Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Go Goth, Conclusion

The news from CPAC10 was not good regarding the Southland Fundraiser/Great Right Wing Hollywood Blogger Meet Up. (RS told me on Monday) It put me in a serious funk.

But between Wednesday and Friday of this week, I spoke with both Robert Stacy McCain, again, and Gary Aminoff. Both men are behind the project and both men see the potential to help take over the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles with it.

The only person who doesn't get the implications is Chairman Nehring, who is the same age as me, yet according to RS, "...doesn't know shit about the potential of the new media," Aminoff gets it, RS gets it. But both Aminoff and McCain are older then Nehring and I. Yes, Chairman Nehring and I are both 39.

Think on that before you donate to the California State party right now.

If you want to help, call up the California Republican Party at 916-448-9496 on Monday and say "I love LA! I want to be at the Southland Fundraiser that Gary Aminoff and Robert Stacy McCain backs. Will Chairman Nehring join us?"

And if you make that call, that is Lobbying. Leave a comment if you do.

Here is a suggestion if you Blog in the 49 other states in the union, this is a way to break outside the box:

1) If you are a Blogger, find the activist who is doing the most for your community politically.

2) Use Your Blog to help out the local activist win in different area. In other words, write what you know of your local area and your theory on how to win. This can be your city or county or state or all three.

3) Get the other local Bloggers to help your local activist in other forms, such as speech making and fundraising.

4) Do your local event, win every November.

And now that you know how to turn your Blog into a weapon, let's go Gothing:

Free zone for conversation on this post. Let me know if you call.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Script Notes for the White House/GOP Confab

Tomorrow, President Obama has invited the Congressional Republican leadership to the White House to discuss passing Government Run Health Care.

However, like the bad poker players they are, the Congressional Democrats showed their hand of wanting to use Reconciliation to pass the Bill. And President Obama released news he is already prepping for 2012. Thus, before the Republicans walk through the White House gate, the meeting is moot.

So, what should Senator McConnell [Sen. McC] and Representative Boehner [Rep. B] say?

I live in Hollywood, so here is my script:

INT. - White House Meeting Room, Day:

Sen. McC and Rep B: Good morning Mr. President!

President Obama: Good morning gentlemen!

[small talk ensues as each man finds their seats and waits for Congressional Democrats to arrive]

Sen. McC: Mr. President, your friends on the Hill have already decided to do reconciliation, so why are we here?

[Staff sets up President Obama's teleprompter away from TV cameras]

Rep. B: When the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback were done, there were no C-Span camaras, why do you bring them in now, after the fact?

President Obama: Sen. McC and Rep. B, I understand your questions (looks over at teleprompter), but this problem is because of President Bush.

Rep. B: Mr. President, you mean when President Bush added Medicare part D? He helped the health care system incrementally.

Sen. McC: Sir, please read this story about how Government Run health care does not work in California (hands over printout of story), at least re-think of overhauling the whole system when bits and pieces might work.

President Obama: (takes story and throws in trashcan, then looks at teleprompter) But I won.

Sen. McC: We waited since last April to talk to you, but after the MA election, you wanted to hear our views.

Rep. B: Let's not forget Virginia and New Jersey either, Mr. President.

President Obama: But we talked in Baltimore, (looking at teleprompter) you have no new ideas.

Sen. McC: We have ideas, but with the Democrats doing reconciliation, there is no need to be here. If you want to listen to our ideas, stop the process. Can you do that Mr. President?

President Obama: (looks at teleprompter) It's Bush's fault!

Rep. B and Sen. McC: (leaving White Paper including Insurance portability, tort reform and State control) Have a good day Mr. President. Good luck in November.

[Republicans exeunt as Congressional Democrats enter, with party hats on their heads. Congressional Democrats have just finished reconciliation ]

[C-Span cameras shut off]

[President Obama throws White paper in trash]

OK, wasn't that fun?

My question: What does the President hope to gain by bringing Republicans into the process this late?

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

American Government is NOT Broken: 'Tis Only a Flesh Wound

Let us count the articles that decry how Government is not working for the 59 votes in the Senate Democrats, 255 Democratic Members in the House (when only 218 is needed to pass anything in the House) and a Democratic President at the White House:

1) The Nation;
2) Time (Home of Joe Klein, Liberal suck up);
3) Newsweek (When don't they publish the Obama Administration meme of the week?) and
4) The Economist (Here I must say: Whisky tango Foxtrot?!).

Blogger Keith Hennessy goes into detail about how many bills President Bush received with Bi-partisan support, including the 110th Congress with majority Democrats. Seriously, if President Bush could get Democrats onboard with some bills, why can't Obama?

Here is a hint, President Obama:

1) Stop blaming President Bush for everything.

That's it.

And for all the whining by Steve Benen about Republicans filibustering bills and appointments, I have three words: Bush Judicial appointments. Do you want the list again? If President Obama was truly the Bi-partisan Statesman he claimed to be in 2008, he would have re-nominated President Bush's nominees that were held or filibustered.

President Obama failed here too.

So why am I quoting Monty Python's Black Knight (watch and laugh)?

Because any Governing coalition (and leader) knows to get votes and support you need to use a carrot and stick approach. But this is a campaign year, with many polls saying Republicans will take either House of Congress, so there is no reason NOW for the Republicans to compromise or stop what they are doing.

This meeting on Thursday (which I will post about tomorrow) is but a kick by the Democratic Party Black Knight -- After Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts, the arms and one leg have fallen off the Democrats permanent majority.

