Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The True test if Global Warming is Real....

In Copenhagen this December, either President Obama or members of his Administration will be going to argue why the world is ending RIGHT NOW. Here is an earlier take in the Valley about Global warming.

However, I believe in the Scientific Method when it comes to any theory, be it scientific or social. What is the Scientific method?

1. Observe

2. Hypothesize

3. Test Hypothesis

4. Answer to accept or reject hypothesis

So, what are we in the Valley going to Observe and hypothosize about regarding Global warming?

One street in one city. If on this cool October day in Los Angeles, Global warming is real, then the proof will out.

Let's follow the Scientific method on Global warming:

1. Follow Google maps to Malibu Colony Road in Malibu, California. Why this street? This street is closest to the Pacific Ocean. And, if Global warming theorizes that the Oceans will rise, then the people living at Malibu Colony Road will be in the Ocean's way. Correct?

2. Now let us hypothesize that if Global warming is real, a majority of houses will be on the market for pennies per square foot. I'm sure we can find out how many homes are up for sale today on Malibu Colony Road. Out of 124 Homes, only 4 are for sale.

3. What is the test? Simple, if former Vice President Gore (and partisan Nobel Prize Winner) is right, then a majority of houses will be on the market (cheaply) by the end of the conference. If not, then if these people living by the Ocean are not worried about their homes, why should you?

4. The answer? If the folks at Copenhagen are right, by December 18 (two days after my birthday), most of these homes will be for sale, cheaply. If not, maybe Global warming should be known as this decade's "EST"

My question to you: Do you have any way to test if Global warming is real using the Scientific method? Or if you belive in Global warming, what is your proof?

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  1. Global warming just makes people friendly. It's a good thing really, we could benefit from more of it. I don't think anyone uses the scientific method anymore.

  2. its easy to test.

    get two boxes, fill them with normal air. have one as the control. the other fitted with an inlet and outlet valve plus a temperature guage and a guage that can measure co2 concentration. have a heat and light source pointed at both boxes. measure the temps of both boxes to ensure they are receiving the same amount of energy and thus reading the same temp. record the co2 concentration in both boxes. should be about 0.038%

    open the outlet value of box 2 and bleed some air put while opening the inlet value and letting co2 in. stop the intake when it reaches twice the atmospheric level, ie 0.076% and the hold it there whilst measuring the temperature. increase the co2 again to triple, the 4x, 5x, measuring the temp each time until suck a point is reached where the level of co2 would be toxic. collate this data and see if any measurable increase in temperature occured.

    if there was a substantial increase at any level of co2 concentration, then apply this to the earth. to do this, measure again the average co2 concentration of the earths atmosphere. then measure the earths average temperature. perform both measurements on an annual basis for 10 years. if there are any changes to either figure, record which increases first and which increases second, ie a cause and effect.

    this experiment would solve two questions. firstly, whether co2 is a significant factor in global temperatures and whether increase in temperature causes and increase in co2 or vice versa.

    all are free to email me with any criticism or questions regarding my test.


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