Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Script Notes for the White House/GOP Confab

Tomorrow, President Obama has invited the Congressional Republican leadership to the White House to discuss passing Government Run Health Care.

However, like the bad poker players they are, the Congressional Democrats showed their hand of wanting to use Reconciliation to pass the Bill. And President Obama released news he is already prepping for 2012. Thus, before the Republicans walk through the White House gate, the meeting is moot.

So, what should Senator McConnell [Sen. McC] and Representative Boehner [Rep. B] say?

I live in Hollywood, so here is my script:

INT. - White House Meeting Room, Day:

Sen. McC and Rep B: Good morning Mr. President!

President Obama: Good morning gentlemen!

[small talk ensues as each man finds their seats and waits for Congressional Democrats to arrive]

Sen. McC: Mr. President, your friends on the Hill have already decided to do reconciliation, so why are we here?

[Staff sets up President Obama's teleprompter away from TV cameras]

Rep. B: When the Louisiana Purchase and Cornhusker Kickback were done, there were no C-Span camaras, why do you bring them in now, after the fact?

President Obama: Sen. McC and Rep. B, I understand your questions (looks over at teleprompter), but this problem is because of President Bush.

Rep. B: Mr. President, you mean when President Bush added Medicare part D? He helped the health care system incrementally.

Sen. McC: Sir, please read this story about how Government Run health care does not work in California (hands over printout of story), at least re-think of overhauling the whole system when bits and pieces might work.

President Obama: (takes story and throws in trashcan, then looks at teleprompter) But I won.

Sen. McC: We waited since last April to talk to you, but after the MA election, you wanted to hear our views.

Rep. B: Let's not forget Virginia and New Jersey either, Mr. President.

President Obama: But we talked in Baltimore, (looking at teleprompter) you have no new ideas.

Sen. McC: We have ideas, but with the Democrats doing reconciliation, there is no need to be here. If you want to listen to our ideas, stop the process. Can you do that Mr. President?

President Obama: (looks at teleprompter) It's Bush's fault!

Rep. B and Sen. McC: (leaving White Paper including Insurance portability, tort reform and State control) Have a good day Mr. President. Good luck in November.

[Republicans exeunt as Congressional Democrats enter, with party hats on their heads. Congressional Democrats have just finished reconciliation ]

[C-Span cameras shut off]

[President Obama throws White paper in trash]

OK, wasn't that fun?

My question: What does the President hope to gain by bringing Republicans into the process this late?

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