Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The True test if Global Warming is Real....

In Copenhagen this December, either President Obama or members of his Administration will be going to argue why the world is ending RIGHT NOW. Here is an earlier take in the Valley about Global warming.

However, I believe in the Scientific Method when it comes to any theory, be it scientific or social. What is the Scientific method?

1. Observe

2. Hypothesize

3. Test Hypothesis

4. Answer to accept or reject hypothesis

So, what are we in the Valley going to Observe and hypothosize about regarding Global warming?

One street in one city. If on this cool October day in Los Angeles, Global warming is real, then the proof will out.

Let's follow the Scientific method on Global warming:

1. Follow Google maps to Malibu Colony Road in Malibu, California. Why this street? This street is closest to the Pacific Ocean. And, if Global warming theorizes that the Oceans will rise, then the people living at Malibu Colony Road will be in the Ocean's way. Correct?

2. Now let us hypothesize that if Global warming is real, a majority of houses will be on the market for pennies per square foot. I'm sure we can find out how many homes are up for sale today on Malibu Colony Road. Out of 124 Homes, only 4 are for sale.

3. What is the test? Simple, if former Vice President Gore (and partisan Nobel Prize Winner) is right, then a majority of houses will be on the market (cheaply) by the end of the conference. If not, then if these people living by the Ocean are not worried about their homes, why should you?

4. The answer? If the folks at Copenhagen are right, by December 18 (two days after my birthday), most of these homes will be for sale, cheaply. If not, maybe Global warming should be known as this decade's "EST"

My question to you: Do you have any way to test if Global warming is real using the Scientific method? Or if you belive in Global warming, what is your proof?

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How to Live in the Universe (Thanks to the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy)

After a few serious posts, lets have a laugh.

This is from the BBC version of Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I think this is cooler then the Hollywood version. Even though they did the show on the cheap, the BBC kept the characters and plot correct and understood the Margaritaville attitude of most of the characters (save for Arthur Dent).

So, Hollywood: don't spend millions on special effects, spend thousands on a character and plot based movies! Better then doing another Re-make that no one sees!

I must warn you, this is NSFW. Enjoy!

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Discuss Shaking the Disease

Read them all and decide if you want Government Run Health Care [GRHC] for yourself:


Shaking the Disease: 1, Quem Deus Vult Perdere, Dementat Prius;

Shaking the Disease: 2, Hic Sunt Dracones;

Shaking the Disease: 3, Pendent Opera Interrupta; and

Shaking the Disease: 4, Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Do you still support GRHC? Why or why not? What will you do for your cause?

And here is a video of Depeche Mode singing, of course, Shaking the Disease:

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Shaking the Disease: 4, Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson, and Former Governor Palin,

Aut Vincere Aut Mori means "Victory or Death," and Victory came from an unlikely source. A source, we on the Right are proud to call an ally: Sean Hannity.

he mentioned on his radio show about how Pill companies help. I followed up, called; sent paperwork, any voila: My pills were at my Therapists office in September.

However, because he worked for an office funded by the State (of CA), I could not pick them up. Welcome back to the land of Escher!

So I had to run around and find another Psychiatrist to help me get the pills. Then, through a third party, I got them. And of course, let me give a shout out to one of my late father's friend, SK, who really helped my Therapist see the light. Both my father and SK were great salesmen, I learned a little of the trade too.

Hello October! 4 and 1/2 months gone. Still not working, still not in my career path and still not in the Beltway. Oy!

For two weeks I had to transition. It took two Fridays and watching Southland Tales at my friends house (with her dogs) to get me awake and to fight again.

Now, since I focused all that time on the Pills, my disability has run out.

The lesson here from Shaking the Disease is the Government, any offer of help, can keep you in thrall to a Caesar. And not every Caesar was Marcus Aurelius, more were like Caligula. If GRHC goes national, there are many problems. More problems? yes, such as:

A) If GRHC is off-budget, it can be demagogued like the Iraq war was. Then, more fun ensues when....

