Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Putting the Valley to Sleep

After ten years (and multiple stop and starts), the Valley must rest as I create a new writing platform.

Reclining Odalisque or Woman with Parakeet by E. Delacroix (1827)

This was the Blog that toppled a Congressman in my district (by proving he didn't live here); It was here I engaged in debates about media bias', anti-semitism on the Left (still going at KPFK), neo-conservatism, Paulbot madness and Winning in Los Angeles and California. 

This is a Blog where I promote unique Muses (i.e. Goths) and discuss personal issues.  But sometimes, you must let the past go to create the new.

I still want to work in DC or Sacramento  (State Senate too) doing Policy work.  But, add London (House of Commons) to that dream as well. I know (and can work IRL) Appropriations and Process. With a touch of public relations.  Hire me. 

Again, I will be a Delegate to the CAGOP.  Soon, I will be writing a nonfiction (and fiction) book.  

The Valley will always be here.  The author is moving.  When I have the new Blog (still deciding upon name and platform), it will be linked here. 

The show ends with Film (short and long) and Music. 

The short film is called Sundays, which questions the Nature of Reality;

The Long Film is Six-String Samurai (1998) a cult favorite

And we finish off with Moby, "Flower" which mixes in a Gospel Spiritual with techno. 

Exeunt Stage Right

Thanks RS, Smitty, Wombat, Pam, Dan and Insty!

See you at the NEXT Blog!


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