So, contrary to the MSM, Government is not broken, the filibuster is not being abused, it is the intellectuals of the left don't know how to deal with the car salesmen of the Right. There was no give by Speaker Pelosi or Majority Leader Reid. And President Obama still does not know how to pick up the phone and cold call for a vote.

The solution is simple:

A) Re-nominate and vote for Bush's Judicial nominees that were held up;
B) Stop Blaming Bush in every speech; and
C) President Obama picks up the phone and find out what Republican Electeds want.

If President Obama was a Governor or Vice President (or Senator with more then a a half term under his belt) first, he would not need to read the Valley. But he won't and the MSM will whine again next Monday.

My question: Why have Democrats forgotten how they acted between 2001- 2008?

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Power behind the Throne without wanting the Throne:How the Gray Men help America

Back in SUNY - Stonybrook, I took a course by Michael Barnhart about the History of World War II. He said a line that stuck: If you want to live forever, work in High Level Government Jobs. That was a metaphor as we were dealing with pre-FDR Presidents and cabinets, some of the same names popped up again and again.

During the Harding/Coolidge and Hoover Administrations, some of the same men keep on appearing in the cabinets. There was a sense of continuity. FDR picked up people from Woodrow Wilson's Administration and from his time as Governor of New York. President Truman had some of the best minds who fought the Hun in World war II and even Republicans helped out the low polled President. (Another reason of the dearth of Gray men in the Democratic party ranks: what Democratic Senator supported in word and deed, a low polling Republican president? See, the Democrats put Party before Country)

This pattern continued all the way up to 1977. And then it returned back in 1981. And then it stopped in 2009. See a pattern?

Now, if you read the title, I'm sure you're asking, Who or what are "The Gray Men?" if you're a UFO geek, then it might mean this.

But for the political world, "The Gray Men," are those men and women (post 1980), who have experience within the Political and Policy realms at State and Cabinet level. Grey Men are the only people who can say "NO," to a sitting president and are listened too. Men and women who work at the High Level cabinet offices of the State, DoD, CIA and NSA are also considered (in retirement) to be "Gray Men,"

If you are thrown out of office due to corruption, you do not regain title of "Grey Men", except if you follow former President Nixon's trajectory (who himself was surrounded by Gray men during his tenure) of writing policy books for at least a decade.

That is why Nixon was rehabilitated and Agnew was not. President Clinton with his Global Initiative is following the same course.

When President George W. Bush chose Vice President Cheney, he chose a "Gray man," When Clinton had as an advisor David Gergen, he was a "grey man," James Baker, Condi Rice and Don Rumsfeld are all Grey Men. I know I feel secure if they are advising a president. With the death of Alexander Haig, Washington loses one more piece of wisdom.

President Obama and his cabinet and his staff have no way of winning the American Public since the campaign. There are no Grey men surrounding him. Again, a Grey Man telling President Obama "No," would have been the best thing. Seriously, Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod are partisans, not statesmen. Any Gray Man would tell President Obama that there is a by-sell date for blaming President Bush and by 1/20/10, he was long past it.

Every Four years, the economy goes down and every fifth year, the economy and jobs rebound. President Obama broke that pattern (Remember President Bush had to deal with the "Dot-com bomb," and 9/11 destroying the financial sector of New York). Why? Look who surrounds him -- No Gray Men.

With the New York Times saying Unemployment is a feature and not a bug of the post 2008 economy, the lack of Gray Men in Obama's Washington makes it time to worry.

My question: Who are the Democratic parties "Grey Men?" And Who are the Post 2008 Republican parties "Gray men?"

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Players Offstage, Goths and CPAC

Tonight I celebrated my Mom's Birthday (Yay Mom!) (and it's also Malcot's Birthday too!), so I've finally been talked down from the walls -- the thing is the San Fernando Valley Fundraiser/The Great Right Wing Hollywood Meet Up is being discussed offstage. At CPAC.

First, read all of RS' s and Smitty's great work at CPAC (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and the American Spectator Articles A, B). Except for Gary Aminoff and I (both of us in Sunny LA), the speaker of the event, Robert Stacy McCain, Chairman Nehring and his chief of staff Matt Schumsky were all offstage and at CPAC.

What happened? I'm still waiting on news. I'm ready to put this together, just let me hear the words "You're hired," Say a prayer if you got it.

If you want to help me get to CPAC next year, I encourage you to hit the Tip jar ($100, $200, $300, $400, $500). Or even if you like the writing in the Valley. While I wait (on multiple things), it can't hurt

And of course, why Goths on a Friday Night? I've been to a new club to go with the other two -- It is called Ruin. The same place Malediction is located, that's where Ruin is, just a different night. The music rocks, the women are beautiful and the mood dark. Highly recommended.

Let's go to part 2 of How to Go Goth. Enjoy!

Consider this an Open Thread. Talk about anything.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of Cheney Compels You

First, let's go hear the Former Vice president Speak at CPAC:

And let's watch Former Vice President Cheney last Sunday:

Why does Former Vice President Cheney stand above the current set of White House occupants?

Let's start with his background, he is a former staffer who became a Principal (in Beltway speak).

He started as President Ford's White House Chief of Staff, then went home to Wyoming and ran for Wyoming's only House seat. Within the House leadership, he became Conference Chair then Whip.

The First Bush White House appointed him Secretary of Defence (which led the way for Speaker Gingrich's rise). It was as head of the Pentagon he knew about the dangers of Iraq.

Unlike many of the Democrats in the White House today, Former Vice President Cheney knew how both branches of Government worked. And he also knew and understood Foreign Affairs. Compare Cheney with Biden, how many Executive Agencies did Biden run?

