Friday, October 23, 2009

Shaking the Disease: 3, Pendent Opera Interrupta

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson, and Former Governor Palin,

If you ever read the Stephen King short story, "The End of the Whole Mess," the narrater writes less as the mystery opens up. Here, in the Valley, was no mystery, just the fact that sans pills and added heat wave meant I was unable to focus on writing.

Or look for work.

Or plan for the beltway.

I contacted my (Democratic) Assemblyman to fight Medi-cal. And other then giving me an Escher like solution, even they couldn't crack my caseworker. Now, if GRHC were enforced, that meant anyone who had a troublesome caseworker could not have help.

That is a talking point. Use it.

I had an idea for a fundraiser, but I could not persue it because, I was unable to focus. On anything.

The fight continued to no avail. If I took a job that paid less then my disability, i would get the pills. No. that was what got me into this situation to begin with.

And the answer came over the radio from an ally of all of us.

Thus, Pendent Opera Interrupta, or the work hangs interrupted, was coming to an end. But it was still August.

Next, Chapter 4, and donate to Hoffman at NY-23!

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