Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Moderate Voice is not Moderate -- Discuss

When someone calls their blog "The Moderate Voice" as Joe Gandlesmen, a ventriloquist from San Diego did, you expect moderation. As I discussed in the Kathy Kattenberg post, Liberalism reigns supreme in this so-called Moderate Blog.

First, what is a moderate?

Simple, someone who understands the politics, philosophies and personalities of the Two party system in America and can argue either side. Moderates also say sometimes one side is better then the other, but never stick to one side. Moderates have principles. If they think something is bad when a Republican President does it, then it is still bad when a Democratic President does it.

Trust me, there are no fulminations against President Obama or the Democratic majority at The Moderate Voice [TMV]. But they did attack Pamela Geller. If they attack Pamela Geller, they are no moderates.

60% of the general non activist public is Moderate. In 2004, the public went Republican, and in 2008 the public went for a Democrat. There are no Bloggers at TMV who followed that pattern. The only true moderate in the Blogosphere is Althouse and she hears what the voting public says better then any politician (she is the only Blogger to call BS on both parties).

Let's break down the TMV:

None of the writers at TMV voted for President Bush in 2004, none of the writers at TMV defend Republican policies or tactics and none of the writers at TMV ever link to any Conservative Blogger in support.

It is time to say Joe Gandlesmen is the dummy on Obama's lap -- he has no "Moderates" blogging there, so it is time for we Bloggers on the Right to do three things:

1) De-link as we did with Andrew Sullivan and Charles Johnson. They are not Moderate enough to accept the our role in the two party System.

2) Every Right Blogger should take a TMV writer to fisk, it's quick and easy. And the conclusion will remain the same: TMV is a place for Liberals.

3) At any Republican event, if any Blogger is affiliated with TMV, they don't get credentialed.

After all when there are multiple posts at the TMV all decrying the Citizens United decision, then there is no Moderation at the Moderate voice. Again, not one post at TMV saying the decision was good. Some Moderates.

And if you want to know where the Liberals are, see how each and every post at TMV mocks Palin and the tea partiers.

Let me repeat: There are no Moderates at The Moderate Voice and anyone who cites them is a Liberal scoring points.

My question: What do you consider to be Moderate in American politics? Is there any Blogger or political writer who fits that bill?

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  1. Jon Stewart is more moderate than The Moderate Voice and he's a Democrat and a Liberal. Jon Stewart actually does make fun of Obama now and then, though it is few and far between.

  2. What makes Pamela Gellar the measuring stick for moderation?

  3. Beth,

    Peronal bias -- she backs Israel and the jews like no one else (and she is the only woman Blogger I know dealing with Honor Killings around the world).

    She's intense, but if you treat her nice, she does the same. The fact that Joy Behar and TMV can't says volumes.

  4. Nathan Zimmermann12:13 AM PST

    True moderates are ever increasingly becoming a rare breed, and very soon I fear will be extinct.


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