I can understand why the Democrats don't like to hear Cheney. President Obama wants to keep blaming the last Administration for everything, and Cheney stands up and speaks in measured tones about the ways the Obama Administration fails the American people.

If the Obama Administration was really filled with political geniuses, Cheney would have been co-opted by last March. Quote Nelson Muntz of The Simpsons: Ha-ha!

The reason why I like Vice President Cheney (I saw him in one of the House of Representative Hallways in 2003), is he knows the jobs of a staffer and an elected offical, he stands for what he believes in. If Cheney says something on Sunday, he will tell you the same thing on Tuesday -- that is something this current White House cannot do.

So, three cheers for the Cheneys!

My question: What do you like about Former Vice President Cheney? Or what do you like about Vice President Biden?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

25 things Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans need to do: Governing

Do you remember the List of 35 for 2010 and 2012?

Unlike other Bloggers and activists, I understanding winning the election is part of the battle (which is one reason why President Obama and the Democratic majority is failing), Governing is the other part of the game.

Policies determine the playing field of the Election cycle. Don't believe me? How many people campaigned against President Bush's Wilsonianism between 2003 -2008? He changed the electoral field by changing the battlefield on Al-Queda (say "Thanks President Bush,").

So for all the Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans, here is 25 Things that we do when we Govern (Note: If I put a (C) that means Congressional Action, if I put (E) that means Executive Branch action). Ready, go!

1: Subpoena all the phones (including cell) from the NYT from Sulzberger on down to Frank Rich, and ask under oath (with phone records handy): Are you working with the Democratic party to write the news? (C) Send the DOJ with RICO to see if there is any collusion with partisans of the Left (E)

2: Force the Democrats to vote on three separate Bills citing the three American foreign policies (Wilsonionism, Nixonianism, and Isolationism), so that by the next Republican president, they are on the record supporting one foreign policy. (C)

3: The House and Senate leadership enact a law on the First day of Congress with a law stating: No earmarks. And do it every Congress the Right has the majority. (C) The next Republican President vetoes any Bill with Earmarks. (E)

4: House and Senate Republican Appropriation Members go over the Budget Line by Line, cut the pork. (C) The next Republican President appeals for the Line Item Veto Amendment to the Constitution. (E)

5: The Congress de-funds the United Nations unless it cleans up the corruption there. (C) The next Republican President creates a "Concert of Democracies," to deal with Trade and Human Rights. Based in the San Fernando Valley, of course (one can dream...) (E)

6: Write laws keeping Taxes and Government control away from the Internet. (C) Republican President appoints members to the FCC keeping the Internet, tax and Government free. (E)

7: Subpoena other Magazines for following the Democratic party Line (the same way the NYT will be treated): The Bloggers at Psychology Today, all the magazine Editors at Advance Publications and the Editors at CJR. (C)

8: Support the Intelligence Agencies with budgets that matter, giving the agents overseas free reign to do what they do best, protecting them from prosecution from a future Democratic Congress or President. (C) Support the Intelligence Agencies in deeds and words. (E)

9: Repeal Sarbannes-Oxley. The London Stock market is crushing the New York Markets because of this law. Change it back. (C) (E).

10: Write a private Bill denying Andrew Sullivan citizenship. (C) Do the same thing as an Executive Order. (E) Sorry, I don't like anti-semites or people who don't understand that you don't attack families in politics. Andrew Sullivan, go home.

11: All those who promote Global warming: Scientists who lied to former Vice presidents who made money off of it, ask them under oath. (C) If the proof wills out on Global warming, then press for Cap and Trade, if not, drop it.

12: Any corrupt Conservatives or Republicans, throw them out of Congress, ASAP. Not like Speaker Pelosi. (C) Same rules apply for the Executive Branch. (E)

13: When the GOP takes Congress, the second bill is about lowering the deficit. (C) The next Republican president writes a Budget that keeps the US within its means. (E)

14: The Republican Congress supports American allies, especially those who have Democracy and Free Trade. (C) The next Republican President continues to advocate for Wilsoniansism. (E)

15: In the US Senate, change the Filibuster rule to affect only Bills, not Presidential nominations. However, the Democrats must promise and sign a statement not to attack any Republican judicial nominees ever again. (C) If any Presidential nominations are held up by Democrats (or attacked like Bork or Thomas), cancel any deals with Democrats until nominations are secure. (E)

16: Streamline the Presidential Nomination process -- if the Republican Congress makes it easier for Presidents, those presidents will campaign for a GOP Congress. How to streamline? Nominate in first month, background check in second month, Congressional Committeee in the First week, Third Month, Senate Votes Third week, third month. (C) Streamline nominations process. (E)

17: When a Republican White House is elected, shut down the Press gallary for three weeks after Inauguration day. Interview every reporter who will be there and ask three questions before credentialing: 1) What three policies of the last Republican president did you like? 2) Which Republican, outside of Republican Administration, do ou like and why? 3) Name and detail the different branches of Conservatives and Republicans. After questions, a better, more informed press corps. Also, invite Bloggers (see Blogroll) to be part of press corps. (E)

18: De-fund any Federal Government Branch that is not helping the people in your district. (C) Cut Three Federal Agencies, budgetary problems get easier. (E)

19: As we on the Right are fond of bringing things back to the States, begin the process of disestablishmentarianism. (C) (E)

20: Fund the Military with whatever they need, and fund the Veterans Administration too. (C) (E)

21: Change the Appropriations process. How? Congressional Budget Resolution must pass in March, if not, Appropriations cannot begin (enforced by parliamentarians). And every day Appropriations is late, dock pay of members and President. (C) (E)

22: Go over what Taxes are being levied on the public. Then get rid of the old ones, and don't make new ones. (C) (E)

23: If America can rid the world of one more Dictator, make it law so the President (or future ones) can act. See the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (C) Stand up to Dictators and help fix failed States so people can thrive, live and trade. (E)

24: Until Democrats apologize for the way they treated President Bush, Senator McCain and Former Governor Palin, make no deals. Their words mean nothing (C) (E)

25: Hire me to work as a Legislative Director on the Hill! (C) or Hire me to work in the next Republican President's Chief of Staff office. (E)

My question: Should anything be added or taken away?

