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Sonali Kolhatkher is Anti-Jew and Anti-Veteran; Neither group in LA should support KPFK

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In the morning, I listen to KPFK (Pacifica) to balance out the Talk Radio diet of the day. I hear Stalinist rhetoric from Lila Garrett of Connect the Dots wishing all those Right of Dennis Kucinich be banned from Legislating or talking (including Blue Dog Democrats). She also supports the CAIR backed lobbying firm, J-Street, because AIPAC is so evil for defending Israel.

Then comes Ms. Kolhatker and Radio Uprising. Before I begin, let me say what this Conservative likes about Radio Uprising:

1) Nice Opening Theme Music
2) A good laugh from the Black Agenda Report. If the past is never past, then nothing will move towards the future. In the eyes of Glen Ford, Dictatorships are fine because they are not America.
3) I get to know where the protests are in LA so I can avoid them.

Now, the meat of the problem. During Israel's 60th Anniversary bash and including up to last week, all her shows were on the Palestinians and the Gazans. In her show, she always hints at how Evil the Israeli's are. Ms. Kolhatker was raised not to believe in Germany's Final Solution. If you listen to her shows during this time, Ms. Kolhatker advocates an end to "the Jewish State,"

Earlier last week, she did a post on the ICE Raid in Postville, Iowa. There is a contingent of Russian Jews living there and if you hear the show, she leads the interview by trying to place the blame, not on Bush and ICE, but on the Jews living in Postville.

Ms. Kolhatker doesn't want Jews living in Israel, and she doesn't want Jews living in America. Are you proposing a "Final Solution" from North Hollywood? The only Jews she has on are those unsupportive of the Jewish State or of Jews anywhere.

On her Monday show, Ms. Kolhatker has an editorial called "Empire Notes," that re-states time and again, like Orwell's sheep: Republicans bad, Jews bad, Leftist dictators good.

I'm not sure if she dictates KPFK Radio policy, but her and all the other shows on KPFK have an implicit policy: If you are not a "Winter Soldier," your service, and every who served with you are to be mocked and denigrated because you served the United States. I would like to remind Ms. Kolhatker that my late father was a Veteran from America, and without him, she would not be able to speak on the air. Communism, or Emirates, in all it's many forms, does not allow free speech.

In the end, from her Radio perch in North Hollywood, isn't she spreading Hate Speech? Ms. Kolhatker just recently had a son; Is she raising him to hate as well? Because in her show, she speaks of Hating Conservatives, Hating Republicans, Hating the Evil that is America, Hating Israel, and Hating Jews. She would fit right in with the KKK of the 1950's.

Did I mention that she, and everyone else at KPFK is a Senator Obama supporter. So much for the myth that the Right hates Israel.

Even though I disagree with Jason on most Policy Issues, I know he loves America. Even if he doesn't like it's leaders, he still made the effort to get to know people who disagreed with him. From what I know of him, he seems to be teaching his daughter the good things about the United States, even if it starts with a guy named Howard Stern. In the world of KPFK, they have no need to reach across party lines because anyone who is not them, is evil. Is that helping your fund drive?

In her biography, it is mentioned she is from the United Arab Emirates. Did you know there are no Synagogues or Churches in the UAE and Anti-semitism is rising there? Very enlightened country to be from, Ms. Kolhatker. How many Mosques in Los Angeles compared to Synagogues in your home country? That, Ms. Kolhatker, is a free and open society.

Like all good revolutionaries, I have a plan how to stop this Hate Speech from spreading.

A) Contact every Synagogue in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara (where the signal goes) and relay the words of this post.

B) Contact Veterans Group's and relay Ms. Kolhatker's words about their service.

C) Members of both groups tell their friends and family not to support KPFK during their fund drive. Call KPFK at 818-985-5735 and tell them why. All the way until June 20, 2009.

D) Ms. Kolhatker is still waiting to be a citizen according to her biography. Imagine if someone from either of these groups contacted the State Department and let them know Ms. Kolhatker has a perch to spread hate Speech against the country she is choosing. What will be the ramifications?

This is what happens when no Democrat sees anything wrong with Democratic Hate Speech. I become Radicalized.

Welcome to the Revolution.

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  1. JSF, good morning and Baba Booey to you. I'm as liberal as they come and openly critical of Israel, and I can't stand Pacifica Radio. I've never heard this particular woman, but she reminds me of Dennis whatshisname on Flashpoints. Same deal. His voice is so freakin' whiny and his rhetoric is just annoying. Even when I agree with much of what he says, the tone and the level of vitriol are total turnoffs to me.

    I'm not sure if it's syndicated to the LA station, but the Berkeley station has a great show about hiphop called Hard Knocks Radio which is the only thing I find even remotely listenable on Pacifica. I highly recommend it.

    Right now, the only thing I'm really trying to teach my daughter are letters, numbers and how to use her potty. The only political indoctrination I engage in is whenever we see a picture of Bush, I tell her that's a very bad man.

  2. Jason,

    You are many things, but highly critical of Israel -- sorry man, I don't see it.

    You don't spend every Blog post, say like some Brits who write on the daily Kos, extolling the virtues of Hamas.

    You aren't like ths woman on KPFK who only finds pain and suffering when discussing Israel -- In fact, if I remember correctly Jason, you're a good guy because you tried to make Peace between me and that Brit Blogger who writes on the Daily Kos.

    Even if you are teaching her to "hate" Bush, you still find some good things about America to teach her.

    Good sarcastic comment man, but you're just too damn nice to pull it off.

    Good luck in the Battle of the Blogs!

  3. JSF, there are levels of being critical of Israel. I'm incredibly uncomfortable with their human rights record and of our country aiding and abetting in that. But these Pacifica people take it to an annoying level. I haven't listened enough to determine whether it's just stronger criticism or genuine hate for all Jews, and I know that your definition of anti-semitism is a bit broad, but I agree that the rhetoric on Pacifica is incredibly annoying.

    And I'm not teaching Stella to hate Bush, just that he's a very bad man. By the time she's old enough to study American history, that will be in the textbooks.

  4. PS: Just become radicalized already! You obviously want to, but you keep setting conditions for others in order to do it. Man up! You're either a radical or you're not. Other people don't have the power to dictate who you are.

  5. Anonymous8:07 PM PDT

    JSF: You're doing great work. I'll be back this week to check out some of the links, but this is awful:

    "Ms. Kolhatker was raised not to believe in Germany's Final Solution."

    I've been thinking about anti-Semitism a lot lately, after posting on some of the left's Jewish-hatred. I'll have more.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm back from my trip!!

  6. Anonymous4:54 AM PDT

    JSF, she sounds like a witch. Obviously I don't get Pacifica Radio here in Sydney but it must be a real winner. The problem is, extremist sounding boards like that begin to gather an audience of whackjobs and you end up with a following.
    I'm only blogging sparsely these days, but I might link you on this.

  7. Aurora, if anyone on this blog would know witches and extremists, it would be you!


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