B) GHRC goes on-budget. Look at the California Budget Crisis. They squeezed people who are out of work for funds. Forced many to make choices between funds for rent and car or their health. This is the future if President Obama gets his way.

Let this story help. Spread it wide from the palm Trees of Hawaii to the cold rocks of Maine -- GRHC will hurt more then it helps.

My next step is to find work in the Political/Policy field and if anyone can give me a step up to DC, let me know.

And don't forget: Donate to Hoffman NY-23!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaking the Disease: 3, Pendent Opera Interrupta

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson, and Former Governor Palin,

If you ever read the Stephen King short story, "The End of the Whole Mess," the narrater writes less as the mystery opens up. Here, in the Valley, was no mystery, just the fact that sans pills and added heat wave meant I was unable to focus on writing.

Or look for work.

Or plan for the beltway.

I contacted my (Democratic) Assemblyman to fight Medi-cal. And other then giving me an Escher like solution, even they couldn't crack my caseworker. Now, if GRHC were enforced, that meant anyone who had a troublesome caseworker could not have help.

That is a talking point. Use it.

I had an idea for a fundraiser, but I could not persue it because, I was unable to focus. On anything.

The fight continued to no avail. If I took a job that paid less then my disability, i would get the pills. No. that was what got me into this situation to begin with.

And the answer came over the radio from an ally of all of us.

Thus, Pendent Opera Interrupta, or the work hangs interrupted, was coming to an end. But it was still August.

Next, Chapter 4, and donate to Hoffman at NY-23!

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Shaking the Disease: 2, Hic Sunt Dracones

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson and Former Governor Palin,

What is that saying? Man plans and G-d laughs

My plans at the begining of June were simple:

1) Continue writing The Republican Encyclicals, Part II The battlefields;

2) Write and work (The Plague year left me without a job);

3) Work out a plan to get back east to the Beltway by fall for the 9/12 protest. Hopefully, live near the Capitol.

G-d laughed. How?

I was on medi-cal. This is the GRHC for CA. And if you understand how the budget is falling apart across the State, all the way down to local cities, everything Public was in the Red. When I was in DC, I interned for Rep. Dan Miller (R-FL-13) who worked on the Appropriation Committee. Since I left DC and moved to CA, I understood the importance of the 13 subcommittees and continuing resolutions.

Without a budget (especially a balanced one on the State level), things don't work.

And here is where we meet Hic Sunt Dracones: Here there be Dragons.

My caseworker at Medi-cal then said to see my Doctor would cost $200 (and more to get my perscription). And for my pills? $400. I explained to my caseworker that my disability barely covers both. She didn't care and the process to appeal would take over six months.

Now, my favorite writer is Joseph Conrad. Why? Heart of Darkness is the best story about men's souls, both the good and the bad. What made Conrad a better writer then most of our current age is he actually lived a life and then wrote about what he had seen.

Before I get into Government work, I would like to know myself if these programs work or not. Someone with real world experience trumps an Ivy degree any day of the week. I'd would like to hear if Program ABC on the chopping block really did help someone or hurt them. So, what was supposed to be a three hour tour into GRHC turned into a me being stranded because of a devil's choice.

My disability funds or my pills? I chose my funds.

The Dragons smiled with all their teeth.

Next: Chapter 3 and donate to Hoffman at NY-23!

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Shaking the Disease: 1, Quem Deus Vult Perdere, Dementat Prius

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson, and Former Governor Palin,

If my earlier tale, The Plague Year showed Liberal Hypocrisy in regards to human suffering (and quiet Conservative goodness), these posts, Shaking the Disease is about Liberal Policies and the damage they cause to the general population Outside the Beltway (and possibly Inside the Beltway too).

As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I am active partisan and I'm a Goth and I enjoy studying policy enough to understand that I want to work in a future Republican White House Chief of Staff's office (hint, hint), by way of working in a Think Tank, an LA/LD on the Hill or in a Lobbying firm.