Now something to inspire:

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Friends over Party Labels: Why the New York Post should leave My Friends Alone

If you read through my posts, you will see that I will fight for Conservatives and Republicans. My rules are simple, (Read Tip O'Neill's book for details):

1) Stand for what you believe;
2) Call out the wankers on the other side, and
3) Always, always, always, protect your friends.

Go back a bit and read my Political Conversion story (1, 2, 3). As I attacked Andrew Sullivan for going after Palin's family (and for Conor Friersdorf for allowing it to happen), I'm going to tell the New York Post, and every New York newspaper and magazine stay away from my friends: Alexandra Chartier and her father, Jack Chartier.

Yes, Jack Chartier worked for Alan Hevesi, yes he is a Democrat, but they are my friends. And why is Newsweek bringing back Governor #9? He was a hypocrite. I say Hevesi and Chartier are two honorable men should be supported(whatever is going on between them is not my concern), highlight them.

They were Old School Democrats, it's where I learned to treat the opposition like opponents, not enemies. They never taught me the school of Hating American Opponents. (Remember Hevesi said One bad thing about President Bush, then apologized. As I said, Old School.)

And this message is for Andrew Breitbart: The Workers Front Party (a political front of ACORN) went after my friend Alexandra in NYC. Sic your Big Government reporters on that.

So this is my one and only warning to the New York media: Leave the Chartiers and Hevasis alone. And if you work in New York City, hire Alexandra Chartier, she is a quick learner and great worker. If you need to contact her about a job, email me.

And if her dad ever wants to come over to the Right, I will always keep an open door.

My question: Has friendship ever trumped partisanship?

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Gov. Romney should Not be the GOP Candidate in 2012

It is time to filter out the candidates asking for your money and the right to visit New Hampshire and Iowa in 2012. The Valley will help you save your funds for candidates who can win.

Even though I've already endorsed, that post was just my declaration, these posts are to help guide your way.

Now, why should Former Governor Romney not get your money or vote for 2012? Let me count the ways.....

1) Even though he put together a State Health care plan (which has troubles), it would be a line of attack from President Obama. The attack ad would be: Former Governor Romney supports Government Run Health Care for Massachusetts, why not for you?

Even though a core belief on the Right is State's know better then Federal, it is an easy attack.

2) His coattails do not go beyond Massachusetts. His State organization helped Senator Scott Brown. Can you name any candidate from the other 49 states that Governor Romney put into office? No? Neither can I.

3) When it came time to stand up for other Republicans under fire, he was silent -- nor can he fight back. I talk of the investigations by Dan Riehl and Robert Stacy Mc Cain into the funding of Liberal Alaskan Bloggers using the ethics charges against a sitting Governor. (The current Republican Governor of Alaksa has no charges filed against him. Why? Palin was the target).

Google "Mitt Romney," and "Governor Palin ethics charges," There are no statements in support of Palin by Romney during this time. In fact, nothing can be found. NO-THING. Even though all the charges were thrown out, Former Governor Romney did not stand up.

Also, does anyone know of Governor Romney standing up to the current Administration? Any quotes that have been cited and re-used? Again, he never had to fight. When the Democrats hit below the belt (and they will), can Governor Romney fight back?

Hint: He isn't fighting now.

My question: Tell me why I am wrong about Romney.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

How to go Goth, Part One

As the only Offical Conservative Jewish Goth Activist Blogger TM (The Fundraiser/Great Hollywood Right Blogosphere Meet Up is one step closer tonight), I can talk about all these different worlds. As a sci-fi geek, I can make Doctor Who references with ease (President Obama is either Harold Saxon or Zaphod Beeblebrox); And since Marvel Comics still rule, I make references there too (The Post that started the Town hall troubles).

So tonight, with Politics at a standstill until after Presidents day, let's explore some Goth stuff. I started here. Now let's go to the great Lady of the Manners who runs a Blog (which you can see on the Blogroll) called "Gothic Charm School,"

Considering the folk I meet at the clubs in Los Angeles, she provides a great service (and if you need a consultant with Microsoft Talent, hire her). Heck, even my Los Angeles mentor was interested in the world of Goth on my Birthday. She provides a nice introduction to the Goth world, so watch and enjoy:

My question: What are the protocols for the subcultures where you hang your hat?

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

I stand with Leon Wieseltier: Andrew Sullivan IS STILL an Anti-Semite and Conor Friedersdorf still supports him

My, my my, one pebble drops and the avalanche starts.

It started with a post I wrote last year in reply to a question Andrew Sullivan posted to AOL about moral equivalence between Iran and Israel.

Want to hear the question again?

"Do we have a double standard regarding Israel's and Iran's rhetoric?"

