Thursday, June 26, 2008

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going (Re-boot - ii)

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Everything is on pause for a minute.

My Uncle is back in the hospital, please say a prayer for him. He's a tough SOB and I looked up to him when I was growing up. I only want the best for him. He can ride me through the job hunt when he gets better, and I want him better.

Death seems to be everywhere, Tim Russert, my CA mentor (she will be mentioned in the next California Encyclical), and George Carlin. Enough with the death and dying.

I'm going to get back to the Valley, but first I'm going to the water, by the Santa Monica Pier today.

The other Encyclicals will be pushed back a week. I just need to clear my head. By the way, I ended up in the local edition of the Los Angeles Times, here is the article. And yes, as of Tuesday, SAG will kill any movie and TV business in Los Angeles in honor of the strike. And yes, the reporter spelt my last name wrong:

"Officials are also concerned that another media-related strike could cripple the region, just as Burbank and Glendale are beginning to recover from the three-month Writers Guild of America strike that cost the state $2.1 billion in lost wages and production.The Screen Actors Guild is currently negotiating with studios to hammer out a new contract before it expires on Monday.

The county’s job picture is being destabilized by the June 30 expiration of the Screen Actors Guild contract,” said Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.

While employment in motion picture and sound recording was up by 2,100 jobs from April to May, it was down over the year by 5,700 jobs. The major studios have been hesitant to start work on a film. Many in the industry are saying that a de facto strike is underway.”

The writers strike was still fresh on the mind for some job seekers at the Verdugo center on Tuesday. Joseph Fine, 37, of Burbank, was laid off two weeks ago from an advertising agency still suffering under the weight of the writers strike.

“It hurt us,” said Fine, who, in addition to setting up interviews at the job center, has also turned to the Internet to help raise money and look for employment.He is hoping to raise more than $7,000 through , a blog he created to also write about his true passion, politics, which he hopes will catapult him into a political job.

But Fine’s success may depend on how much he is willing to veer from his desired political path, a conflict many job seekers are also experiencing, Sernas said.“Some have certain wage expectations that no longer exist, and some want their old job back,” she said. “People might have to compromise.”

This is me -- I compromised looking for work the last two times. Not this time.

Let's end with some laughs from the late George Carlin. While I am away, smile and pray:

socialize it


  1. They spelled your name wrong, and broke the link to your blog. Clearly a deliberate dis from the liberals at the LA Times. But seriously, it's always nice to get your name in the paper. Good job on that!

    As for the strike, if this extends the already ridiculously long wait between now and the last episodes of Battlestar Galactica, I'm going to have to drive down there and fuck some shit up, yo.

    While I think that residual payments on new media (how new is this media these days anyway?) is important and all, these strikes serve as a great opportunity to those of us working outside of the system and creating our own content to have our new media works seen by those looking for original scripted and acted content. Unfortunately it also serves as an opportunity to put more of that unscripted "reality" bullshit on the air. Which has-been z-list celebrity is going to get a dating show this time around?

    Best wishes to the uncle.

  2. JSF, I've been thinking over the weekend about how you can turn this potential strike and the potential boom in reality TV into a benefit to your employment situation. You need to get yourself onto a reality show. Have you considered the idea of competing to date Tila Tequila?

    But seriously, how about pitching a reality show, perhaps one that involves politics. It being an election year and all, a political reality show could be a hit. And with your real experience (and perhaps a bit of consulting from a guy who has watched more of these crappy shows than he cares to admit), I think you could come up with a good pitch.

  3. JSF, and update on the reality TV thing... it's probably too late to pitch a political reality show for this electoral season (why didn't we think of this during the writers strike?), but last night Tila Tequila wound up dumping the guy and choosing the girl who all of a sudden decided that she wasn't ready for a relationship with another woman which means probably a third season of Shot of Love which means you yes you need to get your ass in there!

    Forget about winning it. The idea is to be as outrageous as you can to get the most screen time and promote yourself for as many weeks as you can. You can engage in political debate just as long as you really dumb it down and throw the word "beeyotch" around. You should also make sure to tattoo your URL in large letters somewhere very visible so it also gets lots of screen time.

    What do you think? I expect a 10% cut if you get this since it was my idea and all.


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