Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Friends over Party Labels: Why the New York Post should leave My Friends Alone

If you read through my posts, you will see that I will fight for Conservatives and Republicans. My rules are simple, (Read Tip O'Neill's book for details):

1) Stand for what you believe;
2) Call out the wankers on the other side, and
3) Always, always, always, protect your friends.

Go back a bit and read my Political Conversion story (1, 2, 3). As I attacked Andrew Sullivan for going after Palin's family (and for Conor Friersdorf for allowing it to happen), I'm going to tell the New York Post, and every New York newspaper and magazine stay away from my friends: Alexandra Chartier and her father, Jack Chartier.

Yes, Jack Chartier worked for Alan Hevesi, yes he is a Democrat, but they are my friends. And why is Newsweek bringing back Governor #9? He was a hypocrite. I say Hevesi and Chartier are two honorable men should be supported(whatever is going on between them is not my concern), highlight them.

They were Old School Democrats, it's where I learned to treat the opposition like opponents, not enemies. They never taught me the school of Hating American Opponents. (Remember Hevesi said One bad thing about President Bush, then apologized. As I said, Old School.)

And this message is for Andrew Breitbart: The Workers Front Party (a political front of ACORN) went after my friend Alexandra in NYC. Sic your Big Government reporters on that.

So this is my one and only warning to the New York media: Leave the Chartiers and Hevasis alone. And if you work in New York City, hire Alexandra Chartier, she is a quick learner and great worker. If you need to contact her about a job, email me.

And if her dad ever wants to come over to the Right, I will always keep an open door.

My question: Has friendship ever trumped partisanship?

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