And my anger at Sullivan started from two points:

1) When I cited the anti-Israeli rhetoric used against President Bush from the Daily Kos, I sent 4 emails to Sullivan (who always had a large platform) to say, please stand up against it. He chose not to. The Blogger was a Brit named the Heathlander who still writes to this day on Kos about how "evil," the Israeli's are to the Palestinians. Did Andrew Sullivan do anything to stop it? NO

2) Going after the Palin family. I learned from Old machine Politicos who followed Tip O'Neill rules of the Road. The biggest rule in politics is "stay away from families," Andrew Sullivan is not a citizen, how dare he?

Conor Friedersdorf whined today (and Dan Riehl had a great rebuttal) about how he lost a job and three dates because of Dan and mine posts. call the waahbulence. If you are a Conservative Journalist, why are you attacking all manner of Conservatives?

No one said Conor is the next William F. Buckley, Jr. It is not a self-appointing position, you get picked by many in the base and among the Beltway. If there is a Buckley, many Conservative Bloggers and activists will vote you down because of your association with Sullivan.

And Conor, here's a hint: Buckley consistently went after Liberals first, then he cleaned out the Right. What Obama Policy have you attacked recently (and with gusto)?

On Monday Mr. Wieseltier fisked Sullivan because of his attitude towards Israel. Sullivan's response was emotion based and did not answer any of my earlier charges, and to confirm I was right, tonight, Mr. Wieseltier wrote this:

"If I should be more careful about the question of anti-Semitism, so should Sullivan. He complacently says that on this score 'I did my best.' No, he did not. There is a lot of this prejudice in the world right now, and this is really no time to be sloppy...about it. Sullivan is correct that there is not much difference between our views about the settlements and Israeli brutality in Gaza and the ideological orientation of the Likud--but there is all the difference in the world, because I have labored to provide an example of what Michael Walzer has described as 'connected criticism,' of criticism that cannot be mistaken for enmity. (This does not mean that enmity is not allowed. It does mean that enmity cannot pose as friendship.)"

I said it before and I'll say it again, Andrew Sullivan hates Israel and Jews And Conor stands by Sullivan's every word.

Even though I am a low level Blogger (Conor's words), I have my principles and I stand by them. I stood by them when I was a New York Democrat, and I stand by them today as a Conservative Republican (with a Libertarian streak) from California.

I write about my principles here in the Valley, whether it becomes a popular Blog or not is not my worry, but whether my friends and family around the country (especially in the San Fernando Valley, New York, the Beltway and on the Hill) hear my ideas.

My question: Will either Sullivan or Friedersdorf admit they are wrong? And why is Sullivan allowed to break one of the basic rules of American politics by going after Palin's family?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse: 2010 Version

Since it's snowing out east and raining out west and no major policy is getting done today, let's look again at the Blogosphere.

In 2003, this Blogger defined who were the Four Horsemen of the Right Blogosphere who caused the most damage to the Left.

At the time, these Four did much damage:

Plague: Steven Den Beste
Famine: Charles Johnson
War: Andrew Sullivan
Death: Glenn Reynolds

This is 2010 and except for Glenn Reynolds, the other horsemen fled. Steven Den Beste writes a manga blog, Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan (confirmed by Sullivan's own mentor at The New Republic, I was right when I wrote this) went Anti-Semitic and then went Left.

So, who deserves it today?

Here are my choices:

Death: Glenn Reynolds
Famine: Jim Hoft
War: Pamela Geller
Plague: Robert Stacy Mc Cain (and co-blogger Smitty)


Jim Hoft is quoted by talk Radio and his words affect the political atmosphere around the country; Thus he is famine.

Pamela Geller stands up to 3 Liberals on TV and still wins. She is also focused on the Islamofacist threat, and the Honor Killings NOW doesn't care about. And she also fights, she is War.

Robert Stacy Mc Cain and Smitty are Plague because RS is a "connecter" with the Right Blogosphere and Smitty also spreads the word. If some news hits the Right Blogosphere,they are there.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen of Conservative and Republican Politics and Blogging, meet your Four Horseman who fight the Obama administration!

My question: Who are your personal Four Horseman in day to day life?

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The Moderate Voice is not Moderate -- Discuss

When someone calls their blog "The Moderate Voice" as Joe Gandlesmen, a ventriloquist from San Diego did, you expect moderation. As I discussed in the Kathy Kattenberg post, Liberalism reigns supreme in this so-called Moderate Blog.

First, what is a moderate?

Simple, someone who understands the politics, philosophies and personalities of the Two party system in America and can argue either side. Moderates also say sometimes one side is better then the other, but never stick to one side. Moderates have principles. If they think something is bad when a Republican President does it, then it is still bad when a Democratic President does it.

Trust me, there are no fulminations against President Obama or the Democratic majority at The Moderate Voice [TMV]. But they did attack Pamela Geller. If they attack Pamela Geller, they are no moderates.

60% of the general non activist public is Moderate. In 2004, the public went Republican, and in 2008 the public went for a Democrat. There are no Bloggers at TMV who followed that pattern. The only true moderate in the Blogosphere is Althouse and she hears what the voting public says better then any politician (she is the only Blogger to call BS on both parties).

Let's break down the TMV:

None of the writers at TMV voted for President Bush in 2004, none of the writers at TMV defend Republican policies or tactics and none of the writers at TMV ever link to any Conservative Blogger in support.

It is time to say Joe Gandlesmen is the dummy on Obama's lap -- he has no "Moderates" blogging there, so it is time for we Bloggers on the Right to do three things:

1) De-link as we did with Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson. They are not Moderate enough to accept the our role in the two party System.

