -- He is an anchor to MSNBC and was a former congressman from Florida. Actually provides a counterbalance to Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann. If either of these two latter people get the chair of Meet the Press, the value goes down. I vote NO.

Good luck staff of Meet the Press. Mourn wistfully, plan boldly, create imaginatively. America's future is in your hands.

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Post 301 -- Upcoming Vistas in the Valley

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Lots of news, near and far. First, I'm in the process of looking for a new job, so posting might be more sporadic then usual. Second, Tim Russert died -- there will be a separate post later today about that.

If you have a Blogger Blog (or a Bloggy Blogger Blog), you can arrange posts by the amount you want, and I chose 300 -- thus, a new page begins. And here is what to look forward to in the months ahead:

A) Movie reviews: My friend Vita, directed a movie: Til Death Due Us Part. I will also review a movie by Jason as well. I suggest that everyone buy (or rent) the movies so when I review them, a lively discussion can be had (and those are the best posts). Hey, I still live Los Angeles, movies are a part of the fabric of life here.

B) Reviewing books, such as Andrew Sullivan's The Conservative Soul and whatever else looks interesting. The reason why Andrew Sullivan gets mentioned is because he will be mentioned in the....

C) The Republican Encyclicals -- These are begat from The California Encyclicals. The Encyclicals are a 10 year plan for the Conservatives and Republicans to return to majorities in House, Senate and Statehouses (the Presidency is an individual by individual basis -- why else would we have a Liberal Democrat during the 90's, then a Conservative during this decade?). These posts will be promoted from California to (hopefully) each end of DC. I will need help. The Encyclicals will be addressed to my two friends and mentors on Capitol Hill: Karv and Todd.

C1) For Karv and Todd, I will do a post directly for them as we lead into the Encyclicals. Suffice it to say, these posts tie into my book, Messages from the Valley. Also, hell or high water, I will be visiting DC for a week in October to pass the Encyclicals along.

D) Blogging my travels -- with my laptop, I will Blog about my trip to DC (and possibly the Blog World Convention).

E) Since this is the Valley, I will keep the eye on Liberal and Democratic Anti-semitism. To confirm my last post, Ms. Kolhatker went and did an Anti-Israeli rant for the fundraising hour. Nice to have my beliefs confirmed. And last I checked, KPFK supports Democrats and Liberals. Game, set, match.

F) Joint Election coverage with Jason as we get closer to November. What and how? We're still figuring it out. For now, visit Washington Interns Gone Bad for his perspective.

G) Advice for Senators McCain and Obama. Because it is always partisan to give advice to your own side, I will actually try to be Bi-partisan. I await to see if any democratic Blogger can offer the same thing.

H) More Welcomes and Music -- I will be introducing more Blogs into the mix, and the Music Director of the Valley will be my friend, Jonathan Winquist of The Trophy Wive$. And all Welcomes and Music come with some Youtube Video.

I) And as always, visit all my friend's Blogs when you're not at the Valley: Aurora, Chessnovice, Professor Douglas, Malcot, Norm, and Jason.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sonali Kolhatkher is Anti-Jew and Anti-Veteran; Neither group in LA should support KPFK

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In the morning, I listen to KPFK (Pacifica) to balance out the Talk Radio diet of the day. I hear Stalinist rhetoric from Lila Garrett of Connect the Dots wishing all those Right of Dennis Kucinich be banned from Legislating or talking (including Blue Dog Democrats). She also supports the CAIR backed lobbying firm, J-Street, because AIPAC is so evil for defending Israel.

Then comes Ms. Kolhatker and Radio Uprising. Before I begin, let me say what this Conservative likes about Radio Uprising:

1) Nice Opening Theme Music
2) A good laugh from the Black Agenda Report. If the past is never past, then nothing will move towards the future. In the eyes of Glen Ford, Dictatorships are fine because they are not America.
3) I get to know where the protests are in LA so I can avoid them.

Now, the meat of the problem. During Israel's 60th Anniversary bash and including up to last week, all her shows were on the Palestinians and the Gazans. In her show, she always hints at how Evil the Israeli's are. Ms. Kolhatker was raised not to believe in Germany's Final Solution. If you listen to her shows during this time, Ms. Kolhatker advocates an end to "the Jewish State,"

Earlier last week, she did a post on the ICE Raid in Postville, Iowa. There is a contingent of Russian Jews living there and if you hear the show, she leads the interview by trying to place the blame, not on Bush and ICE, but on the Jews living in Postville.

Ms. Kolhatker doesn't want Jews living in Israel, and she doesn't want Jews living in America. Are you proposing a "Final Solution" from North Hollywood? The only Jews she has on are those unsupportive of the Jewish State or of Jews anywhere.

On her Monday show, Ms. Kolhatker has an editorial called "Empire Notes," that re-states time and again, like Orwell's sheep: Republicans bad, Jews bad, Leftist dictators good.

I'm not sure if she dictates KPFK Radio policy, but her and all the other shows on KPFK have an implicit policy: If you are not a "Winter Soldier," your service, and every who served with you are to be mocked and denigrated because you served the United States. I would like to remind Ms. Kolhatker that my late father was a Veteran from America, and without him, she would not be able to speak on the air. Communism, or Emirates, in all it's many forms, does not allow free speech.

In the end, from her Radio perch in North Hollywood, isn't she spreading Hate Speech? Ms. Kolhatker just recently had a son; Is she raising him to hate as well? Because in her show, she speaks of Hating Conservatives, Hating Republicans, Hating the Evil that is America, Hating Israel, and Hating Jews. She would fit right in with the KKK of the 1950's.