My disease, which is Bipolar I, can be handled. I spent the Plague year learning how to control it. How does it work for me? (because everyone who gets it is an individual, different people handle it different ways)

1) Talk Therapy once a week. If I'm traveling for work or fun, I can postpone until the next week. We do have the invention of phones and emails to compensate.

2) Anti-depressants to keep me focused. Without it, I am all over the place. My mind is my most important tool. It helps me write, it helps me argue and it helps me put my ideas into reality.

So, why Shaking the Disease? Depeche Mode is a good band to hear, and this quote stands out:

And each chapter I will be quoting Latin. This one, Quem Deus Vult Perdere, Dementat Prius, means: Whom the gods would destroy, they first make insane. With creativity, unfortunately, comes madness.

So, by the tail end of the Plague year I knew how to fight my disease. I was ready to look for work again and then plan my way back to the Beltway.
Then, hello Government intervention to screw things up royally. And it was at the onset of Summer.
Next, Chapter 2 and donate to Hoffman at NY-23!

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Shaking the Disease: From Plague Year to Red Tape Nightmare

These next few posts will be addressed to a contingent of people because each person can help make this story reach the airwaves, printed page or the intellectual caves.

I will address these next few posts to my mentors on the Hill, Karv and Todd (whom I also address at The Republican Encyclicals); Dan and RS for Dan Riehl of Riehl World View and RS McCain at the Other McCain; Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection who has spent time studying the theoretical issue of Government Run Health Care [Herinafter written as: GRHC]and former Governor Palin. Why her? Because she reaches a wider audience then the media.

Hopefully, this story will be told by Rush, by Levin, by Beck (heck, if the latter two make peace, I'd think they would be twice as dangerous), by the American Spectator, by the National Review and finally on the floor of the House and Senate (with a mention in the Congressional Record).

Read and understand, this is what Liberals are theorizing about. I have lived the actual experience. Unfortunatly, there are no Unicorns that came with it.

Hear the story, let's change some votes so no one has to suffer the same thing I did.

Comments will be turned on again at the conclusion. And oh, donate to Hoffman at NY-23.

Ready? Let's go!

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Anti-Hero for the Next Decade: Avery Cates

While I was dealing with Government Run health care, I started reading a great series by Jeff Somers. For the past two months, I have been in the Post-Unification World of Avery Cates, and it is worth every penny.

First, start with: The Electric Church.

In this novel, the encroaching influence of the Electric Church is causing problems for the head of internal affairs, Richard Martin. The Electric Monks take people and actively convert them. Converting, by the way, means that your head and mind become electronic and follow the directives of the head of the Electric Church.

Richard Martin hires Anti-hero Avery Cates to stop the Church from Converting more people. In the post-unification world, who has your back is most important (especially in a political Blog).

The next novel, The Digital Plague, has Avery Cates searching for the cause of his disease. It is nanobots who attack people and when Cates leaves the area, they spread and kill their host. It starts in Newark and knowledge of The Electric Church is important. Who started it and why? Worth reading as winter comes.

And the current novel, The Eternal Prison, finds Cates stuck in a prison with no escape. The book carries the life of Cates for two years and Richard Martin ties tightly into the story. And throughout the book, civil war is occuring. How does Cates survive and what side does Cates choose? Read and enjoy.

Somers' also has an interesting Blog. Here he writes on the futility of Origin stories (Is he a Marvel fan too?). I will only contribute two things to his post-unification world. Since this is a political Blog, how did Unification come about? And maybe one piece of Avery Cates' life. To be used or not by Somers' discretion. Onward into the muck!

From my standpoint, Unification started fifteen years after today. The UN finally proved to be a waste of funds and people, that a super secret group decided that World Government is needed with a police force. Only Western nations could apply. And thankfully, there was a rebellion in the States, all 50 of them. The fight led to a tightening of Police and Stormers. The parliament in charge dissolved and we have Parliament 2.0 in the Electric Church.