2) Every Right Blogger should take a TMV writer to fisk, it's quick and easy. And the conclusion will remain the same: TMV is a place for Liberals.

3) At any Republican event, if any Blogger is affiliated with TMV, they don't get credentialed.

After all when there are multiple posts at the TMV all decrying the Citizens United decision, then there is no Moderation at the Moderate voice. Again, not one post at TMV saying the decision was good. Some Moderates.

And if you want to know where the Liberals are, see how each and every post at TMV mocks Palin and the tea partiers.

Let me repeat: There are no Moderates at The Moderate Voice and anyone who cites them is a Liberal scoring points.

My question: What do you consider to be Moderate in American politics? Is there any Blogger or political writer who fits that bill?

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hooray for the N.O. Saints!

I enjoyed the Super Bowl this year. But this I thought the video below had the winning play.

To quote Aliens: Game over, man! Game over. Final score: New Orleans 31, Indianapolis 17

Cheers to Tracy Porter for making a great interception.

The New Orleans Saints wanted this game, and it's their first Superbowl. USC Alumni (and Heisman winner) Reggie Bush plays for the Saints, so by default (since the Redskins sucked this year) were my team.

Hooray for the Saints!

Clinton Portis, get your team in gear!

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The Future Of Governor Palin and the Tea Party Movement

Here is Governor Palin's speech and Q and A (I am waiting for the transcript):

I support Former Governor Palin and I've been to the Tea party last April 15th in the Valley.

So how can they both maximise their potentials?

Let's start with the Tea parties:

1) Since Tea Partiers are Fiscal Conservatives, find Conservative Candidates with the following pre-requisites behind them:
A) Business owners;
B) Republican Party Activists since 2007 (if not before); and
C) Willing to Fight back against the Progressives and the Press.

2) Get involved in all levels of the Republican movement, again bringing Fiscal Conservatism to the fore. The tea partiers need an ally or an agent in every State, County and local Republican Party before the summer of 2010. In the San Fernando Valley, we don't have to worry about that. Gary Aminoff stands at the crux of both groups. Go Gary!

3) Run candidates in Primaries this year in your area and next year in local elections. By the time 2016 rolls around, the Tea Partiers should have a candidate to field (unless Governor Palin is President Palin, then adjust said date to 2012).

4) Follow Reagan's 11th Commandment when in public. Lobby within any Conservative or Republican organization to get your voices heard.

I hear you. I am one of you. Let's be heard.

And now, how Former Governor Palin can become President Palin (without spending millions on consultants, only thousands if the Valley is correct).

A) Speak at CPAC 2010, speak at CPAC 2010, speak at CPAC 2010. Whoever is advising you is failing you. The activists who will help your campaign in 2012 are at CPAC. Go to them, they will follow you.

B) Get to know every Republican County Chairperson from every state (I suggest you say "Hello," to Jane Barnett when you get to Burbank). Learn the strengths and weakness' of every precinct and put those CPAC activists into those districts.

C) Credential Bloggers as part of your 2010 travels, 2011 speeches and 2012 campaign. help them and they will help you with local leads. Watch what happens in Los Angeles this year at the Fundraiser/Great Hollywood Right Blogosphere Meet Up. To see it in action, call up Chairman Nehring and tell him to get it going.

D) Point out the ugliness of Andrew Sullivan and ask the public in each of your speeches, "Do we want to live in Andrew Sullivan's America?" Also read from the post to get the crowd going. Cheers will ensue.

E) Appoint fundraisers for every state after the summer of 2010. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise using the new media and old school. Thank me later.

F) Bring the Tea partiers into the Conservative and Republican coalition after November 2010. See points 1-4 above.

and finally,

G) Your second book should be policy and American history oriented, something like Nixon's In the Arena.

My question: What advice do you have for the Tea Partiers and Governor Palin for 2010 and 2012?

And since yesterday was President Reagan's 99th Birthday, enjoy this video:

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Is Senator Shelby invoking Sam and Dave or Placebo?

It was all over memeorandum this morning.

This morning, Senator Shelby (R-AL) put a hold on 70 appointments by the Obama Administration. And the question is why?

Two words: Constituent service.

Again, Democrats do not have clean hands in the Senate. From the attacks on Republican Judicial appointments to selling out to Senator Landrieu and Nelson for the Government Run Health Care Bill, Democrats do not own the high moral ground.

But both parties are hearing different songs over the holds. The Left is hearing Sam & Dave's "Hold on," Here is a cool version:

Meanwhile, we "uncool," Republicans are hearing the lyrics of Placebo's "Infra-red". Video here:

What lyrics do we on the Right hear?

"Someone call the ambulance there’s gonna be an accident,"

The Democrats in their rush to super-majority, forgot to ask the the Minority party what they wanted. Again, one of the first mistakes President Obama did was not to throw a bone to the minority (and also Mr. President, stop attacking the CIA and intelligence agencies). Nobody is coming to save these appointments.

If President Obama was the pragmatist he sold himself as in 2008, then he would have fully staffed his offices by September 2009 (President George W. Bush finished September 2001). See what too much partying gets you.

In an ironic twist, the Pentagon by picking Boeing over Airbus for tanker refueling meant less jobs for Northrup Grumman in Alabama

Constituent service is a major part of life up on Capitol Hill. Senator Shelby is standing up for his state; Maybe he spoke to Former Senator D'Amato?

President Obama can break the impasse: all he has to do is lead and compromise. Not just say things, but do the follow through.

But for now, Professor Jacobsen and I will just laugh at the Democrats for forgetting karma. Again.

