Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaking the Disease: 2, Hic Sunt Dracones

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson and Former Governor Palin,

What is that saying? Man plans and G-d laughs

My plans at the begining of June were simple:

1) Continue writing The Republican Encyclicals, Part II The battlefields;

2) Write and work (The Plague year left me without a job);

3) Work out a plan to get back east to the Beltway by fall for the 9/12 protest. Hopefully, live near the Capitol.

G-d laughed. How?

I was on medi-cal. This is the GRHC for CA. And if you understand how the budget is falling apart across the State, all the way down to local cities, everything Public was in the Red. When I was in DC, I interned for Rep. Dan Miller (R-FL-13) who worked on the Appropriation Committee. Since I left DC and moved to CA, I understood the importance of the 13 subcommittees and continuing resolutions.

Without a budget (especially a balanced one on the State level), things don't work.

And here is where we meet Hic Sunt Dracones: Here there be Dragons.

My caseworker at Medi-cal then said to see my Doctor would cost $200 (and more to get my perscription). And for my pills? $400. I explained to my caseworker that my disability barely covers both. She didn't care and the process to appeal would take over six months.

Now, my favorite writer is Joseph Conrad. Why? Heart of Darkness is the best story about men's souls, both the good and the bad. What made Conrad a better writer then most of our current age is he actually lived a life and then wrote about what he had seen.

Before I get into Government work, I would like to know myself if these programs work or not. Someone with real world experience trumps an Ivy degree any day of the week. I'd would like to hear if Program ABC on the chopping block really did help someone or hurt them. So, what was supposed to be a three hour tour into GRHC turned into a me being stranded because of a devil's choice.

My disability funds or my pills? I chose my funds.

The Dragons smiled with all their teeth.

Next: Chapter 3 and donate to Hoffman at NY-23!

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