Unification wins, but no one is happy. NYC is destroyed and robots have all the jobs. Trouble brews and........

Ok, that's just my take. And on Cates?

I think he became a Gunner by being involved with the Battle of Austin Street that ended in McDonalds on 71st Continental Avenue. He fought from Flushing Meadow Park down 108th Street to Austin Street. And he learned to be a Gunner.

Ok, that's just my theories. (I grew up in Forest Hills, just wanted to give it a shout out)Read those books and enjoy. As the election gets closer, we might need a little Cates in all of us.

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Vivere Militare Est or "To Live is to Fight,"

And I have fought. And fought.

Against the upcoming ideals of the Liberals and the Democrats: Government Run health care.

The battle is over, I am ready to write again (in all manner of places).

Here is what you can look forward to in the Valley (as always, subscribe and you can be months ahead of Politico):

A) Shaking the Disease. It's the story of the battle fought and the time lost. And why Government should not run health care. By someone who lived the nightmare. RS McCain and Prof. Jacobson, pay attention to these posts (later this week).

B) Flunking Flank will be a regular feature. On permanent Flank Flunkers: Conor Friedersdorf for never supporting any Conservative, on air or on the net. Conor, stop running with Mucus.

C)*** The Republican Encyclicals.**** If you want to know where the idea for the Town Hall protests started -- read it here.

D) Meet the Candidate - Any Conservative and/or Republican candidate from the Southland and San Diego to your part of the country will be highlighted. Email me and I will promote your candidate, from Dog catcher to Congress, and their fundraising site. 2010 here we come!

E) Science Fiction, the Technological Singularity and Surrealism -- because Blogging is supposed to be fun too!

Another post later! Keep reading the Valley.

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Friday, October 09, 2009

Whisky Tango Foxtrot on the Nobel Peace Prize?! or Why Subscribing to the Valley is good for you.

If it wasn't for today's news, I would not be posting.

Let me start by saying Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!

How did President Obama receive the Nobel Prize for Peace after only being in office for a few days? (The Nobel Nomination Committee receives the nominations for the year postmarked February 1)

Who was in competition for the prize this year? (h/t M.K. Ham of the Weekly Standard)

Sima Samar, women's rights activist in Afghanistan: With dogged persistence and at great personal risk, she kept her schools and clinics open in Afghanistan even during the most repressive days of the Taliban regime, whose laws prohibited the education of girls past the age of eight. When the Taliban fell, Samar returned to Kabul and accepted the post of Minister for Women's Affairs.

Ingrid Betancourt: French-Colombian ex-hostage held for six years.

Dr. Denis Mukwege: Doctor, founder and head of Panzi Hospital in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. He has dedicated his life to helping Congolese women and girls who are victims of gang rape and brutal sexual violence.

Handicap International and Cluster Munition Coalition: These organizations are recognized for their consistently serious efforts to clean up cluster bombs, also known as land mines. Innocent civilians are regularly killed worldwide because the unseen bombs explode when stepped upon."

Hu Jia, a human rights activist and an outspoken critic of the Chinese government, who was sentenced last year to a three-and-a-half-year prison term for 'inciting subversion of state power.

Wei Jingsheng, who spent 17 years in Chinese prisons for urging reforms of China's communist system. He now lives in the United States.

And what did President Obama do from January 20 until February 1? Bueller? If this was President Obama's Third or Fourth year in office and he actually got people stop fighting, yes I would say fine -- but against these folks above? Obama never had to struggle against a State determined to kill him; He never did the hard work of clearing out loose ordinances; Civil Rights leaders in Congo and Afghanistan did more.

By the way, why was President Obama the first American President not to meet with the Dalai Lama, another Peace Prize winner? President Obama has chosen Nixonian Realism to deal with Ahmadinijad and Hugo Chavez. And, like most of the Left, faults Israel first before holding Palestinian bombers to task.