Did I mention that she, and everyone else at KPFK is a Senator Obama supporter. So much for the myth that the Right hates Israel.

Even though I disagree with Jason on most Policy Issues, I know he loves America. Even if he doesn't like it's leaders, he still made the effort to get to know people who disagreed with him. From what I know of him, he seems to be teaching his daughter the good things about the United States, even if it starts with a guy named Howard Stern. In the world of KPFK, they have no need to reach across party lines because anyone who is not them, is evil. Is that helping your fund drive?

In her biography, it is mentioned she is from the United Arab Emirates. Did you know there are no Synagogues or Churches in the UAE and Anti-semitism is rising there? Very enlightened country to be from, Ms. Kolhatker. How many Mosques in Los Angeles compared to Synagogues in your home country? That, Ms. Kolhatker, is a free and open society.

Like all good revolutionaries, I have a plan how to stop this Hate Speech from spreading.

A) Contact every Synagogue in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (where the signal goes) and relay the words of this post.

B) Contact Veterans Group's and relay Ms. Kolhatker's words about their service.

C) Members of both groups tell their friends and family not to support KPFK during their fund drive. Call KPFK at 818-985-5735 and tell them why. All the way until June 20, 2009.

D) Ms. Kolhatker is still waiting to be a citizen according to her biography. Imagine if someone from either of these groups contacted the State Department and let them know Ms. Kolhatker has a perch to spread hate Speech against the country she is choosing. What will be the ramifications?

This is what happens when no Democrat sees anything wrong with Democratic Hate Speech. I become Radicalized.

Welcome to the Revolution.

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

They Are Blind, Even Though They See

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Did you hear the news today about Tony Rezko? Senator Obama's financial sponsor in Chicago was found guilty of 16 charges. Unlike say, Abramoff (whom I met) or Lay whose ties to President Bush were almost ancillary, yet were blasted across all major news outlets 48 hours straight -- the news media is quiet on this. Why?

In the Passover ceremony, there are the four sons (Good, Wicked, Simple and one who does not understand) and it is the duty of the assembled to explain the story. So, for all those reading, this is Joseph's story, the story of a people being naively led into bondage.

First, the wise son: The Media Research Center did a study showing 90% of the press voted for President Clinton in 1992. The argument I have, if all these reporters support the Democratic candidate (blindly) in 1992 and again in 2008 (and 2004, and 2000). How would they report on any criminal wrongdoing? Answer, they won't.

I've been involved in a Political machine. You think that Chicago's machine gets it's support with Ice Cream and Milk? Because reporters won't investigate, because they are enthralled with the candidate, they become Hagiographers, not reporters. On that, my theory is, all reporters want to be the next Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. of the next Democratic administration. Schlesinger was smarter then most reporters, but he was a political hack.

The Wicked: Tim Rutten and Anderson Cooper represent two different parts of the media. Where they become a Hydra is how they use their pulpits to defend Senator Obama. Anderson Cooper has yet to defend any Conservative shibboleth against any Liberal attacks. And Rutten, he is advertising himself to be a Hagiogropher.

The Simple: GQ shut down an article that was negative about the Clintons last year. This year, Esquire sends in a hagiogropher to report on Senator Obama. Simple question: How can reporters investigate a subject they fall in love with? They can't.

For the ones who can't understand:

Just because Vanity Fair put out a negative article this year on President Clinton does not mean when a Democrat is in power they will write negative articles.

When a journalist (meaning, someone who covers both sides of an argument -- it is the partisans job to convince the public, not the press) can write that same article when the Democrat is in power, then they can say they are "speaking Truth to Power," These folks are not Journalists, they are supplicants.

As someone who was a volunteer in the Bush-Quayle 1992 campaign, and as the Hillary 2008 campaign learned now, the press chooses it's champions and they are never Conservative.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Ickes, Recount and the Clinton Machine

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Recently, I saw the movie "Recount," Also, tonight, Senator Obama became the presumptive nominee. And at the tail end of Democratic Rules Committee, Harold Ickes attacked:

How do they all tie together? All these actions are responses to the motions of the Clinton Machine.

Ready for a ride on the Wayback machine? Here we go.....

Fall 1998 and Winter 1999: The Clinton Impeachment. Most of my friends on Capitol Hill (on the R side) were discussing during this time, the incoming Gore Administration and which Democratic members of Congress wrere going to ask the Clintons to leave.

During the 90's, the Democrats loved the Clintons because they did not play by the rules (FBI files anyone?); To be shocked in 2008 about the same Clintons, is stupidity. So, the press does not like the Clinton's now. Boo-freaking-hoo. The press were willing supplicants of a Democratic President in the 90's (accused of perjury), this is leading to an upcoming post. Just remember this thought.

When the World needed the Democrats to enact their "Goldwater to Nixon" moment, none stood up. Because there was no Gore installation, you had a V.P. fight a Governor when the trend in the past thirty years (1968 - 2000), only one Governor lost -- that was Dukakis (D-MA). If Gore was a sitting President, there would have been no recount because he could have shored up his support.

The Republican Congress had already sold out their 1996 candidate, if Gore rose, 2000 might not have been contested. However, since the Democrats did not stand up to the Clintons.....

In 2008, Senator Hillary Clinton stayed in the Presidential primary as long as possible. All this talk of how she didn't follow the rules -- as I said before, that is why the Democrats loved the Clintons in the 90's. As Ickes said, the fight goes on. She has only suspended her campaign, not ended it.

If Democrats learned to hate the GOP less (we did warn you guys in the 90's), and clean up their House more, they might have had an easier time this election cycle. What does it matter if a Democrat stands up to the Clintons now? They are not in power.

Truth to power only begins when someone is still in power.

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