Tuesday, February 16, 2010

25 things Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans need to do: Governing

Do you remember the List of 35 for 2010 and 2012?

Unlike other Bloggers and activists, I understanding winning the election is part of the battle (which is one reason why President Obama and the Democratic majority is failing), Governing is the other part of the game.

Policies determine the playing field of the Election cycle. Don't believe me? How many people campaigned against President Bush's Wilsonianism between 2003 -2008? He changed the electoral field by changing the battlefield on Al-Queda (say "Thanks President Bush,").

So for all the Libertarians, Tea Partiers, Conservatives and Republicans, here is 25 Things that we do when we Govern (Note: If I put a (C) that means Congressional Action, if I put (E) that means Executive Branch action). Ready, go!

1: Subpoena all the phones (including cell) from the NYT from Sulzberger on down to Frank Rich, and ask under oath (with phone records handy): Are you working with the Democratic party to write the news? (C) Send the DOJ with RICO to see if there is any collusion with partisans of the Left (E)

2: Force the Democrats to vote on three separate Bills citing the three American foreign policies (Wilsonionism, Nixonianism, and Isolationism), so that by the next Republican president, they are on the record supporting one foreign policy. (C)

3: The House and Senate leadership enact a law on the First day of Congress with a law stating: No earmarks. And do it every Congress the Right has the majority. (C) The next Republican President vetoes any Bill with Earmarks. (E)

4: House and Senate Republican Appropriation Members go over the Budget Line by Line, cut the pork. (C) The next Republican President appeals for the Line Item Veto Amendment to the Constitution. (E)

5: The Congress de-funds the United Nations unless it cleans up the corruption there. (C) The next Republican President creates a "Concert of Democracies," to deal with Trade and Human Rights. Based in the San Fernando Valley, of course (one can dream...) (E)

6: Write laws keeping Taxes and Government control away from the Internet. (C) Republican President appoints members to the FCC keeping the Internet, tax and Government free. (E)

7: Subpoena other Magazines for following the Democratic party Line (the same way the NYT will be treated): The Bloggers at Psychology Today, all the magazine Editors at Advance Publications and the Editors at CJR. (C)

8: Support the Intelligence Agencies with budgets that matter, giving the agents overseas free reign to do what they do best, protecting them from prosecution from a future Democratic Congress or President. (C) Support the Intelligence Agencies in deeds and words. (E)

9: Repeal Sarbannes-Oxley. The London Stock market is crushing the New York Markets because of this law. Change it back. (C) (E).

10: Write a private Bill denying Andrew Sullivan citizenship. (C) Do the same thing as an Executive Order. (E) Sorry, I don't like anti-semites or people who don't understand that you don't attack families in politics. Andrew Sullivan, go home.

11: All those who promote Global warming: Scientists who lied to former Vice presidents who made money off of it, ask them under oath. (C) If the proof wills out on Global warming, then press for Cap and Trade, if not, drop it.

12: Any corrupt Conservatives or Republicans, throw them out of Congress, ASAP. Not like Speaker Pelosi. (C) Same rules apply for the Executive Branch. (E)

13: When the GOP takes Congress, the second bill is about lowering the deficit. (C) The next Republican president writes a Budget that keeps the US within its means. (E)

14: The Republican Congress supports American allies, especially those who have Democracy and Free Trade. (C) The next Republican President continues to advocate for Wilsoniansism. (E)

15: In the US Senate, change the Filibuster rule to affect only Bills, not Presidential nominations. However, the Democrats must promise and sign a statement not to attack any Republican judicial nominees ever again. (C) If any Presidential nominations are held up by Democrats (or attacked like Bork or Thomas), cancel any deals with Democrats until nominations are secure. (E)

16: Streamline the Presidential Nomination process -- if the Republican Congress makes it easier for Presidents, those presidents will campaign for a GOP Congress. How to streamline? Nominate in first month, background check in second month, Congressional Committeee in the First week, Third Month, Senate Votes Third week, third month. (C) Streamline nominations process. (E)

17: When a Republican White House is elected, shut down the Press gallary for three weeks after Inauguration day. Interview every reporter who will be there and ask three questions before credentialing: 1) What three policies of the last Republican president did you like? 2) Which Republican, outside of Republican Administration, do ou like and why? 3) Name and detail the different branches of Conservatives and Republicans. After questions, a better, more informed press corps. Also, invite Bloggers (see Blogroll) to be part of press corps. (E)

18: De-fund any Federal Government Branch that is not helping the people in your district. (C) Cut Three Federal Agencies, budgetary problems get easier. (E)

19: As we on the Right are fond of bringing things back to the States, begin the process of disestablishmentarianism. (C) (E)

20: Fund the Military with whatever they need, and fund the Veterans Administration too. (C) (E)

21: Change the Appropriations process. How? Congressional Budget Resolution must pass in March, if not, Appropriations cannot begin (enforced by parliamentarians). And every day Appropriations is late, dock pay of members and President. (C) (E)

22: Go over what Taxes are being levied on the public. Then get rid of the old ones, and don't make new ones. (C) (E)

23: If America can rid the world of one more Dictator, make it law so the President (or future ones) can act. See the Iraq Liberation Act of 1998 (C) Stand up to Dictators and help fix failed States so people can thrive, live and trade. (E)

24: Until Democrats apologize for the way they treated President Bush, Senator McCain and Former Governor Palin, make no deals. Their words mean nothing (C) (E)

25: Hire me to work as a Legislative Director on the Hill! (C) or Hire me to work in the next Republican President's Chief of Staff office. (E)

My question: Should anything be added or taken away?

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