Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse: 2010 Version

Since it's snowing out east and raining out west and no major policy is getting done today, let's look again at the Blogosphere.

In 2003, this Blogger defined who were the Four Horsemen of the Right Blogosphere who caused the most damage to the Left.

At the time, these Four did much damage:

Plague: Steven Den Beste
Famine: Charles Johnson
War: Andrew Sullivan
Death: Glenn Reynolds

This is 2010 and except for Glenn Reynolds, the other horsemen fled. Steven Den Beste writes a manga blog, Charles Johnson and Andrew Sullivan (confirmed by Sullivan's own mentor at The New Republic, I was right when I wrote this) went Anti-Semitic and then went Left.

So, who deserves it today?

Here are my choices:

Death: Glenn Reynolds
Famine: Jim Hoft
War: Pamela Geller
Plague: Robert Stacy Mc Cain (and co-blogger Smitty)


Jim Hoft is quoted by talk Radio and his words affect the political atmosphere around the country; Thus he is famine.

Pamela Geller stands up to 3 Liberals on TV and still wins. She is also focused on the Islamofacist threat, and the Honor Killings NOW doesn't care about. And she also fights, she is War.

Robert Stacy Mc Cain and Smitty are Plague because RS is a "connecter" with the Right Blogosphere and Smitty also spreads the word. If some news hits the Right Blogosphere,they are there.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen of Conservative and Republican Politics and Blogging, meet your Four Horseman who fight the Obama administration!

My question: Who are your personal Four Horseman in day to day life?

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  1. Thanks, going up ~1000.
    Our horse is "Rocinante", and I put in a link to "Cygnus X-1", because we're eclectic like that.

  2. Great Rush reference Smitty1e!

  3. I would have Allahpundit for war instead of Pam, and Ace for famine. The other two work just fine for me.

  4. I might have chosen Breitbart, myself...

  5. Anonymous6:11 PM PST

    What's up with Reynold's Spock hairdo?

  6. Anonymous6:29 PM PST

    Jeff Goldstein at Protein Wisdom should be famine, as he attempts to starve the left from their never-ending feast of the English language.

  7. I'd like to nominate Richard "Wretchard" Fernandez of the Belmont Club. He's the closest to a Den Beste-style "thinker" around, in my opinion.

    A close second would be Bill Whittle, but Wretchard posts more. Whittle makes up for it in quality -- the guy is a brilliant essayist -- but he's just too danged low in frequency.


  8. >Steven Den Beste writes a manga blog

    No, Chizumatic is an anime blog.
    Den Beste has not entirely given up writing political commentary. He has posted a couple of pieces to HotAir.

  9. I would think that Anthony Watts at Watts Up With That would be famine because his fight against global warmenists will ltterally cause famine in the next couple of decades

  10. Maybe there should be a vote? Breitbart for war (on the media), or maybe Bill Whittle?

    Here's the only "four horsemen" graphic I saw:

  11. Horseman of Death Glenn Reynolds most definitely. I watch is show often and I love his apocolyptic set up. Gloom and Doom, people beware

  12. At least Glenn Reynolds gets to ride that cool Pale Horse . . . and have Hell follow with him. That should unnerve some of his critics!

  13. Anonymous5:56 AM PST

    In the future, everyone will be one of the Four Horsemen for 15 minutes.

    Nigel Ray


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