Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Health Update, a Video and a Question

My battle with Government Run health Care ended last Friday.

However, now that I am in "Mop up," I am tired. I was hoping, instead of this summer fighting for my pills, to have used that season to get back to DC and East Coast time. It's going to take a week and a half before I'm back up to speed, so forgive the time lapse between posts. There are other things I need to bring up to speed, so I ask for some time. I will make up for it.

So, very tired, very annoyed and very frustrated. I lost the narrative of my own life and I want it back.

I have offered RS McCain (The Conservative Jules Winnifield) first bite at the apple with the story. I am still waiting for his reply.

OK, that's enough of the complaints, now let's watch a funny Video:

I am taking Animal's advice: SE-RENE!

In this next week and a half, I might not reach out, but if you have my phone number, check in. If you don't, but want to, email me. For now, I am hiding from the world in plain sight.

Since I'm feeling philosophical tonight, here is my question:

Liberals believe World peace begins by taking away weapons, even if countries philosophies differ (i.e. see Eastern Bloc ), Conservatives believe that if a country or a random attack by a non-affiliated NGO or Antagonistic Nation attacks, we need weapons to maintain peace. Now the question:

How does the next Republican President reconcile (after our current President draws down American weaponry until 2012) a peaceful existence with the idea of a rouge NGO or antagonistic nation (i.e. Iran) still ready to attack the US or her allies (i.e. Israel)?

Have at it. Hope to be back sooner rather then later.

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  1. Well, letting the US military languish is the most historically accurate policy that the administration's got.

  2. As long as the cretin in chief we have now does not get reelected we should not have too much trouble rebuilding the military. There are enough men and women in the ranks on a career path that most will find a place to hide and dig in. After all an E-6 with ten years service is halfway to retirement.

    So, if we can take enough seats in Congress to minimize the damage in 2010, we'll have plenty of cadre left to expand the Services back to where they need to be.

    Hope you start feeling better soon. I'll put in a word for you when I talk to Him at bedtime.


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