I guess if you have an Ivy degree, hate Bush and Republicans, you too can be an Anti-Semite. (See Andrew Sullivan and Fareed Zakharia for more examples).

As William Jacobson and Ann Althouse wrote, this is a form of lobbying by the European Left regards putting more troops in Afghanistan. Remember what General McChrystal said:

Does the Nobel Committee or the Democrats support General McCrystal? Nope.

Now, why you should Subscribe or follow the Valley (and Instapundit should throw his links here more often):

There are two reasons: The Valley is ahead of the news cycle by months or years. Let's take issues on this post alone:

A) I wondered about Afghanistan long before the White House did, back in August. Read and weep:

It seems President Obama has planned to increase the troops into Afghanistan. But what is his long term goal?

When he was Senator Obama, he opposed nation and Democracy building overseas. So did all the Liberals and Democrats. Following that logic, the increase in troops is not to build a stable, democratic nation into Central Asia.

Is he using the troops to prop up Karzai and stop elections there? As President, President Obama has not supported any Democracy movement overseas. For instance, look at how Obama treated the Iranian protesters.

If he is fighting the Taliban and Al-Queda, what are his benchmarks? And has President Obama read Peter Hopkirk's Great Game series? Does President Obama know the history of the Khyber pass?

B) The Nobel Prize is a partisan prize, written in 2007. Read and understand:

By those basic precepts, the prize should go to someone who has made people's lives more freer and peaceful.

In the last two decades, the prize has gone to Anti-semites such as Yassir Arafat, Mohammed El-Baridi and the United Nations (famous for it's 1975 "Zionism is racism" and always voting against Israel save for the United States), Democratic partisans such as, (anti-Semite) Jimmy Carter and Albert Gore. Receiving the Nobel Peace prize does not change the sins, but it should not redeem the sinner. An Anti-Semite is still an Anti-Semite after they win the award.

By the way, how many wars and massacres have the United Nations stopped? The same amount as the League of Nations.I could think of other, more deserving people, who should get the Peace Prize: How about the Burmese Monks? How about an Iranian dissident? or a Cuban one? Or a Palestinian organization which believes in non-violence?

The last Republican who was given the prize was Henry Kissinger; Does removing dictators and theocrats count as bringing peace and freedom? If the Nobel Prize is the guide, people can suffer under dictators or theocrats. Thanks Norwegians!

C) The Democratic Party would rather deal with dictators then support Democracy Overseas, written February 2008. Read and wonder:

Meanwhile, Israel is under fire for protecting itself. The murder of the Head of Hezbollah has caused Israel to put it's embassies on High Alert. Oh, and the head of Hezbollah was no innocent -- read his crimes here.

The Democrats don't support American allies outside of Europe or East Asia. They don't support Iraqi democracy (Wilsonianism was a Democratic idea, last used during the Clinton Administration); They don't support Israel during it's time of need and because they shut down FISA, no one can hear the networks talk. (And take a listen to the Anti-war protesters, they don't support Israel either or Democracy overseas).

Got it? Good.

And another reason for Conservatives, Republicans and the media: I actually know whats going on within the Party. I point my rhetorical cannon at Liberals and hypocritical media. I would trust Dan Riehl, RS McCain, Clifton B.and Pam Geller before I would trust Conor or Frum. And seriously, the New York Times has not endorsed a Republican since Eisenhower (and before that Teddy Roosevelt's re-election) re-election.

And finally, a debate question:

Would the Nobel Committee give the next award to Hamas since they hated President Bush too? Or do Leftists put themselves above ideals?

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Health Update, a Video and a Question

My battle with Government Run health Care ended last Friday.

However, now that I am in "Mop up," I am tired. I was hoping, instead of this summer fighting for my pills, to have used that season to get back to DC and East Coast time. It's going to take a week and a half before I'm back up to speed, so forgive the time lapse between posts. There are other things I need to bring up to speed, so I ask for some time. I will make up for it.