My questions: Can the Democrats Govern? Were they lying during the last adminsitration about being pragamatists? Or was it only posturing for the camaras?

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Liberal Journalists are Court Jesters, whereas Conservative Journalists are like Spider Jerusalem

In the wake of the O'Keefe/Landreiu situation, the time has come to ask, what is Journalism? What embodies a good Political Journalist? And why do Liberals fail at this task too?

As mentioned before, Hunter S. Thompson is replaced by Robert Stacy Mc Cain. Full stop. The comic book homage of HST is Spider Jerusalem. Who is Spider?

Read this:

The primary focus of conflict within Spider's psyche, over the course of the series, is a combination of concern for his delivery of 'The Truth' and misanthropy towards his public. Spider hates and struggles against authority figures who oppress others, but he is also bitter toward the uninvolved public who give the authority its power. Likewise, he struggles to convince the public to listen to The Truth, but is disgusted by those who blindly accept what he reports. In addition, Spider's talents earn him unwanted fame and adoration, which clouds his ability to "get at The Truth." His editor, Mitchell Royce, opines that Spider needs to be hated in order to function.

Despite his absolute disdain for those around him, Spider is quite loyal to those few who he considers friends and is equally quick to hurt those who would betray him. Indeed, much of Spider's motivation in the second half of the series was dedicated to bringing the President to justice for ordering the murder of Vita Severn, whom Spider had befriended.

Although he opposed The Beast, Spider is not loyal to any political party or organization, and his initial support of The Smiler was tinged with contempt at his cynical attitude and false altruism.

During Transmetropolitan, Spider (in backstory) has gone after "the Beast," (a homage to Republican Presidents) and "The Smiler," AKA Gray Callahan (Homage to Liberal shallowness), within the series. In other words, he stands up for following "THE TRUTH," wherever it leads, parties notwithstanding.

The only peer of Spider that follows "The TRUTH" wherever it leads (on a visual sense) is Robert McX. A Conservative.

For a series written in the late 90's early 00's (whose setting is a very Libertine and Libertarian future), it shines a light on a dying industry that does not need to fall.

Let's start with: what is Journalism?

It is following the 5 W's (Who, What Where, When and Why) and communicating what is happening in the wider world and connect it to the reader's locality. The best example is a chase on a freeway at Rush Hour. The 5 W's and how it affects local crime and traffic issues.

So, what is Good Political Journalism?

If a Journalist has a clear eye and ear for differing philosophies, players, and politics within and without each party, then it is the their job to relay, cleanly, what is going on and how it affects the world of politics, policy and the reader.

The best example of Good Political Journalism is a reporter after spending years investigating the Bush Administration, starts investigating the Obama administration. I'm sorry to say, no such creature exists among modern Journalists. Except for the Right.

Why do Liberals fail at this task?

The same reason there is no "Goldwater to Nixon," moments among Democrats during Governing years, they never police their own. Shall I relate the list of corrupt Democrats in the House since 2007?

I have a saying: There are no Woodward and Bernstein's during Democratic Administrations.

Want proof? The magazine that is supposed to be "[A] watchdog...of the press in all its forms," is run by former Nation magazine Editor Emeritus, Victor Navasky. Look back in CJR and see how many critical pieces are written about The Nation, American Prospect, New Republic or even Frank Rich. Hint: NONE. In fact, Navasky uses his position to fund raise for The Nation. Who will call Conflict of interest? No Columbia Journalism students or faculty are. Maybe you need an Andrew Breitbart to do it instead.

If you run a campaign in 2010 and 2012 and the Press misrepresents you, cite the above paragraph. Multiple times.

Anyone sending their son or daughter to Columbia University School of Journalism is getting fleeced. They are not teaching their students to go after THE TRUTH. Only truths which don't hit the Democrats and their allies. If Columbia was smart, they would dismantle the school and put in public housing instead. At least the great NYPD would do more investigations then the students.

And what about O'Keefe? He has been doing the job 60 Minutes has been neglecting since 2008 (or even further, since 1992, but excepting the administration in power during the years 2001 -2008). He investigates ACORN which has some sketchy Electoral history. Where is Mike Wallace? O'Keefe was investigating a rumor about whether Senator Landreiu (D-LA) was neglecting her constituents. That's good political journalism.

Who is Spider? Who is Robert McX? Hint: Not Greg Mitchell, former Editor of Editor & Publisher. He never investigates corruption on whomever is in power. He investigates only when people he doesn't like is in power.

As long as Breitbart plays the Ben Bradlee role to O'Keefe's Spider, we have a healthy Fourth estate. Fox News taking on the Administration is a gooood thing, especially when it looks like GE/NBC and it's affiliates have acquiesced. As have all the producers at 60 Minutes. Chris Wallace, son of Mike Wallace, and also an Old School Democrat is Robert McX.

Spider was a journalist who took on Power whatever party ran the White House (yes, Warren Ellis got some American politics wrong, but he got Journalism right,). Greg Mitchell, Larisa Alexandrova and everyone at Huffington Post sucks up to Democratic Administrations. They are the Court Jesters. They dance to the tune of any Progressive, Liberal or Democrat. Their writing betrays their lack of search for THE TRUTH when the administration has a "D" at the end of their names.

The Right investigates during Republican and Democratic Administrations. Why can't Liberals?

And since I'm a partisan and not a journalist, I have nothing to hide. My words do not betray me.

My question: Which reporter (TV, Newspaper or Internet) is today's Spider Jerusalem, willing to go after corruption, whatever party is in power?

