Monday, February 01, 2010

Bipartisanship and the Budget FY2011

Last Friday, President Obama went to his version of the Lion's Den. He went to meet and have a Q and A with Republican Congressmen in Baltimore. Here is the video (and the Transcript):

Today, President Obama released his budget for Fiscal Year 2011 [FY2011], and no Republican will vote for it. Let's start with the debt ceiling being raised (up to $1.9T so far), and then let's go into reasons that Rachel Maddow and her Oxford Education cannot understand.

For all the cheering last Friday by the Left, President Obama had no effing clue what the Republicans believe. How do you wage a battle of ideas when one side (that is Obama and the Left) refuses to understand the other side (that is Republicans and Conservatives)? Mr. President, let me help you: Read this post.

Just because the Conservatives and Republicans don't support Government Run Health Care [GRHC] does not make them any less of an opposition. Why? It is on a Liberal and Democratic party wishlist, not the Republicans. It will rise and fall on the strength of Democrats. You can have 60 votes or 51 votes, if the Left believed in what they were doing, it would have passed last May.

When you study President Obama's background, he never had to deal with Conservatives or Republicans. In Chicago, it's a One Party City (like Los Angeles). In Illinois, he never had any hard fought campaigns in his general election. And come 2008, it was going to be a Democratic party year so the only real opposition he had was from Hillary!

Even though the Republicans fielded a Moderate, not one person who asked for Republicans to be more Moderate supported him. Another lie bites the dust.

When Democrats, like Steve Benen, say he will only engage in the opposition if they "act," a certain way completely ignores what happened during the last Administration. And Mr. President and Ms. Maddow, you need to start listening here (but you should have read what came before).

Once upon a time Senator Vandenberg (R-MI) said "Politics stops at the water's Edge," to support a Democratic President under fire. Why? Because American politics and policy does not revolve around one president, ever.

All the hatred of President Bush got to levels unseen in American politics. The Democrats needed an Emmanuel Goldstein and President Bush (then Senator McCain, then Former Governor Palin) supplied that role.

Did any Democratic Senator stand up between 2004 - 2008 to defend President Bush and his Wilsonianism? A big, fat NO. If a Democratic partisan stubbed their toe, they blamed Bush. Heck, no Democrat between 2001 - 2008 ever gave President Bush the benefit of the doubt.

Chickens are now coming home to roost.

So, why are the Republicans voting "No," on anything President Obama endorses? Three reasons:

1) President Obama has a Huffington Post understanding of the Right, or the Right as seen from the Left. Not once has he ever spoken to a Conservative to understand his or her views. I say President Obama should invite Rush Limbaugh to the White House for a week to learn about Republicans and Conservatives. And if he doesn't want to do that, send Gary Aminoff.

2) The Democrats had such a Hate for Bush, McCain and Palin that unless we hear an apology, the Republicans will never ever support anything Democrats do ever again. Stop blaming Bush and Republicans for everything that goes wrong. President Obama and the Democrats have a large majority, Republicans have nothing to do with it. You want our help and support once in a while? Stop with the Emmanuel Goldsteining of our people and apologize on the White House lawn to Bush, McCain and Palin. Without it, no votes.

3) We don't support the President's views on public policy. As the Minority Party, we oppose. It's our job. Don't like it? Follow the actions listed in #2.

If President Obama cannot get Democrats to vote for his budget, it is DOA -- No Republican House member or Senator should vote on anything but Defense, Homeland Security and HHS. that's it.

My question: Why do Liberals fail to understand Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers? Are we not Americans too?

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  1. Larry Anderson5:37 AM PST

    Sadly, no. The hard left does NOT see conservatives as real "people" much less Americans who's views are to be repected. There is ample evidence of this from all levels of government, but a brief perusal of the comments made by the likes of Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Olbermann, et al, will more than convince you. Once you have "dehumanized" your opponent, discarding their opinions and viewpoints is quite easy. Done long enough, and they find discarding people becomes acceptable as well. See: Any "Socialist Utopia" attempt anywhere in world history.

  2. Great post...the reasons Dem's don't understand, is because they're "reasonable" we all know, "reasonable" people will do "reasonable" things "for the good of the people." Therefore, anything they do is "reasonable" and opposition to "reasonbale" things is selfish and evil.

    Going to add you to my blog roll.

  3. Anonymous6:03 AM PST

    For all of his disconnect, Obama is not the major problem here. The current fiscal problem has manifested itself over the past years (but certainly the past 3 years) by a congress that has no financial clue as to what policies can ruin a nation.
    Back in school, I remember a civics rhyme, "the President proposes, congress disposes". Republicans may have learned to say "no" on health care, but probably nothing else. This does not separate them from the pack mentality, just establishes a media nuance of fiscal sanity.

  4. Anonymous6:04 AM PST

    AM I the only native born US citizen to recognize Arianna Huffington as being the same ilk as Georgi Soros? An agent provocateur of the now deceased Soviet Union, taking advantage of our own institutions and protected rights to undermine and betray us?

    I should like to see her returned to the Eastern European s**thole she came from to see how well her brand of neo-stalinism fares. Without the ex hubby's money, of course.

  5. You ask "Why do Liberals fail to understand Conservatives, Republicans and Tea Partiers? Are we not Americans too?"

    In the minds of many, many Dems, the simple answer is "no". In fact, these people very often believe Republicans to be sub-human. It's good to keep in mind that the Democrat Party is deeply racist.

