Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Future Of Governor Palin and the Tea Party Movement

Here is Governor Palin's speech and Q and A (I am waiting for the transcript):

I support Former Governor Palin and I've been to the Tea party last April 15th in the Valley.

So how can they both maximise their potentials?

Let's start with the Tea parties:

1) Since Tea Partiers are Fiscal Conservatives, find Conservative Candidates with the following pre-requisites behind them:
A) Business owners;
B) Republican Party Activists since 2007 (if not before); and
C) Willing to Fight back against the Progressives and the Press.

2) Get involved in all levels of the Republican movement, again bringing Fiscal Conservatism to the fore. The tea partiers need an ally or an agent in every State, County and local Republican Party before the summer of 2010. In the San Fernando Valley, we don't have to worry about that. Gary Aminoff stands at the crux of both groups. Go Gary!

3) Run candidates in Primaries this year in your area and next year in local elections. By the time 2016 rolls around, the Tea Partiers should have a candidate to field (unless Governor Palin is President Palin, then adjust said date to 2012).

4) Follow Reagan's 11th Commandment when in public. Lobby within any Conservative or Republican organization to get your voices heard.

I hear you. I am one of you. Let's be heard.

And now, how Former Governor Palin can become President Palin (without spending millions on consultants, only thousands if the Valley is correct).

A) Speak at CPAC 2010, speak at CPAC 2010, speak at CPAC 2010. Whoever is advising you is failing you. The activists who will help your campaign in 2012 are at CPAC. Go to them, they will follow you.

B) Get to know every Republican County Chairperson from every state (I suggest you say "Hello," to Jane Barnett when you get to Burbank). Learn the strengths and weakness' of every precinct and put those CPAC activists into those districts.

C) Credential Bloggers as part of your 2010 travels, 2011 speeches and 2012 campaign. help them and they will help you with local leads. Watch what happens in Los Angeles this year at the Fundraiser/Great Hollywood Right Blogosphere Meet Up. To see it in action, call up Chairman Nehring and tell him to get it going.

D) Point out the ugliness of Andrew Sullivan and ask the public in each of your speeches, "Do we want to live in Andrew Sullivan's America?" Also read from the post to get the crowd going. Cheers will ensue.

E) Appoint fundraisers for every state after the summer of 2010. Fundraise, fundraise, fundraise using the new media and old school. Thank me later.

F) Bring the Tea partiers into the Conservative and Republican coalition after November 2010. See points 1-4 above.

and finally,

G) Your second book should be policy and American history oriented, something like Nixon's In the Arena.

My question: What advice do you have for the Tea Partiers and Governor Palin for 2010 and 2012?

And since yesterday was President Reagan's 99th Birthday, enjoy this video:

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