Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Power of Cheney Compels You

First, let's go hear the Former Vice president Speak at CPAC:

And let's watch Former Vice President Cheney last Sunday:

Why does Former Vice President Cheney stand above the current set of White House occupants?

Let's start with his background, he is a former staffer who became a Principal (in Beltway speak).

He started as President Ford's White House Chief of Staff, then went home to Wyoming and ran for Wyoming's only House seat. Within the House leadership, he became Conference Chair then Whip.

The First Bush White House appointed him Secretary of Defence (which led the way for Speaker Gingrich's rise). It was as head of the Pentagon he knew about the dangers of Iraq.

Unlike many of the Democrats in the White House today, Former Vice President Cheney knew how both branches of Government worked. And he also knew and understood Foreign Affairs. Compare Cheney with Biden, how many Executive Agencies did Biden run?

I can understand why the Democrats don't like to hear Cheney. President Obama wants to keep blaming the last Administration for everything, and Cheney stands up and speaks in measured tones about the ways the Obama Administration fails the American people.

If the Obama Administration was really filled with political geniuses, Cheney would have been co-opted by last March. Quote Nelson Muntz of The Simpsons: Ha-ha!

The reason why I like Vice President Cheney (I saw him in one of the House of Representative Hallways in 2003), is he knows the jobs of a staffer and an elected offical, he stands for what he believes in. If Cheney says something on Sunday, he will tell you the same thing on Tuesday -- that is something this current White House cannot do.

So, three cheers for the Cheneys!

My question: What do you like about Former Vice President Cheney? Or what do you like about Vice President Biden?

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