  6. I am not an Obama fan, but it is unfair to say that he has not at least given lip service to meeting with conservatives. In January 2009 he had dinner at George Will's home with several prominent conservatives, which was widely reported at the time, even at Huffington Post (can't cut/paste links in this space so Google "Obama dinner George Will). Obviously he needs to do much more, but you state: "Not once has he ever spoken to a Conservative to understand his or her (sic) views." And that is not true. If you want to pillory Huffington Post for their lousy reporting, and by all means please do, then you have to be careful about your own posts.

    Chase Kimball

  7. Anonymous6:21 AM PST

    It's the second point for me. I got so tired, more than tired, appalled, hearing the hate and raving about Bush, Cheney, Blood for Oil (wounded Iraq vet here, kiss my...) how dumb the right is, etc, etc, for the last few years. I will never support anything the dems do. Ever, period, end of discussion. I am done with them. Even if I agree with a pol if they want my support, they need to leave the party.

  8. Anonymous6:25 AM PST


    *shrug* my personal short analysis:

    Liberals think Conservatives are evil,
    Conservatives think Liberals are crazy.

    1. Liberals think Conservatives are evil:

    Because of this Liberals believe that any means to achieve the proper end is fully acceptable. While those means by themselves might be abhorrent the end, once achieved, will wash away all the sins accumulated on the path there.

    This is why Liberals not only cannot understand the mindset of Conservatives but also why they don't bother. It also explains why Liberals have such a hard time trying to pretend being Conservative as many a Liberal sock-puppet has found out.

    2. Conservatives think Liberals are crazy:

    Pretty much true.

    Conservatives have remarked on many occasions that Liberals seem to constantly be mugged by the Law of Unintended Consequences. This is because a major underpinning of Liberal thought is that reality is malleable and can be changed. To Conservatives this is idiotic and a simpleton's point of view.

    Reality is reality and cannot be changed unless extraordinary effort is made over even the most trivial of concerns. To remake reality with the wave of a hand is beyond ridiculous. Thus the Liberal is crazy meme.

    Consider Iran. Conservatives know that Iran is dangerous and that any attempt to influence the Iranian regime by trying to be nice is silly. The controlling clerics of Iran routinely have people stoned to death. If you're willing to have a woman stoned to death then you're not some silly pissant that will be swayed. Of all the fanatics in the world a religious fanatic is the least likely to be persuaded over a cup of tea.

    And yet that exactly described Obama's foreign policy towards Iran.

    Evil. Crazy.

    No wonder they call Conservatives, Liberals mugged by reality.

  9. Intersting view, JSF. If I may, I'd like to add that, along with your point that President O has never faced or had to compromise with political opponents, that also means this: he has only ever "campaigned."

    Consequently, if you look at his speeches about health care or any topic really, they are only ever about demonizing the opposition. He demonized doctors, patients and insurance companies to name a few. He still thinks he's on the road campaigning and that's all he knows how to do.

  10. As a small-'L' libertarian, I find myself frequently agreeing with conservatives and occasionally agreeing with Republicans. However I think your last paragraph could use a little introspection.

    It was unfortunately a frequent tactic of the "right" to question the Americanism of the "left" whenever the "left" questioned some aspect of the War on Terror.

    Your last sentence implies that the lack of consideration by the "left" equates to their considering the "right" to not be American. Sauce for the gander and all that sort of thing.

    I agree with a lot of what you have posted, but I think some consideration of the above is appropriate as well.


  11. "The Democrats had such a Hate for Bush, McCain and Palin that unless we hear an apology, the Republicans will never ever support anything Democrats do ever again. "

    Bravo. I have long felt that way. Thanks for articulating it.

  12. "President Obama has a Huffington Post understanding of the Right...."

    He also has a Huffington Post understanding of economics, the Constitution, foreign affairs, military strategy, and the American people.

    If only there were some way of knowing, before the election, that Obama would be completely out of his depth as POTUS. Oh, wait....

  13. Anonymous7:37 AM PST

    "Are we not Americans too?"

    "too"? Hell, they're hardly Americans -- they're citizens of the world. Whenever I heard one of these libs in congress indignantly demand, "Are you questioning my patriotism?" during the Bush years, I shouted, "YES! I AM!" at the TV.

    They may live here, but to them America is just a piece of real estate. Recall Obama's answer about American Exceptionalism: Everybody thinks their country is exceptional; the implied message being: no such thing as American Exceptionalism. So screw him, and everyone like him. I'm not an American "too" -- I'm an American, and they're a bunch of Alinskyite freaks, out to Cloward-Piven us into oblivion.

  14. You accuse Obama of not understanding the right and yet you call his health care proposals "government run health care," possibly one of the most misleading phrases that conservatives constantly get away with considering his health care proposals involve both the health care industry and insurance remaining private. If you're going to complain that Obama has created a cookie cutter image of what a conservative is, it'd help your argument if you didn't fall victim to the same misunderstanding.

  15. Anonymous1:25 PM PST

    "The Democrats had such a Hate for Bush, McCain and Palin that unless we hear an apology, the Republicans will never ever support anything Democrats do ever again."

    I too have long felt that way, but I don't believe it for a second. As soon as someone less obnoxious than Pelosi is Speaker/Minority Leader plenty of House RINOs will return to the fold. And need I point out all the Senate RINOs willing to work with the Senate Dem leadership ... just not enough on Obamacare?


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