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Liberal Journalists are Court Jesters, whereas Conservative Journalists are like Spider Jerusalem

In the wake of the O'Keefe/Landreiu situation, the time has come to ask, what is Journalism? What embodies a good Political Journalist? And why do Liberals fail at this task too?

As mentioned before, Hunter S. Thompson is replaced by Robert Stacy Mc Cain. Full stop. The comic book homage of HST is Spider Jerusalem. Who is Spider?

Read this:

The primary focus of conflict within Spider's psyche, over the course of the series, is a combination of concern for his delivery of 'The Truth' and misanthropy towards his public. Spider hates and struggles against authority figures who oppress others, but he is also bitter toward the uninvolved public who give the authority its power. Likewise, he struggles to convince the public to listen to The Truth, but is disgusted by those who blindly accept what he reports. In addition, Spider's talents earn him unwanted fame and adoration, which clouds his ability to "get at The Truth." His editor, Mitchell Royce, opines that Spider needs to be hated in order to function.

Despite his absolute disdain for those around him, Spider is quite loyal to those few who he considers friends and is equally quick to hurt those who would betray him. Indeed, much of Spider's motivation in the second half of the series was dedicated to bringing the President to justice for ordering the murder of Vita Severn, whom Spider had befriended.

Although he opposed The Beast, Spider is not loyal to any political party or organization, and his initial support of The Smiler was tinged with contempt at his cynical attitude and false altruism.

During Transmetropolitan, Spider (in backstory) has gone after "the Beast," (a homage to Republican Presidents) and "The Smiler," AKA Gray Callahan (Homage to Liberal shallowness), within the series. In other words, he stands up for following "THE TRUTH," wherever it leads, parties notwithstanding.

The only peer of Spider that follows "The TRUTH" wherever it leads (on a visual sense) is Robert McX. A Conservative.

For a series written in the late 90's early 00's (whose setting is a very Libertine and Libertarian future), it shines a light on a dying industry that does not need to fall.

Let's start with: what is Journalism?

It is following the 5 W's (Who, What Where, When and Why) and communicating what is happening in the wider world and connect it to the reader's locality. The best example is a chase on a freeway at Rush Hour. The 5 W's and how it affects local crime and traffic issues.

So, what is Good Political Journalism?

If a Journalist has a clear eye and ear for differing philosophies, players, and politics within and without each party, then it is the their job to relay, cleanly, what is going on and how it affects the world of politics, policy and the reader.

The best example of Good Political Journalism is a reporter after spending years investigating the Bush Administration, starts investigating the Obama administration. I'm sorry to say, no such creature exists among modern Journalists. Except for the Right.

Why do Liberals fail at this task?

The same reason there is no "Goldwater to Nixon," moments among Democrats during Governing years, they never police their own. Shall I relate the list of corrupt Democrats in the House since 2007?

I have a saying: There are no Woodward and Bernstein's during Democratic Administrations.

Want proof? The magazine that is supposed to be "[A] watchdog...of the press in all its forms," is run by former Nation magazine Editor Emeritus, Victor Navasky. Look back in CJR and see how many critical pieces are written about The Nation, American Prospect, New Republic or even Frank Rich. Hint: NONE. In fact, Navasky uses his position to fund raise for The Nation. Who will call Conflict of interest? No Columbia Journalism students or faculty are. Maybe you need an Andrew Breitbart to do it instead.

If you run a campaign in 2010 and 2012 and the Press misrepresents you, cite the above paragraph. Multiple times.

Anyone sending their son or daughter to Columbia University School of Journalism is getting fleeced. They are not teaching their students to go after THE TRUTH. Only truths which don't hit the Democrats and their allies. If Columbia was smart, they would dismantle the school and put in public housing instead. At least the great NYPD would do more investigations then the students.

And what about O'Keefe? He has been doing the job 60 Minutes has been neglecting since 2008 (or even further, since 1992, but excepting the administration in power during the years 2001 -2008). He investigates ACORN which has some sketchy Electoral history. Where is Mike Wallace? O'Keefe was investigating a rumor about whether Senator Landreiu (D-LA) was neglecting her constituents. That's good political journalism.

Who is Spider? Who is Robert McX? Hint: Not Greg Mitchell, former Editor of Editor & Publisher. He never investigates corruption on whomever is in power. He investigates only when people he doesn't like is in power.

As long as Breitbart plays the Ben Bradlee role to O'Keefe's Spider, we have a healthy Fourth estate. Fox News taking on the Administration is a gooood thing, especially when it looks like GE/NBC and it's affiliates have acquiesced. As have all the producers at 60 Minutes. Chris Wallace, son of Mike Wallace, and also an Old School Democrat is Robert McX.

Spider was a journalist who took on Power whatever party ran the White House (yes, Warren Ellis got some American politics wrong, but he got Journalism right,). Greg Mitchell, Larisa Alexandrova and everyone at Huffington Post sucks up to Democratic Administrations. They are the Court Jesters. They dance to the tune of any Progressive, Liberal or Democrat. Their writing betrays their lack of search for THE TRUTH when the administration has a "D" at the end of their names.

The Right investigates during Republican and Democratic Administrations. Why can't Liberals?

And since I'm a partisan and not a journalist, I have nothing to hide. My words do not betray me.

My question: Which reporter (TV, Newspaper or Internet) is today's Spider Jerusalem, willing to go after corruption, whatever party is in power?

UPDATE 2/12/2010: The Valley never lies. I focused on Larisa Alexandrova because I knew she is not like Spider at all. But she had a good line on 2/8:

"Would you have trusted this program to Nixon or Bush? Would you trust Obama not to abuse this power? I trust no one - that is part of my job description"

But then she spends almost every post not relating to Lost attacking those who attack the State and President Obama(1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Her words above mean nothing; She chooses to protect the President and Democrats rather then investigate and question authority. I wonder what Spider would say.

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  1. Curiously, I could find no mention of your vaunted Spider Jerusalem counterpart, James O'Keefe, investigating conservative scandals, such as Halliburton's privileged treatment by the Bush Administration.
    It would also seem that Fox News, the conservative outlet you say gives us a healthy fourth estate, has likewise only investigated the Obama administration, and not the Bush admin.

    If I'm just striking out on Google today and they actually have, please, let me know. I enjoy being corrected when I am in error.

  2. Korbi,

    We don't need james O'Keefe investigating Conservative Orgs; Let's leave it to the New Yorker, 60 Minutes, NBC, etc. et. al.

    The problem here is, those regular and major journalists of, say the NYT, WashPo, and LAT focused these past four years on GOP problems, not on investigating those who are already in Power (especially the first two years of Obama's Congress).

    When you look at the scale of one Fox news + talk radio vs. the NYT, LAT and WaPo, Liberals 9and their Representatives have it easy).

    I await a Spider Jerusalem from these Major news organs. Even Spider had a publisher before he went full time Blogger.


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