Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An Anti-Hero for the Next Decade: Avery Cates

While I was dealing with Government Run health care, I started reading a great series by Jeff Somers. For the past two months, I have been in the Post-Unification World of Avery Cates, and it is worth every penny.

First, start with: The Electric Church.

In this novel, the encroaching influence of the Electric Church is causing problems for the head of internal affairs, Richard Martin. The Electric Monks take people and actively convert them. Converting, by the way, means that your head and mind become electronic and follow the directives of the head of the Electric Church.

Richard Martin hires Anti-hero Avery Cates to stop the Church from Converting more people. In the post-unification world, who has your back is most important (especially in a political Blog).

The next novel, The Digital Plague, has Avery Cates searching for the cause of his disease. It is nanobots who attack people and when Cates leaves the area, they spread and kill their host. It starts in Newark and knowledge of The Electric Church is important. Who started it and why? Worth reading as winter comes.

And the current novel, The Eternal Prison, finds Cates stuck in a prison with no escape. The book carries the life of Cates for two years and Richard Martin ties tightly into the story. And throughout the book, civil war is occuring. How does Cates survive and what side does Cates choose? Read and enjoy.

Somers' also has an interesting Blog. Here he writes on the futility of Origin stories (Is he a Marvel fan too?). I will only contribute two things to his post-unification world. Since this is a political Blog, how did Unification come about? And maybe one piece of Avery Cates' life. To be used or not by Somers' discretion. Onward into the muck!

From my standpoint, Unification started fifteen years after today. The UN finally proved to be a waste of funds and people, that a super secret group decided that World Government is needed with a police force. Only Western nations could apply. And thankfully, there was a rebellion in the States, all 50 of them. The fight led to a tightening of Police and Stormers. The parliament in charge dissolved and we have Parliament 2.0 in the Electric Church.

Unification wins, but no one is happy. NYC is destroyed and robots have all the jobs. Trouble brews and........

Ok, that's just my take. And on Cates?

I think he became a Gunner by being involved with the Battle of Austin Street that ended in McDonalds on 71st Continental Avenue. He fought from Flushing Meadow Park down 108th Street to Austin Street. And he learned to be a Gunner.

Ok, that's just my theories. (I grew up in Forest Hills, just wanted to give it a shout out)Read those books and enjoy. As the election gets closer, we might need a little Cates in all of us.

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  1. I think people think too monolithically when it comes to elections. People assume that politics as usual will prevail or that it is the right path. Look at what is happening with Obama, he was elected to be "Change" and he has done nothing and is trying to take over the internet amongst other things. It is ridiculous!


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