So, very tired, very annoyed and very frustrated. I lost the narrative of my own life and I want it back.

I have offered RS McCain (The Conservative Jules Winnifield) first bite at the apple with the story. I am still waiting for his reply.

OK, that's enough of the complaints, now let's watch a funny Video:

I am taking Animal's advice: SE-RENE!

In this next week and a half, I might not reach out, but if you have my phone number, check in. If you don't, but want to, email me. For now, I am hiding from the world in plain sight.

Since I'm feeling philosophical tonight, here is my question:

Liberals believe World peace begins by taking away weapons, even if countries philosophies differ (i.e. see Eastern Bloc ), Conservatives believe that if a country or a random attack by a non-affiliated NGO or Antagonistic Nation attacks, we need weapons to maintain peace. Now the question:

How does the next Republican President reconcile (after our current President draws down American weaponry until 2012) a peaceful existence with the idea of a rouge NGO or antagonistic nation (i.e. Iran) still ready to attack the US or her allies (i.e. Israel)?

Have at it. Hope to be back sooner rather then later.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009

On Friday, President Obama Rolled Snake Eyes. No chance for Boxcars until 2013.

On Friday, President Obama failed domestically and internationally.

Let's start domestically:

1) The Unemployment numbers rose for September 2009. 9.8% for September. 9.7% in August. 9.6% July and 9.5% in June. Last I checked, President Bush is residing in Texas, president Obama is in the White House. Who owns those numbers?

2) From, General (government) Motors, the Saturn line is closing. How many jobs will be lost from design, production to fixing these cars? By the way, President Obama owns GM. How's that working out for everybody?

Now, internationally:

1) President Obama made a surprise announcement taking away the missile defense of Czechoslovakia and Poland against Iran and an encroaching Russia. He did it without talking with either of these nations at any level.

2) After a major lobbying effort by Oprah and President Obama, Chicago came in dead last with the International Olympic Committee.

In craps, President Obama rolled a snake eyes. The lowest roll on the board. Losing allies overseas, losing a public relations battle overseas, losing jobs and GM failing under his watch. You can't spin it. He lost on all fronts.

Why were Conservative and Republicans smiling on Friday? Because for 8 years, we have heard how smart and intelligent Liberals and Democrats were, and once they ran the Federal Government, all will be well.

Guess what? Wrong!

When new York City lost 2012 under the Bush Administration, people at the Daily Kos (and Kos himself) cheered. Hello Karma.

Here are some basic rules of politics:

A) Always back your friends and allies (see Israel, Poland and Czech).

B) If you say you're better then the last guy, better come through (see GM).

C) Tactics and attitudes during the opposition of the last Administration will bite the administration of the other party. As I say, don't like it, don't start it. Liberals cheered Bush losing the NYC bid.

They never gave President Bush support on anything. Look at how Liberals danced on the head of a pin on Iraq. And NOW they're flustered with Afghanistan.?!? Reap what you sow.

We on the Right (especially in the Blogosphere) are playing proposition bets, while President Obama and the Democrats are staying on the hardaways. Guess who wins?

For my friends on the Left, here's a hint:

If your financial and philosophical allies are backing Roman Polanski, stop calling yourselves more intelligent then average Americans. You aren't. Look at the rising (still) unemployment rates.

For my friends on the Right:

If anyone on the Polanski list gave funds to a Congressional candidate, highlight that. How many more companies will shed jobs? Highlight that. How many more Overseas Allies will be hurt by President Obama? Keep asking.

As long as President Obama and his allies think they are smarter, better and nicer then the Average American, we win in 2010 and 2012.

For now, President Obama rolls the dice and he keeps rolling snake eyes and betting on the hardaways. That's can't even hit Pass.

My questions:

i) Do you know anyone who has been hired for a full time non-governmental job since Obama's inauguration?
ii) Why does President Obama treat Iran nicer then Israel?
iii) What bets would you place on the Obama Administration? Craps terms please.

Next shooter!

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