UPDATE 2/12/2010: The Valley never lies. I focused on Larisa Alexandrova because I knew she is not like Spider at all. But she had a good line on 2/8:

"Would you have trusted this program to Nixon or Bush? Would you trust Obama not to abuse this power? I trust no one - that is part of my job description"

But then she spends almost every post not relating to Lost attacking those who attack the State and President Obama(1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Her words above mean nothing; She chooses to protect the President and Democrats rather then investigate and question authority. I wonder what Spider would say.

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

President Obama vs. Las Vegas -- Bet on Vegas

Before we get into the intra-Democratic fighting (which has been going on since 2007), enjoy this video:

Las Vegas is a true Western American City, birthed in the early days of the 20th Century. Between the Mormons, Mobsters and corrupt Union funds, the city grew from a town in the desert to a light in the darkness.

President Obama has been President for a year, yet in that year he attacked Las Vegas. rather then acknowledge the mistake his comments had for business in Las Vegas, President Obama doubled down.

Is it because the president is mad at Senator Reid for not passing health reform? Or his comment from Game Change? In 2012, Nevada will have a total of 5 Electoral votes and was in play back in 2004 (I know, I was knocking on doors for a weekend), during a re-election of a President. Is Obama rolling the dice with Nevada for 2012?

Is Obama afraid of people gambling? Well in almost every state there are Indian casinos (such as the San Manuel in California and the Mohegan Tribe of Connecticut), and in every home there are Online casinos [Note: My late father and I worked on this issue] (such as: Vegas Red and Vegas Casino Online). President Obama is pretty silent about Atlantic City though, hmmmm....

Did Obama lose money in Vegas when he was younger? Or did he live The Hangover for real? Whatever the case, when President Obama goes to war (against Fox news, against banks, against Republicans, etc. et al), the President usually loses but not before someone gets hurt.

My question is to Vegas residents, present, former., honorary, and upcoming: What can Las Vegas do to protect itself against war by the White House and the Democratic National Committee? And for Non-residents, what does President Obama going to war with Las Vegas mean to you?

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Bipartisanship and the Budget FY2011

Last Friday, President Obama went to his version of the Lion's Den. He went to meet and have a Q and A with Republican Congressmen in Baltimore. Here is the video (and the Transcript):

Today, President Obama released his budget for Fiscal Year 2011 [FY2011], and no Republican will vote for it. Let's start with the debt ceiling being raised (up to $1.9T so far), and then let's go into reasons that Rachel Maddow and her Oxford Education cannot understand.

For all the cheering last Friday by the Left, President Obama had no effing clue what the Republicans believe. How do you wage a battle of ideas when one side (that is Obama and the Left) refuses to understand the other side (that is Republicans and Conservatives)? Mr. President, let me help you: Read this post.

Just because the Conservatives and Republicans don't support Government Run Health Care [GRHC] does not make them any less of an opposition. Why? It is on a Liberal and Democratic party wishlist, not the Republicans. It will rise and fall on the strength of Democrats. You can have 60 votes or 51 votes, if the Left believed in what they were doing, it would have passed last May.

When you study President Obama's background, he never had to deal with Conservatives or Republicans. In Chicago, it's a One Party City (like Los Angeles). In Illinois, he never had any hard fought campaigns in his general election. And come 2008, it was going to be a Democratic party year so the only real opposition he had was from Hillary!

Even though the Republicans fielded a Moderate, not one person who asked for Republicans to be more Moderate supported him. Another lie bites the dust.

When Democrats, like Steve Benen, say he will only engage in the opposition if they "act," a certain way completely ignores what happened during the last Administration. And Mr. President and Ms. Maddow, you need to start listening here (but you should have read what came before).

Once upon a time Senator Vandenberg (R-MI) said "Politics stops at the water's Edge," to support a Democratic President under fire. Why? Because American politics and policy does not revolve around one president, ever.

All the hatred of President Bush got to levels unseen in American politics. The Democrats needed an Emmanuel Goldstein and President Bush (then Senator McCain, then Former Governor Palin) supplied that role.

Did any Democratic Senator stand up between 2004 - 2008 to defend President Bush and his Wilsonianism? A big, fat NO. If a Democratic partisan stubbed their toe, they blamed Bush. Heck, no Democrat between 2001 - 2008 ever gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt.

Chickens are now coming home to roost.

So, why are the Republicans voting "No," on anything President Obama endorses? Three reasons:

1) President Obama has a Huffington Post understanding of the Right, or the Right as seen from the Left. Not once has he ever spoken to a Conservative to understand his or her views. I say President Obama should invite Rush Limbaugh to the White House for a week to learn about Republicans and Conservatives. And if he doesn't want to do that, send Gary Aminoff.

2) The Democrats had such a Hate for Bush, McCain and Palin that unless we hear an apology, the Republicans will never ever support anything Democrats do ever again. Stop blaming Bush and Republicans for everything that goes wrong. President Obama and the Democrats have a large majority, Republicans have nothing to do with it. You want our help and support once in a while? Stop with the Emmanuel Goldsteining of our people and apologize on the White House lawn to Bush, McCain and Palin. Without it, no votes.

3) We don't support the President's views on public policy. As the Minority Party, we oppose. It's our job. Don't like it? Follow the actions listed in #2.

If President Obama cannot get Democrats to vote for his budget, it is DOA -- No Republican House member or Senator should vote on anything but Defense, Homeland Security and HHS. that's it.

My question: Why do Liberals fail to understand Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers? Are we not Americans too?

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