Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shaking the Disease: 4, Aut Vincere Aut Mori

Karv, Todd, Dan, RS, Professor Jacobson, and Former Governor Palin,

Aut Vincere Aut Mori means "Victory or Death," and Victory came from an unlikely source. A source, we on the Right are proud to call an ally: Sean Hannity.

he mentioned on his radio show about how Pill companies help. I followed up, called; sent paperwork, any voila: My pills were at my Therapists office in September.

However, because he worked for an office funded by the State (of CA), I could not pick them up. Welcome back to the land of Escher!

So I had to run around and find another Psychiatrist to help me get the pills. Then, through a third party, I got them. And of course, let me give a shout out to one of my late father's friend, SK, who really helped my Therapist see the light. Both my father and SK were great salesmen, I learned a little of the trade too.

Hello October! 4 and 1/2 months gone. Still not working, still not in my career path and still not in the Beltway. Oy!

For two weeks I had to transition. It took two Fridays and watching Southland Tales at my friends house (with her dogs) to get me awake and to fight again.

Now, since I focused all that time on the Pills, my disability has run out.

The lesson here from Shaking the Disease is the Government, any offer of help, can keep you in thrall to a Caesar. And not every Caesar was Marcus Aurelius, more were like Caligula. If GRHC goes national, there are many problems. More problems? yes, such as:

A) If GRHC is off-budget, it can be demagogued like the Iraq war was. Then, more fun ensues when....

B) GHRC goes on-budget. Look at the California Budget Crisis. They squeezed people who are out of work for funds. Forced many to make choices between funds for rent and car or their health. This is the future if President Obama gets his way.

Let this story help. Spread it wide from the palm Trees of Hawaii to the cold rocks of Maine -- GRHC will hurt more then it helps.

My next step is to find work in the Political/Policy field and if anyone can give me a step up to DC, let me know.

And don't forget: Donate to Hoffman NY-23!

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